Redang Island for Rich and Famous Only!

Redang Island for Rich and Famous Only!

According to a latest news on the Star Online, Redang Island aims to lure the rich with room rates no less than RM1,600.

My first reaction was like “WHAT THE (insert favourite curse word)?!”.

redang island

How can, right? How can such a beautiful place be kept for people with money only? Mana boleh?!

I visited Redang for the first time back in 2009 and it’s really a beautiful place for a holiday. Back then, my 3 days 2 nights stay at Laguna Redang Island Resort was just about RM600.

But now… RM1,600 a night? The state government must be pretty crazy right?

terengganu welcomes you

Also according to the article, Pulang Redang is rated as one of the world’s most beautiful is set to be a getaway exclusive for the rich and famous!

I repeat: For the RICH and FAMOUS!

Therefore, I foresee great transformation of Redang Island and its vicinity. Perhaps something like this.

redang island welcome

Welcoming reminders that Redang Island is for the rich and famous only! Poor bastards please jump into the sea and swim back to the mainland!

And by the way, before you board a boat service to Redang, you’ll be given a boarding ticket.

Here’s how it looks in front. May look normal.

redang boat ticket

But at the back of it.

redang boat ticket back

Again, only rich and famous guests are welcomed! If you’re not, tear the ticket and run back home!

And while you’re on the way to Redang, you’ll see some signboards floating on the sea as well.

redang island sea

If you’re not, better jump sea.

Anyway, once you’ve reach the island, more Rich & Famous signboards will be visible.

redang island rock

The rocks are for the rich and famous only.

redang island beach

The beach is for the rich and famous only.

redang island resort

Even the whole resort will be made sure that only the rich and famous people are there.

And when you wanna have your meal, you’ll see another signboard.

redang island restaurant

For the rich and famous only, but I bet the standard of the food will not be upgraded anyhow. Typical Malaysians, eat money only!

Then when you go back to your room, another same old signboard appears.

laguna redang island resort room

The current accommodations are required to upgrade and raise their room rates. Poor people surely cannot afford to stay in Redang. Sleep at the beach lah.

Besides that, if you’re staying in Laguna Redang Island Resort, you might see a modified signboard something like this.

laguna redang island resort

Strictly for rich Laguna guest, you know. Don’t play play.

And then when you go snorkeling and dive into the deep blue sea…

redang island snorkeling diving

Another signboard is buried under the sea with the corals. If you not rich and famous, you better drown straight away. Redang Island doesn’t want you.

Meanwhile, at the swimming pool in Laguna Redang Island Resort, more signboards were erected.

laguna redang swimming pool

Don’t swim in the swimming pool if you’re not rich and famous okay?

Anyway, it is said that only hotels rated five-star and above will be allowed to be built. So maybe a hotel better than other five-star hotels will be built in the future.

For example, this!

redang island burj al arab hotel

Brand new bloody expensive hotel and call it Burj Al Redang! Seven-star rating, best stay in Redang and as usual, only for the rich and famous only!

So, what’s next on the plan to promote Redang Island as Malaysia’s niche market.

redang island burj dubai

Burj Malaysia? It MIGHT happen you know!

Malaysia Boleh mahhhh! Woohoo! =D

161 thoughts on “Redang Island for Rich and Famous Only!

  1. I lived in Terengganu for some eleven years before moving to KL and I still haven’t been to Pulau Redang. Loser or what, haha.

    And now they want to turn the island into some luxury getaway. Damn why am I not rich and famous ahahaha.

    Thought we are supposed to go ‘cuti-cuti 1malaysia’ because it’s cheaper? lol :p

  2. It doesn’t seem reasonable to me. I think the cheaper hotels should still be allowed to operate. It doesn’t make sense to make it a niche market in my opinion. Is it famous enough to get that kind of business?

    They can probably get more business by letting more people visit it than just allowing the rich and famous.

    But then I don’t know the whole picture. So maybe I have no idea what I am saying. Haha.

    Still, I would like to know that I can visit that place again someday. Making it a niche market will make it virtually impossible.

  3. Life style…of the rich and famous… They always complaining… Always complaining… If money is such a problem, Well they got mansions. Think we should rob them!

  4. No no, drowning is also for rich and famous only. You think what? They’ll bury you if you drown? They’ll carry you go deep ocean and dump your body there la. Cannot dirty the ocean by the beach for the rich and famous! LOL

  5. hahahahahahahaaaha……..y u so worry, u will be one of the high income group once our PM punya new economy model is launched lar ahahahah so this is just in accordance to tat model only

  6. hello frenz,
    heeeeeeeee me too, i already visited redang island many times , last 2009 . stay at ayu mayang only . huhuhu..
    i love snorkeling …
    u know abt blue sand…. wow!!!

  7. I really admire your creativity Ken.. my heart is laughing… dont ask me how but I feel very enlightened with your Rich and Famous signs.. hahahah… really, u know how to make this so amusing.. i havent been to Redang.. guess i gonna go now but then 2nd tot, i m not rich or famous yet..

  8. LOL, nice one.

    I would feel assaulted if this happen- was born, grew up & living in Terengganu for my almost entire life but not allowed to go there just because I ain’t rich, I ain’t famous. Ridiculous.

    p/s: Why do you want to be rich & famous?
    Because I want to go to Redang. duhhh~~~

  9. hahaah, so funny ur entry.. thumb up for ur thoughts of redang.. ive never been there..but after reading ur entry it makes me wanna go there..better get my butt off now to redang island ….. redang here i come to redah!!!

  10. owh, about this Redang Island. I rather spend my RM1,600 at Universal Studio Singapore than Redang Island Malaysia. Yeah.. Cuti-Cuti Singapore!

  11. Gotta love that signboard!

    But seriously, they think having “the rich and famous” will solve the problem, tsk tsk tsk.

    I wonder if I can make it to Redang BEFORE they put up those signboards ;P.

  12. Soon it’ll become the world’s no.1 island with the most sign boards at view. And we’ll see it in the Malaysia’s Book of Record. Wtc lah…. =.=

  13. ooh… y only for the rich and famous.. who say the poor can’t enjoy life? discrimination.. haha.. hope it’s not true..

    went to Redang once only.. and wish to go again.. but I’m not rich.. so might not be able to go again?? …

    Such a beautiful beach.. shouldn’t restricted to rich and famous.. should only restricted to the clean and well-manners.. lol..


  14. LOL!!! I like how u manipulate the piccas…so creative and funny too :D

    Ayooo if like that huh, me have no chance to go for holiday at Pulau Redang lorrr :(

  15. I find this utterly ridiculous. They mean to say that the “not rich and famous” are the ones who spoil nature?!

    By doing this, they will destroy tourism.

  16. Suprisingly ironic, I am working with tons of Malaysian here in Abu Dhabi in a well-known development company.

    Care to teach me Malaysian? I can teach you tagalog in exchange.

    That is if you are interested.

    Thanks again, and hope to see you again there. I’ll try to post in english as much as possible. =)

  17. This is such a big nonsense.
    Your pics look so cute with that sign.
    After this they will sell Redang to some really very rich and really very famous ppl. If i am going to pay RM1600 a night I rather pay few hundred extra to go overseas for vacation.

  18. I’m going to Terengganu this weekend… but I’m not reach nor do famous.. so I just go to Pulau Sah Besar Tasik Kenyir.. hehehe luckily the idea is not for the whole state of Terengganu.. :P

  19. LOL

    ure very creative
    no doubt bout that

    well i dream of becoming someone rich n famous
    so thanks yaah 4 recommending redang..
    might go there..someday


  20. I agree totally this is one of the thing to hentam….The many signboards in your posting speaking the absurd message across

  21. Mana boleh? Malaysia Boleh!!

    Hilarious post, Ken. I was thinking of blogging about it too but definitely won’t be as kwah-cheongly funny as yours..

    Yeah, that’s really not realistic and discriminatory. I read that it was suggested by some bigshot!! Better make a trip there fast before it becomes for the rich and famous only. haha.. Good job!

  22. hehe. you’re so funny kenwooi!!
    seems like u have lots experience in travelling..
    i still dont have the chance yet..have to finish my study first. :)
    and im not rich and famous… :(

  23. Hahaha very creative friend. Natures and beauty of the world are given free to us by God. So we are all privilege to enjoy it. Rich and poor.

  24. Ken you missed out the toilet for the Rich & Famous Only? For those not “Lich & Pompous” go pee under the trees? Wonder how much will a plate of ‘flied lice’ cost? :p Great insinuation yeah!. tQ

  25. Brilliant post! Wait a minute, the news says “In future, only wealthy individuals .. […]. Not to worry the keyword is “IN FUTURE” so its quite possible but gotta wait another 10 YEARS time, on a compounded 20% inflation rate it should safely arrived at a room nite of RM1600 by then. It may be slower or faster depending on the inflation rate. If the inflation rate follows the 100% like Pos Malaysia then will be a super-duper ekpres time less than 2.7 years. ~:( hahaha.

  26. redang island is so nice…

    burj malaysia……..great idea….

    but redang for rich and famous only that’s really suck idea i ever hear….

  27. This post is so freaking funny. Esp with u repeating for the rich & famous in all the weird places. “Typical Malaysians, eat money only!”
    This sentence is so true. Even the policemen are corrupt

  28. LOLxxx!!!! I love what you did to all the photos!!! Damn creative lor….
    Ya, crazy, RM1,600 just to go redang????? I might as well go Koh Samui, definitely anytime better than Redang lei…. O_o

  29. Haha, only for rich ppl to go, bad huh. I heard about this news on the radio the other day, this is because they want to limit the tourist to go Redang, to protect its naturality, other wise, it will soon become Port Dickson ???

  30. Well, apparently only the poor pollute the beaches of Redang Island and the water surrounding it. The R&F don’t.

    Because the R&F only swim in the pool…

    *now serious one*
    Tourists who stay in RM300-per night hotel are poor bastards? It sounds like Malaysia’s per capita income is already US$30000, well above the US#15000 goal set in the New Economic Model.

  31. Yes it is really ridiculous when I saw tat in the article!

    I think i need to jump into the sea now!

    Ohhh…wait its also for the rich n famous only! LOL!

  32. o gosh,i was totally shocked too bits the moment i read it on newspaper.

    How can they do this.

    I mean at least,give us a fully explanation on why on earth they decided to use this plan.

    I thought human beings are equally important.

  33. Sigh~!! We(husband and I) was looking forward to have our vacation in Redang next year( we missed this year MATTA fair), it seems we can only dream on… most probably we have to visit Lang Tengah Island instead. :(

    Have a nice day ahead!( sigh~!)

  34. What if I am rich but not famous, also cannot go izit? Damn!!!

    So if I’m famous but not rich also must jump back into the sea? Double damn!!

    Must be both rich and famous baru boleh? Like dat, I rather go Sipadan or Maldives! : )

    Anyway, I’m going Redang this July – must faster go before they start to implement this idiotic plan!!

  35. Ulalala! so many signboards with Rich and Famous? Geee…that place is so beautiful but they have deprived our rights to visit there. Hmmm…just like my post, wait until the become sick. Hahaha

  36. wasn’t in a good mood to blog ;(((
    I;m glad I clicked on your blog..cos it literally made my day..
    thank you
    I promise I’ll update soon
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    *your pictures are awesome cos the enlightened me alot,despite the tears I have had ;(((
    thank you ;)))

  37. oh wells.. they just don’t understand that.. even if someone is rich.. it doesn’t mean they’ll want to pay more for something they can get at a cheaper price.. besides, by having it for the rich only, normal people like me won’t be able to go.. :(

  38. i live in terengganu but not yet reached redang island or the other islands there..tseeheehe…but i’ve heard that perhentian island is just like redang, it’s just that redang is wayyy expensive-for the rich and famous only- haha..lmao~

  39. wtf. so, i guess i need to commit some crime to appear on newspaper. then, i can go to redang island. eh, no, i am still not rich. maybe need to rob somewhere.

  40. went there twice when i was in secondary. beautiful. but after this no more lah since im not rich & famous. sob sob sob.

    after this go to pulau ketam onlyor else have to marry with someone rich & famous lah. then can honeymoon-ing there. hehehe… =))

  41. ohoo? Burj in Redang?? O_O
    havent been to Redang, but twice to Perhentian, it wasnt THAT expensive. lol, I’d spend RM1600 to go overseas la.

  42. wahaha…ya lor…Redang will turn to be island for rich and famous ONLY!
    and i’m not qualified :(
    miss redang island a lotsssssssssss…maybe xmampu dah after this…
    sob sob..BENCI BETUL!

  43. LOVE YOUR POST! I personally think that the idea is not logic and wise, where got such a place exclusively for rich and famous people?
    Then many Malaysian won’t be able to step on Redang Island at all from now on, coz some of them famous but no money, some rich but not famous, the criteria is not reasonable AT ALL!!!
    Before this I never went to Redang Island, and I actually hope to go there and have a look anytime soon, but this policy is sooooo… haiz… now dunno wan go or not dy…>.<

  44. HAHA entertaining post as usual. thumbs up!

    Sadly, I have never been to Redang before, was planning to go since last year but always no time so procrastinate…till now…for the RICH and FAMOUS *sniff*

  45. True….
    I had an excellent 3D-2N holiday at Redang Island in spring 2007 with my wife, which cost me less than 1000 RM.
    I am booking same trip now… will cost 2000!!!!!!

  46. Rich and famous? famous also doesnot mean rich what?
    rich also doesnot mean famouse so if u famouse but haprak like some of our artist then they can go lah i dont think any rich people want to go redang if i rich why i go redang i go maldive lah nonsense

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