How To Be Famous Blogger Like Kenny Sia

How To Be Famous Blogger Like Kenny Sia

Every now and then, I get emails from readers asking me for advice on how gain more traffic and readership. To be honest, I’m flattered when I receive such questions and eventually I’ll reply my own personal opinion.

But there’s nothing to be proud of. I don’t claim myself as a famous blogger. If I’d relate the phrase “famous blogger” to a particular blogger, I’ll definitely pick Kenny Sia.

kenny sia

Now, you might be wondering how the hell did he get so famous. What has he done in the past? So you might consider asking Kenny for advice by sending him an email. But I’m pretty sure that he won’t reply you at all these days, unless you’re talking about money lah.

kenny rich money

Is this the present Kenny Sia now? Many thinks so – it’s almost advert-related entries these days on his blog.

BUT, I’m not saying that it’s bad to think about money when it comes to blogging. In fact, almost ALL bloggers registered to Nuffnang is after the cash. Right? So it’s not wrong for Kenny Sia to be writing adverts since he has the traffic alright?

The thing is, almost every blogger wants to be famous like him! So in this entry, bring you back in time where Kenny Sia achieved his fame. The documentary of techniques and methods of getting famous will be revealed exclusively on this very blog.

kenny sia malaysian dream girl

After doing my homework, research and going through in the past, here are 10 ways to be a famous blogger like Kenny Sia.


1) Make parody on scandals and controversies.

When Kenny Sia started his blog in 2005, he was a pretty active blogger. Looking back at his earlier entries, I must say that the parody on Sarong Party Girl controversy made him famous, really famous.

kenny sia sarong party girl naked pose

He even got onto the local newspaper for imitating a nude pose. Damn lucky!

kenny sia on newspaper

Try beating that feat! If my fat body appeared on newspaper, I really no face loh!

Then he even blogged about Chua Soi Lek’s sex scandal by cropping his face on One Night in Paris, originally starred by Paris Hilton.

chua soi lek scandal

He caused a lot of controversy though because it was kinda offensive.

2) Give a wacky nickname to yourself.

Give yourself a crazy perverted nickname. Like Kenny, he’s well-recognized for his coconuts and big bird.

kenny sia coconute balls

He even called himself the Coconut King! Sounds silly but it was worth while for him.

kenny sia coconut boobs

Coconut boobs as well. What more can you ask from a guy like Kenny?

3) Make fun of famous bloggers.

Kenny Sia started making fun of Xia Xue, the blog princess from Singapore, when he just starting blogging. Instead of getting angry at him, Xia Xue went head over heels at Kenny – she even proposed him to marry her on her blog.

kenny sia and xia xue

So you see, he became famous as Xia Xue’s readers started to read his blog as well.

4) Socialize and be outgoing.

It’s good to attend events and hang out with other people, especially strangers. The more you know, the more you can promote your blog to. Attending events, especially organized by Nuffnang, and knowing more bloggers will be more fruitful than doing charity at some old folks home. Those uncles and grannies won’t even know how to use the computer, what more the Internet!

kenny pooh with girls

And when you are out there, try to know more girls and have fun with them. This is because girls like funny guys – the funnier and outgoing you are, the more girls will come to you. Remember this equation.

kenny sia and girls

See he always have pictures with hot girls. Jealous? I bet they read his blog as well.

5) Be creative and funny.

One thing I like about Kenny Sia is his crazy sense of humour. In his earlier entries, he’s really one heck of a funny hilarious guy. Almost all of his entries has a lame/superb joke in it.

visit kenny sia

That is probably the main reason why Kenny got his fame – he’s an entertainer!

kenny sia funny

Everybody loves him, even though he made a fool out of himself!

6) Do blogging homework.

Whenever you blog, remember to do your homework. Nothing comes easily when it’s about blogging just for the sake of blogging. I believe Kenny always does his homework before he publishes any entries. He even mentioned that in those days, he took 10 hours just to prepare an entry!

kenny sia award

All his hard work were paid off when he received numerous recognitions and awards. And it’s always something to do with being silly.

I agree that every Tom, Dick and Ken (yeah, Ken Wooi) can blog, but how much effort you put in really counts.

Don’t just re-blog some article you stumble upon on the Internet. Don’t put up a YouTube video of Lady Gaga’s Telephone just because you’re a pervert it’s explicit.

kenny sia lady gaga telephone explicit

Nah, to all Lady Gaga Telephone fans, this is one seriously explicit picture for you. Presenting Kenny Gaga!

Anyway, be original, write original. Don’t plagiarize.

7) Update frequently.

Even though homeworks are important when it comes to blogging, updating your blog frequently is as important as well. Back in those days, Kenny Sia updates his blog almost everyday – totaling up to 20+ entries in a month.

kenny sia sleep

As for myself, I can only write up to averagely 8 entries a month. Very pathetic and lazy right? =/


Now, on to the next level. If you manage to get yourself famous, let’s say getting thousands of unique visitors in a day, you can consider yourself as a damn famous blogger!

Once you’re one of the elite bloggers, there are 3 things you should do next to be MORE famous!

8) Make friends with other famous bloggers.

Be close friends with other famous bloggers and hang out with them. Then you can write about them, and they’ll write about you as well. Indirectly, you will gain more readers from them. It’s something like collision course.

kenny and dawn yang

Don’t even dream of being close friends with Kenny Sia if you’re not famous – it’s because you’re way out of their league.

kenny sia and cheesie ringo

Kenny Sia and Ringo from are very close friends. So Ringo blogs about Kenny, Kenny blogs about Ringo. Therefore they share and exchange readers as well. Good strategy right?

9) Talk about politics.

When thousands of people are reading your blog, attempt to blog about politics. Here in Malaysia, the political issues can be very hot at times and therefore you should seize the chance. Write critical remarks about UMNO, MCA or even MIC and you’ll prevail!

vot kenny sia

Many has voted Kenny Sia as the best most-favourite blogger. That’s why he has the fame and popularity.

10) Comment on issues regarding race and religion.

Now, I don’t really recommend this. But Kenny Sia is a daring person considering that he’s too well-known amongst the people in Malaysia. But blogging silly stuff about Malays, Chinese or even Indians can make you more famous too.

michael learns to rock

Like his entry regarding PAS Youth protesting Michael’s Learn To Rock’s recent concert in Genting Highlands. PAS Youth Learns To Talk – funny yet offensive to certain audience as well.


So that’s it. 10 easy, or maybe hard, ways to be a famous blogging icon in Malaysia. If I were to compare myself with Kenny Sia on this 10 points, I’ll only give myself a 2 out of 10 – which is “being creative” and “doing homework” only. Therefore, I only score 20% of Kenny Sia’s Route To Fame. What about you?

I wrote a entry on VS before, which I lost really badly.

Last but not least, don’t call me a famous blogger – because Kenny Sia is. I’m just… a blogger among the wide pool of bloggers. =)

152 thoughts on “How To Be Famous Blogger Like Kenny Sia

  1. Yeah well ain’t as fun to read as it used to be :(
    but i guess u do run out of stim once reaching a certain point in life with more $$ commitments and stuff. oh well!

  2. u r really a great blogger kenwooi..enjoy reading ur blog….Always looking forward for ur new entry…Yup..Kennysia on the different league already,…By being different,it will be easier to become famous…

  3. And you done a great job too ! Everyone’s luck and fate is different, and at some point , people will remember you because you are Kenwooi and you are on your way ! !

  4. “Try beating that feat! If my fat body appeared on newspaper, I really no race loh!”

    U mean “face”?

    Oops, a typo error! Thank you for correcting! =)

  5. I stumbled upon his blog before he was so famous and I used to post comments…and at that time, he would reply. These days, he would not bother…unless you go and say bad things about him. So I seldom/hardly ever pop by his blog anymore – too commercialised anymore, not like before. Used to enjoy reading his posts. Incidentally, he’s from Sarawak – Sarawak boleh! LOL!!!

  6. I used to read his entries but nao i don’t i only read yours, xiaxue, and cheesie so on..but not him coz he never reply comments and he seldom update one so i don’t like that lah. And P/S: You are famous just have to keep it up!! (:

  7. hehe. For me, blogging is all about having fun. The cash is just a bonus. Ohhh, and fret not. You have ur own followers, and Kenny has his. For sure I follow ur blog more than his.. I don’t bother to read his post especially those that start with ADV.. Long live! :-D

  8. but blogging about politic and races might get yourself into trouble if people didn’t get the ‘jokes’ of it :S

    Your blog also very entertaining already :)

  9. Nice work. I’m keeping your advice. Unfortunately, not all of us have balls as hard as kenny’s coconuts.

    So, like you, I also have two things only, homework and creativity.

  10. who say u’re not famous.. thing is.. i read your blog, and not his. hahaa. so don’t b so down to earth saying u’re not as famous as him. once in a while kene angkat bakul sendiri jugak tau. haha

    oh, then if u’re (at least) half famous, i should b friend to u, aite? so i get to be half famous too? :P

  11. Maybe I’m a weirdo coz I don’t find anything interest me at Kenny’s blog.. Found yours better or maybe nowadays his blog not as interesting as it used to be! No offence Kenny! :P

  12. Good points.

    And I’d like to add on one point.

    In order to get more international readers, you need to talk non-local topics. It could be a general topic suitable for all, such as IT, or financial. It could also be about a worldwide event, such as Earth Hour, Worldcup, Olympic, …

    With enough international readers, can consider earning USD by Adsense.

  13. Ken great post! 2 out of 10 – “being creative” and “doing homework”. Soli can’t keep up and tango like Kenny scored jilo point. So how¿ Should I remain just as I am and sulk or worst shut down my computer, pack my bags and return to Jupiter ¿. tQ

  14. u are getting famous now ken…
    i like reading ur blog, coz u’re so funny..the pics, the words.. heheh keep update always…hohoooo

  15. oh.. i dun wan to be famous at all, coz it’s kinda scary when too much anonymous comment in my blog..
    and i only use less than 30 minutes for a post.. muahahaha..
    where got so free la.. haih…

  16. kenwooi… what you wrote in this posting is very very true indeed… I like the part – Kenny Gaga and Pas youth learns to talk-very funny indeed… as well as visit celebrating 50 mm of manhood!!! hahahaha

    But dont worry… you are on the right path to become one of Malaysian’s top bloggers – if not in Asia!! The mosty famous blogger in the world i think is Xu Jinlei of China!!! Bravo kenwooi…

  17. Aww Ken, u r too humble lah~
    But i agree with your points. If we wanna achieve something from blogging, we have to be original, passionate, a lil sense of humour, creative, have some blogger friends. =)

  18. 2 me you are famous ad :) don’t worry dude. One day you’ll be up at the top..but don’t forget us little people 2 xD

    fyi, I think I score 0/10. LOL I’m a shy person who don’t even dare to criticize or condemn others

  19. im new in bloggin. and i want to be a serious one. what kind of post people like u think? i meant the way we write. in general or what.

  20. it’s true that kenny is famous.. but I still prefer his blogs before everything turns so ‘sruface’.. enjoyed this post of yours.. you’re famous too.. :)

  21. wow..I just realised something.. I’m so out.. i never actually heard his name b4.. wat more his blog.. but i’ve heard of ur blog.. so.. does that makes u famous too? haha.. btw.. i really enjoy reading ur blog!!

  22. Really like this entry.

    Personally, I’m still too far from title of famous blogger, not even closer to be a good blogger (writer). These days, blogger can be as famous as a celebrity.

    I still prefer a good blogger rather than a famous blogger (which good blogger will turn famous). The content of the blog is more powerful. Some readers prefer good content, while some prefer light reading yet entertaining.

    Whatever it is, we aim for the end results (can we say money?)

  23. I joined Nuffnang in the beginning because they show statistics, not for money. Can keep track of people visiting my blog which is so pathetically little. ='(

    Kenny Sia sure is a very brave person to talk all that. HAHA. I would dare just in case someone comes after me after I write that. LOL.

  24. Actually, Kenny mingles with a lot of people regardless of whom you are. I think it’s inappropriate to say “Don’t even dream of being close friends with Kenny Sia if you’re not famous – it’s because you’re way out of their league.”

    I know he has some close friends whom are not famous, just that he doesn’t publish them. Maybe it’s due to privacy of his closest friends. Some people don’t want to be famous.

    Anyway, I have to commend you for an interesting post. You’re blog one of the blogs I enjoy reading… Looking forward to your next post.


  25. lol cannot agree on all points tho. sometimes when ppl blog only for the sake of wanting to be famous/ earn lotsa money, it will backfire one. cz not nice to read cz too lame or fake. hehe

  26. good one lah Ken

    nobody can be like Kenny Sia, same as nobody can be like Ken Wooi. In the future, who knows you can beat him although you have only 20% of Kenny Sia


  27. OMG!! LOL!! I laughed at the pictures you posted.. hahaha.. and this article seems interesting for me coz now i’m out of idea to post new entry now.. hehehe.. XD

  28. wa… your blog very popular also leh. never knew that kennysia did so many pervert thing before he is famous. if u ask me, i will never do anything that cheap just to get famous. no wonder he so famous la. cos few weeks ago my colleague showed me his blog but i read like… what’s so interesting about it that everyone wants to visit it? after that, it has never crossed my mind to visit his blog again.

  29. wow..!!so much info for me and others…thnx kenwooi..!!lot of things i have to learn from u and other bloggers..not only for RM but more for my knowledge enhancement…thnx again to u..=)

  30. guess what ? next time there will b “kenwooi vs. ? ” hahaz..
    good post ! enjoyed it~

    everyone has their way~
    your way is somehow a good way.. hahaz..

  31. Ahaha, ken! I remember back when you had 20-ish followers and maybe 10 comments a post! But look at you now!

    Aha, you’ve made it already lah.



  32. To sum it up:

    1. Be a sell-out.
    2. Pretend to have a sense of humour.
    3. Do anything to grab attention (freak).
    4. Take any opportunity to raise your “saham”, like taking pictures with hot bitches to make people think you are a player when in reality the only woman who ever loved you is your mother.

    OMG! I honestly don’t get why Malaysians read this stupid stuff! And handsome? Kenny Sia looks more like a retard to me.

    Dude, even though not all your posts are “my style”, I still think you are a better blogger than Kenny Sia.

  33. he is so busy now :( im reading his blog since 2007 .. its different back then :)

    but kenny is awesome..yup he’s daring.

    but hey why compare when u can be as good as him ken :)

  34. dun worry bro…one day i believe u will be like kennysia….do remember me that time when u r famous ok!

    to me, blogging is a hobby to me … just blog bout my personal daily life and thoughts…

  35. i used to read his blog too…along the way laughing all about but not recently…

    Guess prefer Kenwooi more…love to see his nice pics during his trips..envy*envy**

  36. And when you are out there, try to know more girls and have fun with them. This is because girls like funny guys – the funnier and outgoing you are, the more girls will come to you. This equation is stuck in my brain now.. haha.. XP

  37. hey i disagree that kenny sia only makes frens with famous bloggers. he is actually very friendly and down to earth..

    but i can see what u r trying to do with this post :) good luck and may u be as famous as him one day! and i have a feeling it wont take u too long!

  38. kennysia blog is not as good as last time already. when i first started reading, it was hell good. now i don’t even know what’s he doing lol.

  39. Hahaha, nice one buddy. I guess we’ve gotta be more witty in our posts. Religion and Politics are topics which I have always thought of venturing into, But being in Malaysia, they would probably ban my blog immediately.

  40. you got number 8 right on the dot.

    these people are quite famous in their field and already have hundreds of strangers wanting to be their friend.

    if we do try to get buddy buddy with them, considered your self ignored because you will just be in line with the rest of the strangers trying to be their best buddy…

    usually, these elite group of people will look for you, like u said before, if you managed to be something really interesting, they might want to get to know as a real friend..

    we can leave comments and stuff, but i doubt they really want to get close to a perfect stranger unless they have to do so, of if they are indeed interested in you..

    its not really about being snobbish, but i guess if we put ourselves in their shoes and having dealing all kinds of attention, we would probably do the same too..

    i always keep my distance with any elite group of people, and keep it short and casual..

    i probably won’t be as cheeky as kennysia by touching all kinds of sensitive issues, but alas, i am happy with my humble little blog..

    but yah, your article here is definitely very interesting

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