How To Be Not-So-Famous Blogger Like Ken Wooi

How To Be Not-So-Famous Blogger Like Ken Wooi

A previous entry on How To Be Famous Blogger Like Kenny Sia received certain feedback requesting for tips on how to be (not-so-famous blogger) like me. And that’s why I’ve decided to come up with this entry.

So, I’ve spent some time to analyze myself as well.


Sorry ah, I’m a little shy.

Anyway, instead of 10 bizarre tips on being famous like Kenny Sia, I only have 5 on my list. So if you’re really interested, here’s how to be not-so-famous blogger like Ken Wooi.


1) Interesting content.

Instead of blogging about personal experiences on events, outings or even the food you ate, you should attempt to blog about interesting personal experiences. Something that can’t be experienced in our daily life. For example, like being at Old Trafford.

old trafford

Furthermore, it depends on your writing style. The way your sentences interact with the pictures is vital in producing an interesting entry. That’s why some well-written personal travel blogs can attract readers.

But if you can’t afford to travel around, it doesn’t mean you can’t produce interesting entries. Everything that revolves around us can be used to write an interesting entry.

p1 wimax advertisement

Malaysia, A Potong Country – You potong already or not?

However interesting blog content might not be interesting after all if you don’t have this following point…

2) Be creative and funny.

Being creative with your blog entries are as important as well. Squeeze out your creative juice and make your writings out-of-the-ordinary and imaginative.

Here are some of the juice I squirted (okay, sounded wrong) out previously.

redang island rich

Redang Island For Rich and Famous Only! – Poor people are not invited.

klcc earth hour

Supporting Earth Hour: The Hidden Purposes – The title is self-explanatory.

Besides that, nothing makes your day more than getting a dose of humour in what you read right? As they say, laughter is the best medicine and entries with humour in them is the key to gaining readership.

I believe that people rather laugh their ass off at some joke than going through your rants and personal thoughts. Here are some entries that received ROFLMAO feedback in the past.

banana man

Banana People! – An entry about me being a Banana Chinese and meeting Cyndi Wang in Taiwan.

boobs staring

Boobs Are Good For Men – Men are boobs-inclined species. Period.

3) Putting effort and do homework.

Effort is another issue when it comes to success. But instead of spending 10 hours of blogging like Kenny Sia, I usually spend about 2 to 3 hours to prepare a proper entry.

To me, blogging is like preparing an article. I will re-read it numerous times and make sure it’s top notch before publishing it.

blog homework

Oh yeah, believe it or not, I sometimes plan my blogging entries and scribble important notes when needed.

4) Include photos and minimum words.

People rarely read and this is very common. They rather look at your pictures and that’s it. So if your blog is too wordy, you might scare off potential readers. That’s why I always include photos and minimize the words.


Don’t write as though you’re assigned to prepare a script for some high school textbook. Reading wordy blogs is never fun and eye-straining.

5) Visit blogs.

Now, this is one of the activities I do on the Internet – I explore blogs and usually leave comments. I know famous bloggers don’t visit at all, but since I’m not – it’s okay for me to do so right?

It’s a free and simple way to inform other bloggers that you have a blog, invite them over and let them read some of your content. If you offer them good stuff, chances are high that they’ll like your blog. Understand?

good blog

Ultimately, it’s all down to the content! Read back from point 1.


Here’s another issue I’d like to talk about. You see, having good content is wasteful if you don’t have people reading it. That’s why you need to promote it to others and the only way is to visit blogs. Very few people will be kind enough to promote and share your blog to others no matter how good you are.

An ugly truth – everyone is ever-obsessed with the current famous blogs and probably their own blog as well. =/

Hence, I believe that good blogs deserve to be mentioned and I’m currently doing it on my Twitter. So if you wanna join me in exploring good blogs, follow me on Twitter okay? =)

kenwooi at old trafford

On an unrelated note: Does anyone who find interesting actually share it to their friends, family, blog readers or Twitter followers? I guess not, right?

Anyway, that’s all I have on being not-so-famous like Ken Wooi. Take note, these are NOT you-should-blog-like-kenwooi tips; they’re lame tips you might wanna follow if you’re interested okay?

On another unrelated note: I don’t blog to be rated, but every comment, message and reader has made this journey for me all the more rewarding!

thank you message

The important thing is – be yourself. Best wishes to everyone! =)

157 thoughts on “How To Be Not-So-Famous Blogger Like Ken Wooi

  1. thumbs up. i fail at all 5 points… content not always interesting, not creative, lazy to do homework, words overload and too less pictures and I don’t visit frequently. oh my oh my… No wonder i’m so not famous. hahahahahaha.

  2. Hey ya, Ken! really nice tips on (NOT) how to be famous! i still envy you stepping foot at Old Trafford. i only managed to step into our Stadium Nasional in Bukit Jalil, when they came in 2009 :'(

  3. great tips from not-so-famous kenwooi. btw, I would not mind to promote blog that posted good entries because I think that he/she deserve it :)

  4. the title…i do it rules 1) Interesting content. 3) Putting effort and do homework and 5) Visit blogs.

    it is really work for me and my blog..of course the rating grows too…


  5. 1.”Very few people will be kind enough to promote and share your blog to others no matter how good you are.” <– POINT NOTED!

    2."An ugly truth – everyone is ever-obsessed with the current famous blogs and probably their own blog as well." <– POINT TAKEN!

    3."Hence, I believe that good blogs deserve to be mentioned and I’m currently doing it on my Twitter. So if you wanna join me in exploring good blogs, follow me on Twitter okay?" <– OFFICIALLY STALKING U NOW! MwaHaHaHa.. Jk.. Jk.. :P

    Nice entry indeed.. No wonder u went silent after 'Cute Sexy Japanese Girls Dancing!' LOLOL! XD

  6. hahhahahhaah ehhh what dont write so much u must write lar very sad lar people just dont read anymore hahhahaa…but i agree with your last statement….

  7. no wonder i cannot be as good as u, Ken.. u spend 2 to 3 hours to prepare and read and re-read before publishing! that is great! Me? i only spend 10-15 minutes for a post… now i know the reason why.. :)

  8. u hv interesting article to share bro..
    why not u put a commentluv plugin into ur wrdpress so, more people come to ur blog? then u can fight with kenny haha…

  9. Hi Ken,

    I can see your strength there which is you have an ability to manipulate the photo. Some people however, are lazy to create interesting contents or they might don’t know how to do it. Most of them that I have seen, only throw rubbish content. You got style mate!


  10. hey..wah..i sua koo.. don’t know u are famous blogger ini msia :D

    thanks for visiting my humble blog…

    yes i also try to follow those tips u have written.. try not to write too much and also i double check for mistakes hahaha.

  11. This is an interesting post, however, it seems to me more accurate for the Malaysian/Singaporean/Asian region… but then again, that’s just how I feel… lalala… I’m a girl, and boobies aren’t just a “men-related” topic.. I think women are closet-secret-love-hate bunch!

  12. Have to think like a blog reader to know what readers actually want. Although I don’t get much comments, but I know people come to read my blog from nuffnang statistic. I understand most readers don’t actually like to comment, because I was one before.

  13. I did share your blog with my other friends.. =D

    Oh ya, remember Boobs Is Good for the Man? I did link back your post. I like the way your write and yes, keep it up…

    Btw, famous or not famous, how you enjoy this journey is more important.


  14. hoho.. serious saya tabik kat anda… semua point kat atas akan membuatkan blog itu dikunjungi ramai dan mempunyai readers yg tetap.. thumbs up kenwooi..

    p/s: lappy oren juga? addicted? hehehe

  15. hmmm…yes i agree with all that, BUT bare in mind that kenny started blogging a loooong time ago and he was one of those few bloggers who wrote interesting/funny content back then and that’s how he built his fan base. Now everyone seems to be carving out their niche. If kenny started his blog now i doubt he’d be as famous.

    i think people are a lot pickier now on which blog to choose because there are SO many. i’d say a specialised/niche blog, good content, memorable blog design, commenting in other blogs/forums, and a blog that contributes to readers would go far. esp the last one these days. ppl want to receive and not just read abt funny things that happen to ppl. if u give tutorials/tips/gifts/etc, ppl r bound to come!

  16. alaa dude, u oredy femous aa..
    but ur very humble..

    thanks for visiting & commenting at my wacky blog..hehe

    bai the wei, i laik ur orangy..hehe

    eh..why i’m writing english very kiasu wan?? hahaha

  17. DUDE, I love your blog man…. Great sense of humour.

    And you took the Old Trafford tour!! That’s the one thing I wish I’d been able to do…. I watched a pre-season friendly there once, but no big deal, cos I didn’t get to go down to the technical area or dressing room… =(

  18. you’re the best kenwooi.. :)

    visiting and commenting at other blogs are really important, not just to increase the traffic but it means a lot. thanks dude

  19. Nice colour + blog, the first time i visit here and i already following you…

    Don’t compare your blog with kenny, diff people have diff style and i like your style

    Orange and i remember limau mandarin (y eh?)

  20. the best about kenwooi is….hes such a creative person i ever knew! hahaha. i like the way u write n share story with us ken. good luck and be humble always ;)

  21. *cough* *cough* You what? squirted? ahahahaha~~~!!! I’ve to admit that u’re the everywhere-i-can-see-kenwooi-comments-on-other-blogger’s blog :) KEEP IT UP MAN~!

  22. OIT!! U so famous liao, where can write about how to be not so famous!!?? Kanasaiii

    U must change ur tagline to the old Milo Ong Beng Hee one…. “BE LIKE ME! KEN WOOOOOI!”

  23. i think ur creativity and sense of humour has attracted quite a bunch of readers to ur blog!! well done…. and the sign at old trafford is classic

  24. Hi Ken,
    This is a good post.
    I personally think being a celebrity blogger needs to hit the right topic at the right moment. From then onwards, your popularity snowballs from there. You may not realize it, but you are already a well known figure in the blogsphere.
    I particularly enjoy reading your travelogues. Your style of writing is really good and interesting.
    Have you been offered any endorsements from major companies?

  25. hi ken!

    I did share your blog with my friends and I found out about your blog from my friends who linked it in their blogs. I’ve linked yours as well in mine. Keep growing! :)

  26. Congrats and good entries as always Kenwooi!
    Reasons to blog and get stronger and better….:)
    Somehow, I prefer to sit back and be a silent reader for some time and it has been for a while……

    Just thinking:

    Would you mind telling us your next “NOT-So Famous” top challenges, plan & goals setting in blogging for the upcoming 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

    As I hope to be here reading your blog entries for the above mentioned time lines of 1, 5, 10……

    I really like his writing style and hope you will find winning strategies from there. He is a great friend and follower!

    Also, more chances and reasons getting good link backs if you hold a contest or giveaway to reward your readers for the said links….

    No doubt, leaving comments is one great way to build friendship.
    However, when you link back and mention about the person that have given you awards and gifts…..How “HE” or “SHE” has inspired you. Good things are sure to happen….He..He..

    Afterall, we are here in the win win world, we build friendship and not wall/war. With this simple formula and your “Not so famous blog” will be “very famous” lol!

    This time, from my unsual commenting style, I take courage and quality sweet time and re-read every lines here before I press the submit button.

    All the best and TQ Ken for reading!

    From another “NOT so so famous blogger”

    Definitely not a copy cat of

  27. Well said Kenwooi! Keep it up! And in case u didn’t know, I’m still reading ur blog, no matter how busy! =)

  28. Need to say anymore? You are the famous blogger! And you the most humble famous blogger that I recognized. Keep on going, you are on the right track.

  29. Wow didn’t know you got amazing site. :)

    BTW, I kept on telling you in nuffnang cb to thank you but I guess it didn’t reach you. So thanks a lot!!!

    Anyway, about your post, it’s funny and I like it. Will start to visit it always from now on!

  30. Hahaha..u r right, that’s why i was really impressed when i saw u dropped a comment in people’s blog. And i think you are on ur way in becoming a famous blogger…that’s impressed me more :-)

    Well done Kenwooi~

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