Supporting Earth Hour: The Hidden Purposes

Supporting Earth Hour: The Hidden Purposes

It’s pretty obvious that people supports Earth Hour for many good reasons – reduce carbon emissions, provide hope for our future generations and save the cheerleader, save the world.

I’ve written about things to do during Earth Hour last year, and now – here are hidden purposes on why SOME people actually support the event.

1) To save electricity bills.

earth hour save electricity

Turning off the lights and other electrical appliances can actually contribute to saving money on electricity bills.

2) To stop doing work and laze around.

earth hour at office

No lights, no electricity to perform tasks and therefore an hour of leisure time.

3) Peer Pressure.

earth hour peer pressure

I personally think the reason SOME people support Earth Hour is because everyone is doing it.

4) To increase business sales.

Sorry to pick on you, Starbucks. It’s just that I bumped into your promotion.

starbucks earth hour promotion

So yeah, come drive all the way out to their outlets and buy some Starbucks tumbler! Great marketing strategy!

5) To watch home theater in darkness.

Take this opportunity to enjoy your favourite movie (just for an hour though) with your personal home theater while lights off (for Earth Hour also lah).

Or if you’re alone, you can always watch “blue” movie.

earth hour watch tv

Eh don’t misunderstand. “Blue” movie means Avatar okay?

6) To watch Suria KLCC shuts down its light floor by floor.

klcc earth hour

Remember what happened during last year’s Earth Hour at KLCC?

klcc earth hour

Highest lights turned off – everyone got amazed and excited!

klcc earth hour

Then as KLCC went gradually dark, everyone went “Woooowwww!”, “Oooohhhhhhh!”, “Aaaahhhhhhhhh!” and “Yaaayyyyy!”.

klcc earth

Oh yeah, not forgetting all the applause as well.

7) To make TNB suffer.

tnb vs earth hour

Turning off the lights will definitely reduce the profit gained by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). Have you read the TNB sues WWF over Earth Hour parody?

Further more, I think TNB doesn’t really support Earth Hour. Take a look…

tnb hates earth hour

Street lights still brightly on!

So that’s it – the hidden purposes of supporting Earth Hour. In conclusion, are you turning off your lights because of the mentioned purposes?

Anyway, here’s what I’m going to do during that hour of darkness.

earth hour mosquitoes

I’m gonna help to make the Earth a better place for the humans…

earth hour damn mosquitoes

…by exterminating those evil blood-sucking mosquitoes! DIEEE!

122 thoughts on “Supporting Earth Hour: The Hidden Purposes

  1. Haha… TNB is so ‘dunno-how-to-describe’ why wanna sue others for their lost? Well, its fun, to turn off light for 1 hour. Perhaps can talk talk talk and chit chit chat chat.

  2. Nice,just that the fact that TNB doesn’t support this event proves that Malaysia have guts and supports global warming =X

  3. this exercise of shutting down and switching off unnecessary electrical appliances during night time or daytime should not be a one day in a year event… if we are serious in protecting and preserving our dear mother Earth, then Earth hour should be done every day… i mean switching off lights for one hour every day. Imagine how much electricity power can be saved in one hour alone if each and everyone of us 26 million Malaysians, be united in making Earth hour a nationwide success..

    Imagine if 6 billion people world wide do the same??? I can safely say that we can save up to 1,000,000 Mega Watt per day !!! What a contribution it would be to nurse our ailing Earth!!!

  4. hahaha.. TNB of coz la don’t want to lose any profit ;p that’s why the street lights still on or maybe for safety too..
    yeah.. sure it’ll be fun except for the mosquito..haiya! haha

  5. no point pun..the TNB generator there impossible stop for earth hour for one hour that is waste to restrt it again..gain loss onli..

  6. To be honest i don want to support all of this 60hours or 600 hours..Don want to mention my reason here..must be something behind all of this even.I mean ‘The Real Hidden Purpose.’

  7. Hope & pray you did not tickle Mother Earth too much to break a record of 9.9 on the Richter scale which is rarely to happen, 1 per 20 Entertaining & hilarious btw I’m in for Earth Hour 101%. tQ

  8. No, actually they should give TNB a special award – Sarawak Electricity especially. All the time blackout here…1 to 3 hours each time and sometimes even longer. No need for Earth Hour liao!

  9. lol… i think the street light cannot be turned off la… later criminals will come out from lubang leh..
    ahahahahaha… ofcoz i read the parody TNB thing.. i blogged ok, wtf.. =.=”

  10. hahaha. Well, while I do support the Earth Hour, ‘Earth hours’ actually come to us in Sandakan almost every day. Our Sabah Electricity here give us extra hours by giving us black-out hours every now and then. :-D

  11. lol.. my class ends at 8.30pm today.. I wonder will I have transport back… if lrt and everything else shuts down.. I’ll have to wait till earth hour is over.. that means… *gasp Gasp.. STUCK in college.. :(

  12. Yea.. I have read the news.. cos TNB lost a few millions because of the Earth Hour activity =.=

    *I lile the way you described Blue movie.. :D
    *Avatar, awesomeness redefined :)))

  13. Hmm. the starbucks offer looks tempting. Maybe i’ll run to the nearest starbucks during earth hour.

    Come to think of it, you may have unintentionally helped promote starbucks.

  14. my neighborhood does NOT support earth hour ==”
    what a laze.. know lah they all so kaya-raya..

    [my neighborhood full with menteri besar, exco, bla bla politicians]

  15. ken, a friend of mine said;

    “earth hour is a publicity stunt. fine, first you turn off lights for one hour. then you have fireworks, light show and huge party. the message is lost there”

    i wondered about what he said for two days now. but am still supporting Earth Hour. Dad agreed to watched AF8 in the least until 9.30pm hihi

  16. HAHAHAHA, so Malaysian weih.
    Actually TNB is guilty, i mean if they off the street lights, then lots of accidents will happen, with reckless drivers in msia, how how.

  17. lol! damn funny lar ur post, i love it! xD

    and didn’t know about the starbucks thing, darn! i was nearby a starbucks when i had dinner last night lulz~

    and the TNB parody, i think some of my friends really thought it was real lor after they read it, no idea xD

    nothing wrong with watching “blue” movie ma~ :P

  18. I half believed the TNB parody. Now I know it’s a fabrication. Maybe this time they’ll really sue, not WWF but the blogger.

    Well, it’s not the first time bloggers get into trouble.

  19. ok.. thn i guess i should considered myself as the “special” one.. bec.. my laptop was on.. and the aircon is on too at such hour!! haha.. heh.. everyday can be earth hour if i wan it to be. y need to do at such date only le? haha.. anyway.. the main reason my laptop and aircon are on.. bec i need to do my assignment that due on monday.. running out of time.. so.. haha..

  20. Next year just let TNB do this Earh Hour thing, we just sit and wait for the lights (and all other electricals) to turn off by themselves. How cool is that! :)

  21. Haha! Love this post Ken! You have a great sense of humor! Shared this on facebook and posted it to twitter! =) Thanks for the comments on my blog by the way. I’ve followed you on twitter too :-) .

  22. hahaha. i did support Earth Hour.. but it was an accident maaa…turn off lites @ my house because balik kampung. then my grandma’s house also turn off lites becuse we went out for dinner. is dat ok?haha

  23. my lecturer said that, there is no significant decreasing electric demand during this year earth hour compared to last year..i dunno..he heard that on the radio..huhu..

  24. really cannot imagine that TNB wanted to sue for this event…
    anyway, it’s really incredible… It’s really a whole word recognize event to be supported and to save the environment, can’t TNB be more considerate about it….

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