Ken’s Intimate Photos with Girlfriend

Ken’s Intimate Photos with Girlfriend

Every now and then, I bump into photos of couples being super intimate. Intimate as expressing excessive Public Display of Affection (PDA) on the Internet.

First and foremost, I have nothing against photos of couple being intimate with each other. It’s a very daring thing to do and it also shows that you two really love each other.

But I have something to say about this trending issue. Before that, introducing the stars – Ken and his girlfriend…


ken and barbie


Were you expecting pictures of a girl and I? Sorry to disappoint you, but really is “Ken” what!

Now, being together in a picture is fine – because it’s totally cool to show the Internet who you’re coupling with. A common side-by-side and arm-around-arm would be nice enough to portray such affection at a minimum level.

ken barbie scene

The staring-at-each-other pose is also acceptable, I guess.

Most couples would stop at that level when uploading pictures of their love life, but some prefer to take PDA to a higher level.

ken barbie bed

One scenario deserved to be mentioned is pictures taken from the bed. For instance, a picture of the couple lying down on the bed – doing nothing but just lying. I don’t know what they do after or before that lah. *innocent*

It seems fine to many, but things start to worsen when the intimacy kicks in.

ken barbie hair

The couple tries to take a kissing-in-bed picture but it’s ruined by the girl’s messy hair. And to “save” the picture, some editing is done.

ken barbie hair edit

Blurred the picture and adding some lovey-dovey caption to it. Implying that there’s nothing wrong with the picture and it’s meant to be like that.

ken barbie hug

Then the couple starts to snap photos of real intimacy – hugging in bed, staring closely, almost kissing each other. Oh so romantic, you might think.

But some might edit the picture to make it more interesting. A special effect.

ken barbie negative

But negative effect? WTH?

It’s definitely not romantic at all, it’s more like zombies making love!

Anyway, after that, the cam-whoring session continues.

ken barbie camwhore

Common caption: “My boyfie and I ♥”.

ken barbie photo

Uncommon caption: “My boyfie’s 6-packs and I ♥ ♥ ♥”.

ken on barbie

Horny caption: “My boyfie dry-humping me from the back! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥”.

I bet the boyfie sure “singing” the national anthem Negaraku already. Attention! Get the drift?

Okay enough of captions. And the intimacy doesn’t stop there.

ken barbie kiss

Next on the list: The real close-up we-love-each-other kiss picture. But why on Earth do you upload kissing pictures? I don’t understand, seriously.

ken barbie kiss emo

Then some editing to make it black and white. More emotic (emotion+romantic) it seems.

ken barbie small love

Extra editing would be adding decorations and placing a heart-shape at the location where the two lips meet. Oh so sweet they might think but I find that really… eww?

Honestly, I wished the tiny heart was a bigger one instead.

ken barbie big love

To cover your faces from such embarrassment!

Then the cam-whoring session continues, with more editing.

ken barbie loves

Love is all around eh? But don’t have to be around the Internet lah right?

Anyway, here’s the point – like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m fine with intimacy on the Internet. But I believe that all super-extraterrestrial intimacy should be done with certain privacy.

Here’s a suggestion for the couples, if you want to show that you love your partner very much, just show it to him/her. You don’t have to share it with the rest of the other strangers on the Internet alright?

Oh yeah, another intimate pose would be the boyfie-carrying-girlfie.

ken carry barbie

The boyfie carries the girl while she hugs him with all hands and legs wrapped around his body. Don’t have to upload also right?

So I wonder… if I’ll ever bump into a picture of the total opposite.

barbie carry ken

I know it sounds impossible but… the girl carrying the guy? She must be super strong wonder woman!

Do tell me if you’ve seen one! ;)

140 thoughts on “Ken’s Intimate Photos with Girlfriend

  1. super duper correct! i really dun get the point why couples out there keep sharing their intimate pictures to the public and doesnt keep it as privacy.

    and i seriously dont think there is a need to show your love to the public and put it under the spot light and let everyone commenting about it.

    Just like cyndi case *innocent look* wtf.and how arh if someday they break up? if the guy is such an asshole,then will he reveal more about the intimacy and so how’s the issues raised.


  2. This is one of the classic posts… well done. I like this entry very very much :D

    You must have researched around before drafting this post. Tell us, which websites did you get your ILHAM from.. hahahaha.

  3. ohmy, when i read at the beginning, i just laugh or maybe cz its just dolls. haha. btw, those photos especially the last 2 pictures if in real person, for me its too much. :S

  4. haha. freak ! I prefer if u have something to say about the real cam-whore. position the camera a bit higher than your height, snap a picture while you’re standing or lean on a bed, expose ur breast a bit. sigh ~
    and the best part is, “don’t add me if you just think about sex !!! ”

    that’s a total freak


  5. hahaha..
    i knew this is coming
    ken the doll, not u


    very creative indeed
    it reminds me of katy perry’s ur so gay mv

    so funny
    if u havent watched it
    do so

  6. Bloody hell Ken, I really thought I would get to see your gf or ex-gf/s… hahahaha…

    But yeah, there’s a point to the photos when it goes from “awwww… so cute…” to “eewwwww… that’s disgusting…”


  7. Since you brought it up, do you have a girlfriend? Rumour has it that Barbie’s Ken is gay…. You play with Barbie dolls? Hmmm…interesting!!! LOL!!!

  8. Hahaha, I kept laughing from the beginning of the post till the end. I saw this couple before in your previous post. Did you really carry around the couple to whereever you go?

    I also cannot tahan those too romantic photos posted around in public social network.

  9. dude ken has the most gayest hairstyle ever.

    come to think of it, gi joe hairstyles suck too!

    try putting barbie with ultraman ace!


  10. and you know what’s the nicest thing about these pictures?.. when they break up, they’ll take it all down and if either of them end up famous, these photos are gonna be circulating around and someone will be denying the pictures.. LOL..

  11. LOL! I think we share the same opinion. I dont know what they are trying to prove. Once broke up, they’ll get the biggest laugh. BTW, i find the lurve censorship quite funny. LOL!

  12. I miss my barbie doll, i cut her hair to short and dyed her hair black, tear off her clothes just to make them look more fashionable… dunno where is she nao :/

  13. how come u got barbie dolls??? XD
    haha, couples nowadays are too open-minded. share anything they could to the world. later comes the break up issue, and then kesiannya… lol

  14. hahah,yeah i dun mind if they took ‘ordinary’ picture, but not extra over picture..oh well if they read ur post they will ‘oh, u just jealous coz i’ve boyfriend n u dont’ or ‘oh u just jealous coz my bf is sooo hot not like yours’…eventhough not even a sec, the ‘jealousy’ ever come across to our heart…why we would be jealous with a couple that not certainly will get married n happily ever after, n most of their pic are just show that they are ‘cheap’…thats the fact..

  15. hahaha interesting lol

    actually I’ve seen this a lot on Facebook, couple kissing bla bla bla. Even a Malay! I don’t quite understand, even i’m a Eurasian, I don’t like to do that!

  16. Damn. Love the way you put em man..
    I hate those kinda photos too.. I mean, sikit2 sudah, why wanna parade all over la.. We DO NOT want to imagine you guys humping each other.. Esp if their faces are like my toilet before I flush it in the morning.. HAHA!
    But love this expressive post man.. :P

  17. haha enjoyed this.. and yes did not expect a ken and barbie photo… altho i wasn’t expecting an honest ken and gf photo too…. getting more and more creative u are!

  18. *thanks for stopping by my other “secret” site >< :)))

    Another story that made my day from nowhere
    thank you <3 <3 <3

  19. hahha!! the last part pic were cool. yu’r right ken. love is all around but no need to share everywherelahh~ its just between yu and him.

  20. wow u actually have both barbie & ken. well, i actually ever seen couples posting photos like ur last 2 pics, their position more like 18sx. prob some couples love showing off to ppl out thr hw much they r in luv? haha!!! or prob some of em might wanna show to their ex-es like “hey, look at how loving me & my current gf/bf?” :P

  21. what happened to your chatbox? lol..anyway, thanks for the compliment..i totally agree that photography is not about the last i have someone that agrees with me..haha

  22. Haha…I actually fell for that ‘Ken & his gf’ thing @ the beginning…

    N the last point – nice. LOL.

    N yes, I agree it’s totally NOT COOL for couples to put PDA pics of themselves. I have this guy friend on Facebook with his profile pic where he appears to be shirtless and his girlfriend is hugging him from the back with messy hair, and I was like, WTH?

  23. where on earth u found this barbie and ken that is so flexible eh. LOL!! i’ma almost LOL for real reading this in public~ good post, good post. now i und what u meant by not blogging about relationship in ma blog` *applause*

  24. HAHAHA OMFGG IM LAUGHING REAL HARD AT THE SUPER BIG HEART COVERING THE FACE ONE LOLOL XD nice post ! :) where did you get your barbie dolls anyway ? hahaha

  25. I’m agree with you, not saying that I’m jealous but those people seems like showing off to people too much. Everytime you open Facebook, you will see updates. I just wonder when they break up, will this person update it as well?

  26. you are TOTALY right with this… is realy weired to post your love life on the inter 4 every1 and any1 2 c. isnt that stuff meant 2 b private

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