10 Random Facts 10 Random Facts

Today I would like to present 10 facts that you might already know, or will discover soon, about this blog – Enjoy!

1) has an average of 9 to 10 entries published every month. Therefore, reaching 500 entries will take approximately 4 years – which is easily achievable by some bloggers in 1 year plus.

2) It reaches an average of 300 unique visitors a day, while it can reach up to 500-plus a day when it’s updated.

blog traffic stats

Good enough for a not-so-famous blogger like me. Right?

To achieve‘s 8000 unique visitors A DAY would take about 26 days, almost a month! =/

3) earns an average of RM20 every week. The only source of earning, so far, is via Nuffnang. They are purely from CPC and Metered Campaigns. Nuffnang never give me any advertorial assignments before.

nuffnang cheque

This is one of the cheques I received last year. Little only lah! To earn RedMummy’s RM10,000 a month will take… ahhhh forget it!

4) Every entries will be re-read, checked and modified several times before being published. This is to ensure that the content is acceptable and error-free. Fussy hor?

5) All articles are published at 12am, or 12am-plus if more time needed. It’s uncommon for to be updated at any other time.

clock at twelve

Why 12am you might ask? I also don’t know. =/

6) Although I started blogging since May 2008, the “breakthrough” into the blogging scene happened in March 2009. It was kick-started by Things To Do During Earth Hour entry.

7) It’s very impossible for to win prizes via blogging contests. The entries prepared are usually to entertain the readers than to amaze the contest judges. For instance, My Top 5 Treat List that could win me a new Dell Inspiron 13 laptop!

dell high definition experience

I thought this ending-picture will make the judge go “high” and announce me as the winner. But I guess they would prefer the one without square-square censorship? =/

Conclusion is, sucks at winning contests.

8) Till date, the entry with the most comments received is VS with 227 comments.

kenwooi kennysia

It’s actually a contest entry written for Nuffnang’s Project Alpha – but as usual, it didn’t even win top 10 prizes. Sucks eh?

9) Recently, has been promoted/reviewed by a few (very few to be exact) bloggers, namely Cindy from and Zool from

Really appreciate that. Thank you, and sorry if I missed out any. So yeah, anyone else is gonna promote/review/declare-your-love-to on their blog? Do tell me okay! =P

10) Finally, the most important fact of the day is – turns TWO on the 8th May 2010!

secret recipe logo

As a birthday gift, here’s a slice of Secret Recipe Cheeze Choc for you! Yummy!

kenwooi birthday cake

Besides that, I’ve also changed the template (clothing) for you. Hope you like it.

May you have another entry-ful year ahead! Happy 2nd Birthday my baby! =)

145 thoughts on “ 10 Random Facts

  1. I one of ur silent n enjoy reading ur blog especially for new update..anyway,your blog is on my list..I will terjah@review it..hik3..but maybe after june kot….

    Keep up writing…Ur blog is one of english blog that I love to read….u have u own charisma…anyway…i think the only reason u lost with kennysia vs kenwooi entry is u did not mention anything about the product itself which is Adidas Action 3..I really thought that that entry will win top 3…So frustrated too when u did not win…

    Good Luck kenwooi…

  2. erm ken i think you forgot something..
    11. got hacked once >.<..
    sorry about the host which I recommended.. it was all good until it suffer an attack.

  3. Haha, I am also one of your silent reader. Most of the time I read your blog thru Google reader as the connection in campus damn lousy. Anyway, Happy 2th anniversary.. Love u muchyyyyy.. :D

  4. Dalam blog kita berkenalan,
    Kunjung mengunjung menjadi amalan,
    Selamat hari Lahir saya ucapkan,
    Semoga lebih maju kehadapan..


  5. Happy 2 Years old! lolx!… Your blog is amazing! I’m much waaaaaaay behind you hehe… But I lazy to catch up, it’s all for the love of doing this… But keep it up! Look forward for more! Gambateh~! Cheerx… =P

  6. Seriously I don’t notice a change in layout.
    Probably because I come visiting your blog only when you update, so only read the entry, leave a comment and close it.

    RM20 per week, nice already. :)

  7. Never claim mine… will be such a waste of money just to even to post the check… ciput earning.. hahhah..

    anyway, put same ‘face’ on the header.. =P

  8. Its not impossible that you could be like one day! Looking foward to see you there. At that time, I would be so proud because one of the top blogger visits my blog! =)

    RM20 a week? Thats great!

  9. Happy Birthday to!! : )

    I like the new template! : )

    Enjoyed reading the 10 random facts!

    9-10 entries every month? OKlah, just like me also! Haha! No point coming out with a new post a day – I won’t have the time to follow if that’s the case! LOL!

    SO all entries sure published at the deadly hour of 12 midnight? Does this has anything to do with Cinderella? Wakaka!

    Can u please remove the squares? It’s a sore to my eyes! LOL!!

  10. 8th? That’s today! Happy Blog Anniversary!!! Keep it up…you’ll get where you wanna be someday. At least you get some RM300 or so, I get nothing… Sobs!

  11. happy birthday kenwooi. enjoy reading this entry :) owh, I’m as fussy as u everytime I come out with a new entry. I will reread it to ensure that there is no error. HAHA.

    btw, ur blog is great eventhough u are not-so-famous blogger :D

  12. LOL Wei Ken, entertaining as usual!

    I don’t even have 10% of your daily traffic! mine is like seven a day or something like that. haha.


    Happy 2nd birthday to! here’s to more traffics and earnings for the site. cheers!

  13. Bro, as long as we updated the entry is OK. Traffic will be come. Wow rm20 per week. That Good. That my target this year.

    P/S ; I like pic no. 4. hahahahahaha

  14. waahhhh!! 300 unique visits is a plentiful to me!!! Never reached that before in my 2 years of blogging.. must pai u to be my sifu! btw, ken, the u taught me last time, is it renewable by itself or do i need to monitor? i remember asking u before but i forgot what your answer is.. pls excuse this short memory woman.. :)

  15. Happy birthday :) thank you for dropping by my small blog (yes, so small I get just about 200 hits a week!) Good luck and I wish you more success.

  16. Rilex bro. I know you can do it… You can get more traffic day by day…One day you can replace kennysia because you not just funny but also friendly.. DOn’t think kennysia is friendly to do blogwalking like you.. I’ll give moral support to you..

    Thanks for backlink..

  17. hi kenwooi!
    wow, you really are very articulate with your blog.
    i don’t even count all that things that you’ve mention.
    you blog is very nice and enjoyable to read. mesra mata too…
    one day soon, you’ll be like those A-class bloggers too.
    happy birthday to!

  18. haha, happy 2 years of writing~! I think your blog is quite popular and still increasingly famous~

    and, Yes, it’s mother’s day.. Here, it’s parents’day in Korea :D

  19. wah…bro….ur earnings and unique very high than me ler…took years to chase u…keep it up bro…u b famous like kennysia one…no worries

  20. Nice insight of your blog statistics bro. Mine’s no where near yours at the moment, what more to compete with Kenny Sia. By the way, what statistic management software do you use to calculate your daily visitors?

  21. hey I must said that you are damn good at what u’re doing here…blogging. It’s fun and u seem to have the whole time to blog consistently. V geng!!
    Well,ur blog’s bday is a day earlier than my gf’s. Haha!!
    Keep up ur blog!!It rocks!!

  22. Hi! kenwooi. Thanks for drop by at my blog & unexpected will received comment from famous blogger..hehehe…

    Happy Birthday (^_^)

  23. 300 unique visitors a day??? I think I’ll go write a “5 steps to being a successful blogger like Kenwooi” blogpost now…

    And Happy Belated Birthday,

  24. wow, the fact that you rarely update,but still can get hundreds visitors per day, really amaze me!!
    it’s not late to wish happy 2nd birthday

  25. heloo …… happy belated bufday 1st …
    well , u got higher viewer , earning n i bet u win contest more than me …… but ….. blogging is for fun … beside those extra prizes n money ….. so hope u continue wit ur good work ………. n win more , earn more ;)

  26. hey ken! your passion for blogging is admirable! happy 2nd anniversary! to more good years ahead! and hopefully you will win a contest soon! Cheers to!

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