Embracing The Snow

Embracing The Snow

When I was on my trip to Europe back in December 2009, I knew I was bound to see snow – like finally! Hey, it was Winter season at that time! Woohoo!


The first time I witness snow was on the 2nd day of my Paris trip. Woke up in the morning and snow was “raining” down from the sky!

Just look at the car – it’s totally covered with snow! So cool!

car covered with snow

And I can’t resist myself from doing something cool as well!

kenwooi.com in paris

Yeah, engraving kenwooi.com on the rear windshield of a car!

So, snow appeared on the day we were heading to Disneyland Paris.

As we were taking the train to the destination, we saw all the buildings and structures were covered with white beautiful snow.

snow scenery

Despite the heavy snow on that day, Disneyland wasn’t short of visitors. Everyone, especially the kids, were so excited and they got even more excited due to the snow.

mickey mouse snow

Even though my friends and I weren’t little kids anymore, I guess some of us are still a kid at heart.

happy snow

Just look at how excited Jonathan de Vinci is.

angel on snow

We even made shapes of angels on the snowy floor.

plant with snow

Some beautiful-looking plant still alive although covered with chilling cold snow. I guess the plants are already used to the weather.

Oh by the way, do you know the originally shape of the snow? All along I thought snow are tiny smashed-up balls – but have a look at this…


A real snowflake! However, it’s quite rare probably because it deformed before reaching the land.

Anyway, being there at Disneyland with the presence of the snow was certainly something to remember. As the day started to darken, the snow became heavier.

disneyland paris snow

Too heavy that the 2nd Disney Parade was canceled. Oh well.

Nevertheless, the day was undoubtedly filled with fun and enjoyment!

disneyland paris snow view

It was my first Disneyland visit, and I’m glad that snow came along as well. =)

Anyway, this was taken at the Jardin Des Tuileries garden right in front of Lourve Museum.

beautiful snow scenery

Looks really amazing, somehow you wish to be there right? But when you’re really there – you’ll wish that the snow is gone! I’m serious! It can be pretty annoying at times.

Back at home in Leeds, here’s the view of the snow right outside the window.

snow at leeds

To me, it’s really an amazing view. So white and pure. Even every branches were covered with thick snow.

road with snow

The road right outside the house.

house with snow

And also the neighbouring house. Just beautiful!

While being in such a weather, it’s important to have proper thick clothing. But for the animals, the pigeons for instance, they don’t have cloths to wear.

pigeon in cold

So they puffed their feathers. Making them look like fatty birdies! Cute right? That pigeon was resting outside the window while the picture was taken.

Also, with so much snow covering the surface of the ground and walkways, it’s even harder to walk without proper snow boots!

snow in hand

Just look at the amount of ice I scooped from the ground. If ice-kacang entrepreneurs were to start their ice-kacang business here, I bet they can make the dessert anywhere, anytime!

P/S: My hands were so damn cold (and it hurts for a while) after letting go of the ice! =/

Oh yeah, some might wonder whether did I build a huge snowman or not – since there is plenty of snow to play with. To be honest, nope!

mini snowman

But a small tiny snowman on a table got lah.

And since it’s so freezing cold outside, it’s like a open-air fridge over there. Going out and facing the cold isn’t always an interesting thing to do.

But for some of the locals here, they do this in the cold…

jogging in cold


Wow dude, you’re the real snow man!

101 thoughts on “Embracing The Snow

  1. If I’m not mistaken….you’re not supposed to held the ice with bare hand cause you can get frost bite which is why you feel pain….be careful, your cell might damaged.

  2. you were so lucky as last year until this year march… it’s ridiculously cold in europe… it’s been long time since we have so many snow here in europe… :) btw i love snow =p

  3. wowww!!! snow & Disneyland.
    lucky dude lucky dude…
    my first snow was in Iceworld(i think so), Genting. u know la how brownish the snow there -_-“

  4. waaaaaaaaaaa u actually caught a snowflake…my 1st seeing a real one…..ohh ur snowman sucked…big time AHAHHAHAHAAA

  5. I haven had the chance to see snow.. the closest I get is when I was climbing to the peak of mount kinabalu – the tour guide told us it was snow.. but just one chunk here and there..

  6. Love the piccas!

    How I “miss miss” the “snow” back then when I was in UK with my hubby…really love it!

    Ha ha ha…can’t stop ur self from engraving ur site’s name huh…whose car was it :D

  7. execellent article… your article also reminds me of a professional wrestler called Al-Snow…!!! Al-Snow used to perform at the WWE. . cheers

  8. The snow flakes was notice by a 10yrs old boy name Duwayne Joshau Khoo and he did the snow angle also.

    Thanks Ken, the 2 kids already complain that your story they r not in it.

    They were sad, Don’t know when we can have this fun all together again.

    Very good artical

  9. wow.. You actually managed to take a picture of a snowflake! That really is amazing, it’ll only be in that shape at a certain temperature and sometimes you’ll actually need a microscope to view it.. WOW

  10. Wow, is the disneyland photo real? That is so beautiful. I wish you could have uploaded a bigger version of the photo as link as the preview one is quite small :)

  11. Ken~~~ You are so evil. It so Bl000000oooddy hot here and u post your photos, all snowly cold and ARGhhh~!!!


    Wishing i have snow to draw circles on…

  12. Beautiful shots, Ken. I can imagine how cold it must have been. I remember how cold it was on the ski slopes in New Zealand, even with the sun shining. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I hate snow.. really..

    When you need to get to your office and you have about 1ft of snow on the sidewalk which is half slush coz it’s getting warmer, walking/wading through it in your 300 euro Italian shoes is no joke…

  14. Cool pics (pun unintended)! I like the one where u wrote your blog url on the car rear windshield. Haha. Did you really write that or was it a photoshop job?

    It was real. =)

  15. Wow! So nice playing in the snow! Is it very cold? How cold arrr??? -40C??
    BTW have u pee out in the snow? According to my friend who work in Russia…….if u pee out in the snow ur didi will be frozen in no time!!!

    True or not arrr?

  16. hahaa.. Ken, u did it again!! I love your posts.. they r getting more and more interesting… move aside kennysia… kenwooi is anytime better! when i went to japan in dec, there was no snow.. so disappointed.. i havent experienced snow before.. didnt know paris got disneyland.. ding know the snow is shaped like a star too.. hey, are u pulling our legs? hehehe..

  17. omg u’re sucha fortunate guy!!! it seems like u always have the chance to play around with snow!!! xD

    well regarding to tat tsunami post.. i’m just afraid i might be cheated by some kinda of stupid pardody (yea i’m referring to tat stupid TNB thingy lol) n tat’s y i’m not affirm with it. haha…

    btw y don’t u add in cbox? it’s much easier for me to chat + leave comments over here. hahaha… =p

  18. So this is what you meant! Haha! Aww so I only went to Cinderella’s castle in Tokyo :( I’d LOVE to go to Aurora’s (sleeping beauty, incase people aren’t familiar hehe) but it looks weird though… And I didn’t know we could go inside!!! GAHHH!!

    Must. Go. Again!!!

    Or go to France hehe :)

  19. Awww.. Snow. I MISS SNOW SO MUCH!!! My first time was in Canada and I went to Toronto and it was -30degrees so it’s damn crazy but I only had a thermal jacket on coz I swear it wasn’t cold. LOL. I think my husband must have gotten a shock every day that I refuse to put on the winter jacket. Cheeeeers! Moving on to the next Paris entry.

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