Kek Lok Si Pagoda So High!

Kek Lok Si Pagoda So High!

If you’ve been following my tweets on Twitter, you’d have known that I was at Penang Island over the weekend.

penang bridge

The interesting thing about this trip is that I have no guidance on the routes whatsoever. I just whack and find my ways to certain destinations.

Fortunately enough, I managed to find my way to Kek Lok Si temple – a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

kek lok si pagoda

I can’t remember when was my last visit to Kek Lok Si. Perhaps when I was a little kid and that’s why I have little memories here.

kek lok si god statue

Once I reached the bottom, I noticed that the Kuan Yin statue has a brand new roof. Feeling curious, I decided to go up to have a closer look.

to inclined lift sign

I didn’t know that there is an inclined lift to the highest floor. Feeling more excited, I quickly made my way to the station.

kuan yin statue lift ticket

One way journey costs RM2.00 while 2-way journey costs RM4.00. Sounds kinda expensive but there are “All profit proceeds to the temple fund.” messages everywhere.

Don’t wanna be generous also cannot. So just donate loh.

inclined lift

Here’s the view up from inside the lift. It takes roughly 2 to 3 minutes to reach the higher station.

So after reaching the top, I went out to see the statue.

kek lok si bronze kuan yin statue

There used to be no roof (or you might call it a shrine), but now there’s one. Probably they’ve decided to build it after watching the Clash of the Titans.

Maybe they believe in taking good care of the statue to prevent any misfortune caused by the Gods, something like this.

kek lok si kraken clash of the titans

Release the Kraken! Rawr!

Anyway, here are some photos taken around the area.

kek lok si view

Some rest area for visitors to avoid the hot sun. Seriously, the sun was so damn hot when I was there. Sweated so much. =/

kek lok si pig statue

No offense to anyone, but I find this pig statue pretty cute. Look at its fierce pig face. Oink oink!

Then there are other animal statues displayed on the floor.

kek lok si animal statue

I don’t really know what they represent as some of these animals aren’t listed in the Chinese zodiac. And amusingly, I met Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse too!

kek lok si disney

Characters from Disney!

By the way, this is the view of the Penang city from the top.

kek lok si penang view

I’m guessing that it’ll look better at night?

After that, I went to the pagoda. An entrance fee (or also known as donation) cost RM2.00 and I made it all worth by climbing up the stairs to the highest floor of the pagoda.

kek lok si pagoda top

Yeah, the highest floor!

But there’s one thing you need to know about me – I hate heights! So when I was up there at the balcony, I moved around while leaning against the wall most of the time.

kek lok si pagoda so high

My feet felt weak and wobbly!

Seriously lah, so high! =/

80 thoughts on “Kek Lok Si Pagoda So High!

  1. lol! yea been follow ur tweets. haha. gosh of all, d pig statue the cutest! haha! all the statues very nice leh.. eihh?? u fear of height?! lol anyway, it seems so much fun n i know u enjoyed urself too. :)

  2. Been there once many years ago. Didn’t go up… Waited at the shops while the others went. Went to the vicinity again last year for the best Penang laksa or so they say. Got lift kah? Ah…then next time, maybe I’ll go up! LOL!!!

  3. Ken, we were there in penang too last weekend.. tot u could be able to see us since u were so high up! oooohh.. i have height phobia.. i think i faint… :)

  4. Wahh, I never been to Penang yet. *sigh. Owez wanted to go but still no time to go yet. Anyways hahahahah oh man, Kraken wanna kasi pecah statue. I’m afraid of heights too. Dun look down orz.

  5. i am at UiTM Penang in Permatang Pauh…hottest parliament area bcoz of anwar is the MP..hehe…last semester already…but i never went to kek lok si temple…huhu…but the lift is nice…like climbing onto bukit bendera lah… ^^

  6. RM2 is cheap compare to Paris? LOL. anyway is for the God heeee and the upkeeping of the temple, hi, u shd visit Seow Wan mum n she can take u around heeee? bonding. heeeee.

    i hv gone back to Pg sooo many time but did not go there, looks nice. ok will make it an efford to go my next trip back to Pg.

    Thank you for such a nice into to Penang, u did not eat any hawker food?

  7. Hello Ken,
    Thank you for your lovely comment regarding my blog design. It has been hard learning how to edit it due to my lack of skill in terms of html codes. I really needed feedback to reassure myself that I am on the right track. Thanks again.

    ps. You have lovely photos. *I like*

  8. I miss Kek Lok Si, about 2 years I didn’t pay a visit over there… that time the Guan Yin statue still under construction, but hey… when did they have the Disney character statues?!!!( I missed that too)

    Have a nice day!

  9. Your tweets were so detailed that i could go and find you at that very time. I have been here 8 months now, never been to Kek Lok Si , but i can see the new statue when i pass by that area sometimes.

  10. Do u think the pig statue is the cutest of all? I beg to differ Mr. Kenwooi… I think the last picture is the cutest of all!!!! Hahahahahahaha~~~!!! So cuteeeeeeee…. At least you’ve challenged yourself… Now, u can join fear factor, only if fear factor show is still on air… kekekekeke…

  11. he3.. also hv a disney character arr…
    pengaruh barat is everywhere… ho3..

    nice trip kenwooi… the incline lift just like the bukit bendera ker?

    seriously.. its a peaceful place.. n clean also..
    a temple or any praying place should be clean you know..

    tq 4 sharing..

  12. Yes I’ve been following your tweets, kenwooi! : )

    Wow! You just simply whacked and found your way to Kek Lok Si temple. Hmm, not bad! : D

    LOL to Titans monster attacking Kuan Yin!! Hey I like that picture! Haha

    Eh, you kidding me is it? That pagoda is not that high la (unless they raised it since my last visit a few years back which I think is impossible!)

    I have fear of heights too and I did not shake or felt giddy when I was up there! Don’t tell me your fear of heights is worse than mine? LOL!

  13. yea been there too! wua the goddess of mercy now got roof… the last time i went they were still planning to build it! i’ve donated one tile

  14. next time u go on a trip.. can u bring me along? ehehehe.. ok.. just joking.. never been to almost 95% of the places you blog about fren.. SO Jealous!!! =)

  15. LOL..u …anyway, the last time I went there it was partially closed.. didn’t get to see alot of things, among others the Oink Oink I think :P

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