The Modern Area in Paris: La Défense

The Modern Area in Paris: La Défense

Being in La Défense won’t give you the typical Paris feel.

paris la defense

Instead, it’s a well-developed area located north-west of central Paris. According to the brochure, it’s known as the largest office complex in Europe.

Before I continue, here’s a French lesson by La Défense isn’t literally pronounced as La Defense. The correct one is actually La Defrance, or Defrank, Defrunk. Something like that lah. =/

paris la defense la grande arche

This modern-looking area was transformed in 1989 by the addition of the prominent La Grande Arche, which is a huge hollow cube – large enough to contain Notre-Dame cathedral.

I went “Wow” when I saw it with my very own eyes. Magnificent!

paris la defense la grande arche steps

These are the steps leading up to the ground platform of the arch.

paris la grande bottom

The arch houses a gallery and provides a good view over the city. For your information, the vertical metal bars in the middle of the hollow are elevator carrier.

But I didn’t go up this one, I went up Eiffel Tower instead – which is better worth paying for.

paris la defense city view

And here’s the view towards La Défense from the platfrom. If you’re able to see properly, the Arc de Triomphe can be seen far away in the middle of the picture.

Or maybe not. I can definitely see it from my full-size picture!

paris la defense elysees

Then there’s this super shiny and reflective building – Elysees La Défense.

paris la defense cnit

The Center of New Industries and Technologies, or CNIT, is one of the first buildings to ever be constructed in this area. Nicely shaped structure, very unique.

Besides that, there’s Le Dome as well. The only ball-looking structure around La Défense.

paris la defense le dome

Since it was so cold outside (remember it was Winter season and spot the snow?), I went into Le Dome. Interestingly, I discovered some amusing stuff.

For example, Naked!

paris le dome naked

Maybe it doesn’t sound wrong to the French, since they love nudity, but it definitely sounds wrong to me! Maybe got naked waitresses serving the customers? You wished!

I didn’t dine there though. I’m a good boy.

paris le dome virgin parking

Also, Virgin Parking. I guess this parking space isn’t so virgin anymore since it has already been “intruded”, “parked” and “left” by so many men, and women as well.

I wonder is there any parking called Whore Parking. Hmm…

Anyway, here’s another view across the place at the top of Le Dome.

paris la defense area

Not that high but it’s really a nice cooling view from there.

Here’s my suggestion, give La Défense a visit if you have already explored enough of the old-preserved heritage atmosphere in central Paris.

paris la defense view

After all, seeing more is always exciting and fun. =)

60 thoughts on “The Modern Area in Paris: La Défense

  1. hey..that line is the same line that serves Marne A Valle which is DISNEYLAND rite?? or am I pissed again?

    Yes, you can get there via Metro as well. =)

  2. nice design… more aerodynamic… heheh.. yaka?
    bosan or tgk bangunan petak sajer.. try more unik design..

    i bayang the reflect wall like the mirror is a LCD tv plasma.. tgk wayang pun boleh owh dekat itu bangunan…

    virgin paking.. extra virgin kakaka

  3. lolz, cool names to give. it’s definitely weird in m’sia. but yea la, while the younger generation find it funny, the older generation would prob be shaking their heads..

  4. Ohh. so this is the modern looking area that can be seen from the arc de triomphe. I didn’t go there because it’s quite far from central Paris.

  5. Quote from your post: “I went “Wow” when I saw it with my very own eyes. Magnificent!”

    Don’t you mean Le Magnifique!!! *pose with legs crossed and one hand resting on the other hand’s elbow while smoking a pipe*


  6. Virgin Parking and a restaurant called Naked(It looks pretty empty -people must be scared. Haha!). Something tells me they were high when they named them. LOL.

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