My First Visit to Disneyland Paris

My First Visit to Disneyland Paris

Never in my life I thought I’d visit Disneyland.

disneyland paris

But eventually, I did – at Paris to be exact. And it was a great experience! To add more fun to the visit, it was snowing that day too!

disneyland paris ticket

Anyway, this was my entrance ticket. Printed out after purchasing it online. It cost ₤40.00 (RM224.00) per individual to see Mickey Mouse shirtless and Donald Duck pantless live.

After reaching Marne-La-Vallee Chessy RER station, we played with snow for a while and then headed to Disneyland, which is about 100 meters away.

disneyland paris entrance

This was the very first building we saw – which is the main entrance to the Disneyland area. We took spent some time taking pictures before entering.

Oh yeah, I’d like to take this chance to introduce the group I was with during this Paris trip.

paris ladies

Introducing the ladies.

paris guys

And a bunch of crazy guys.

paris little kid

Not forgetting the little Duwayne as well – the youngest in our group.

When I wrote my first entry about Paris, many thought I went there alone. But the truth is, I was with this group all long! =)

Okay, back to the topic. So after going through the gates, we went straight to Main Street.

disneyland main street

Welcome to the Main Street – with tracks on the road for the Disney Parade.

So this is where the adventure begins in Disneyland Park.

disneyland sleeping beauty castle

As you walk further in, you’ll see the famous icon of every Disneyland – the Sleeping Beauty castle.

Inside the castle, there are decorations related to Sleeping Beauty.

sleeping beauty

I think the interior glass decoration inside the castle was amazing.

By the way, I met one of the dwarfs from Snow White too.

snow white happy dwarf

I was happy to meet Happy.

Oh wait, is he Happy? I’m not sure but he looks like a happy one.

disneyland kid ride

There are rides as well – but they are mostly for kids. No crazy rides to be found. Even if there were, most probably they will be closed due to the weather.

After that, we headed to “It’s A Small World” cruise ride at Fantasyland.

disneyland a small world cruise ride

That’s the building that sailed us around the world for approximately 5 minutes.

disneyland cruise italy

I think this represents Italy – with its Leaning Tower of Pisa.

disneyland cruise egypt

Then Egypt. And also a little of Mexican feel.

disneyland cruise western

Some Western country as well. The characters and presentation were pretty cute, to be honest.

disneyland paris view

Here’s another view of Disneyland Park. Most of the pictures are not clear due to the fog. =(

Anyway, since it’s so cold while exploring around the area, you can’t resist to get yourself a hot cup of chocolate drink.

disneyland hot chocolate

I rarely have chocolate drink, but this cup was simply filled with pleasure and satisfaction! Really warmed up the body – but just for a while though.

Besides that, there’s a place called Frontierland.

disneyland frontierland

It’s more like a Westernized area in Disneyland.

disneyland frontierland rocks

With weird looking rock formation in the middle.

disneyland western

More of a cowboy town I guess?

disneyland main street dark

Anyway, as the day started to darken, the lights at Main Street were up – to prepare for the Disney Parade. Everyone was ordered to stand at the side of the road, so that no one will obstruct the oncoming parade.

At 5pm, Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade started.

disney parade mickey minnie mouse

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse appeared. Kids went excited while I just took photos.

disney parade toy story

Characters from Toy Story – one of my favourite animations when I was young.

disney parade villains

Villains appeared as well – not sure from which animation though.

disney parade lion king

Lion King too. I loved the animation a lot!

After the parade, we visited some souvenir stores.

mickey mouse gifts

There are lots of gift stores with a huge variety of Disney-related souvenirs. Mickey and Minnie Mouse especially.

Oh yeah, monstrous King Stitch climbing the Eiffel Tower as well.

stitch and eiffel tower


The day passed by pretty quick, and then we decided to head back. But unfortunately, something unexpected happened. Really made us quite worried and frustrated.

But I’ll keep that for another entry.

disneyland sleeping beauty castle night view

One thing amazing about Disneyland is its night view of the Sleeping Beauty castle. Really a WOW factor!

So that’s all about Disneyland in Paris. Hope you enjoyed reading. =)

90 thoughts on “My First Visit to Disneyland Paris

  1. Wow,..there have Disneyland in Paris? and I thought they only have one in US, HK and Japan.

    The Sleeping Beauty castle is superb. I think one of the villain is the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty.

  2. *Jaw drop*
    Waahhh… I am not really a big Disney fan… but I think everyone should visit Disneyland at least once in their lives… XD

    I really should visit one Disneyland… one day… haihz… haha…

  3. Awosome!! Journey of a lifetime..its my dream to bring along my kids to this place. Hope become a reality one day..keep on your journey bro because chances rarely comes twice..

    my first step to disney was Hongkong.. I was like open mouth.. gaping.. wahhhhh..wahhhhhhh..
    2nd one was Japan…. then wahh… little bit la.. hahahaa.. cos almost same like HK except it was 4 TIMES BIGGER!!! and lots and lots of people too even in winter… these japanese are very loaded, they bought the gifts like nobody’s biz, just put into the baskets only.. and I? key chain and small stuff only.. :)
    But too bad, no snow as the one u shown above.. sigh.. i wanna visit one more time… if i can..

  5. Wholly mother, punya mahal entrance fee. Well not unless you’re resident there I think it’s okay, but converted to RM is not farnie man. Uh oh, the only Disneyland I went was in Tokyo. That was when I was a kid. I can’t remember much, except goofy’s teeth kena my bro’s head LOL.

  6. Disneyland always brings the old to young at heart. Great Disneyland-ing with the whole gang cannot be going alone to such an awesome dreamland. tQ for sharing.

  7. wahh nice one. i’ve been there but during summer la. dunno the feeling with winter. we didnt wait till night tho huhu coz my group was rushing to visit here n there :'(

  8. i never been to disney land before…. but i did went to universal studio in Japan before… something like disney land, but dn have mickey mouse… gt snoopy n stuff… how i wish i can go disney land too~~

  9. Wow! I have never been to Disney Paris but I have been to Disney World in Florida. You should go there. I am trying to get myself to Disney Paris to complete my set of Disneys. Dont know when..hehehe.

    Amazing pictures by the way. Simply awesome.

  10. I went there before…Paris Disneyland wasn’t the best among all those disneyland on the other side of the world…Hey you never try those thrilling ride??? I remember that they have one ride called space mountain one wor?? Was like riding roller coaster in the dark until…you dunno what was going on inside… and the indiana jones rolle coaster…the roller coaster special because it was going backward…so thrilling…maybe the time when you go there wassnowing until they forced to close all those rides…anyway snowing was romantic especially in disneyland…I love disneyland

  11. greatly reminded me of my visit to Disneyworld, Florida when I was younger.. wish I can go visit again..

    thanks for the lovely pictures! (^^,)

  12. Thanks Ken, for mentioning us, Duwayne was vry hapy to c himself in yr artical. i am the oldest in the group, but when u r in disney world, u jus don’t care the age. i meet all the dwarf i went into my childhood, hugging n kissing them. Dreams do come thru. is expensive but the worth it.

    We were in Paris n the best place was the Disney world.

    Thx Ken for writing this.

  13. Wow such a grand place, the Paris Disneyland! I only went to the one in HK before, and it seems that they have the same It’s a Small World ride! Now I know I won’t have to take that ride when and IF I happen to be at Disneyland Paris! :)

  14. yes, it was happy tat u hug, i go crazy seeing them,

    No no parents won’t be fed up, “kelvin” they turn into kids like me. i was in my 40ths, but i turn into 12yrs old when i saw all the dwaft, i call all they names n i get sooooo excited until i forgot my kids. thank God got Ken n other big boys n girls were looking after my boy.

  15. well kenwooi.. i was in Paris from 8 april 2010 to 11 april 2010 on a business trip… but due to time constraints.. i missed the Paris disneyland and also missed the half-smiled of Mona Lisa… but the eiffel tower was awesome.. as well as the arc de triomphe!!! A gucci dress cost you 300 euros at la valle paris!!!

  16. That looks really magical in the winter. You made me smile. The Western part of the united states was referred to as the frontier. so frontierland is a depiction of the west before it was modernized. (1840’s) The weird rock formations are really mountains and canyon lands. It was fun for me to read someone elses view on that. I hope to make this trip to disneyland paris. Thank you for sharing!
    oh, look up Bryce Canyon, Utah. you will see the real rock formations

  17. im goin to disney land in june 17th can anyone tell me if the gift shop is dear plz nd suggest prices of stuff like minnie mouse toys etc nd pens nd stuff nd sweets pleease i wud be so greatful to u xoxo

    1. Shannon, I can’t remember the price of almost all of the gifts. But I bought a simple black Disneyland scarf for about €13. So, maybe you can roughly guess the price range. Enjoy your trip! =)

  18. Khir Toyo is working on a Malaysia Disneyland somewhere in Morib. But first he has to be voted back to office :-)

  19. I’ve just got back from Disneyland Paris a couple of days ago, went with my fella and it snowed the whole time!
    Had a great time and we can’t wait to go again :)

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