Suspicious Late Nite Pharmacy

Suspicious Late Nite Pharmacy

Upon reaching Dublin, we took a bus to the city center. And along the way, many pharmacy stores were seen.

For instance, this one.

late nite pharmacy dublin

Late Nite Pharmacy.

With the combination of green and red colours incorporated with the phrase “late nite”, something suspicious must be happening later in the night.

Perhaps an example scenario like this…


You walked into the Late Nite Pharmacy and see a showcase of prescriptions.

pharmacy prescriptions

You were trying to get some drugs to cure a mild headache.

Suddenly a pharmacist, a sexy one to be precise, appeared from nowhere and asked you a simple question.

sexy nurse pharmacist

Err… No thanks?

69 thoughts on “Suspicious Late Nite Pharmacy

  1. Ahahha, get your mind out of the gutter! :D

    For all you know, there’s actually an old receptionist sitting there and some interested blog readers goes there looking for ‘fun’. ;)


    But then again, you could be right.

  2. too imaginative is oso not good for health. haha.

    by the way, i’m changing my links. but there is no updates currently due to the “laziness syndrome”

    perhaps i need something from that late nite pharmacy, though… haha…

  3. Dear mr ken wooi,

    i’ve finally abandon my procrastinative (no thats not a real word) behavior and leave you a comment. Gotta say LOVE LOVE LOVE your post on the ways to be a famous blogger :)


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