Cute Sexy Japanese Girls Dancing

Cute Sexy Japanese Girls Dancing

Since I’m always writing and including pictures on my blog, can I request for a short break? Just a short one? In return, I’ll give you all a break from reading and looking at pictures as well.

This time, I’ll share a video – nothing to read and no pictures at all. Alright?

Introducing this video of a Japanese song. Watch it.

Enjoyed it?

One thing I really like about this video is the song. Really, just the song. ;)

P/S: Usual entries will return after this sexy (sorry typo error) short commercial break. Stay tuned!

86 thoughts on “Cute Sexy Japanese Girls Dancing

  1. Japan continues to intrigue me until now.. 70 years ago, that nation especially Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagaski were bombed almost dialy by Allied Forces at the end of World War II… The bombing was completed by the dropping of 2 Atomic Bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki…. Total loss of life – maybe 2-3 million people and total loss of property, including livestocks and foodcrops maybe billions of dollar. Yet Japan bounced and recuperated very quickly… they even hosted the 1964 Olympic Games barely 19 years after the end of World War II. and till today Japan continues to mesmerise us with their state of the art creations – not to mention Toyota, Honda, Toshiba, etc…

    Last but not least, Japanese girls are pretty and they also continue to mesmerise us (men) hehehehe

  2. Hahahaha! U said u haven’t watch the alphaproject due to the nternet connection.. but can watch this one wor… hahahahaha!kenwooi…kenwooi…. hahahahaha! jk dude!

  3. Sorry to say that there is nothing great about the song. But all the girls have good potential in AV industry. I mean audio visual/filming industry, haha!

  4. Oh really! Just the song? You are sure? Cool! Think the only words that you & I can understand is 1-2-3-4 when they sang twice at 1.18 & 2.32mins then ending with a ‘yeah’. Ah so desu nei ~;). lol..tQ

  5. Lol, wei ken.

    you realize they are mostly AV models right? Sora Aoi is in there too, the cute brunette one lol.

    And im quite sure she does hardcore porn lol. Mosaics FTW!

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