15 Things You Should Know About England

15 Things You Should Know About England

In case you didn’t know, I visited England quite recently and here are some facts that you might already know, or might not know about the country.

1) Strikes.

I’m sure many of us know about strikes happening in European countries.

strike display

To the employees it’s about demanding more rights, but for the travelers – they’ll go “WHAAaaatt?”.

2) Beautiful country side scenery.

harewood house leeds view

I witnessed one of the most beautiful scene ever when I visited Harewood House, a country house located right out of Leeds.

3) Zig zag road lines.

uk road zig zag

Looks like some life-indicator usually seen on devices attached to medical patients. Till today I don’t know what they mean. Slow down?

4) Salt scattered on road during Winter.

salt on road

It’s used to prevent the snow from turning into ice. This is important to avoid any road accidents caused by slippery roads due to hardened ice.

5) Free transportation services.

leeds free city bus

The citizens of England gets free transportation – for example the city bus in Leeds. Definitely contributed by the income tax paid by the people.

Malaysia got or not? Okay no extra comments.

6) Bus arrival time at bus stands.

At the bus stand, you’ll be able to check on the oncoming buses.

bus stand display

The bus information and the arrival time is displayed with a board on every bus stand. They are pretty accurate and punctual too.

I wonder how it’s done. GPS?

7) Auto-pay toilet.

To use certain public toilets, you need to pay a small fee of 30p (RM1.65).

toilet entrance

But better than an old grumpy aunty sitting in front of smelly toilets collection money from you lah, right?

8) Street musicians.

There are musicians busking along walkways to entertain passerby and to earn some money as well.

street musicians

They are really good and they’re not called beggars.

9) Heaters.

Instead of us Malaysians having air-conditioners, they have heaters in each and every room in buildings.


The purpose is obviously to provide warmness since the weather is usually cold, especially during the Winter where the temperature can reach 0° to 5° Celsius everyday.

10) Sun sets at 4pm during Winter.

night time

The time on the bus is 1630 hours and even though it’s still in the evening, the sky is already pitch black!

11) Waste bin for dog shit.

The people here love to bring their pet dogs out together. But if the dog shits, it’s advisable to pick it up.

dog waste bin

And dump the waste into the designated dog waste bin.

Better clean it up, or else…

london dog poop sign

£1,000 (RM5,500) just because of some shit? That’s the law!

12) Below 25 needs proof of age before buying alcohol.

alcohol under 25

When it’s okay (I assume) for Malaysians at the age of 18 to buy alcohol freely, it seems that the youngsters below 25 over in England have to proof their age!

13) Stand on the right when using the escalator.

escalator stand on right

It’s a considerate rule for accommodating people who are rushing for time. Standing on the right is for people who are just standing, and the left space is for people who wants to be fast.

escalator up

Can Malaysians be as disciplined as those ang mohs in the photo above?

14) Purchased items can be refunded.

Items can be returned and given back cash without questions asked.

refund sign

For example, you purchased a coat and after a week you don’t enjoy wearing it, you can refund it immediately! Of course, make sure the price tag is on and the receipt is shown as well.

And last but not least, this is probably the most bizarre thing I found.

15) Fake boobs.

I’m not sure what are they for, but I think this 38C boobs can be used to female to boost their boobs, or men to err… cross-dress?

fake boobs

Anyone interested in buying a pair?

That’s all for now. Hope you gained some extra knowledge about England from this entry. Stay tuned! =)

73 thoughts on “15 Things You Should Know About England

  1. lol … i always wondered what the ZigZag lines on the road for, even in Singapore they have it… AND YEA ! in Malaysia we do have free buses. in Penang have City bus for free.. hahaha. SO far Giant only one i know of that refunds without question.
    ODD in Japan and Malaysia (airports) they ask u to stand on the left. different cultures i guess… good post !

  2. yeah the strike is cool in a way. they even tell medias when and where they will strike so they wont burden the passengers.

    im sure u bought the fake boobiess!

  3. hah?? n the fake boobs r next to the batteries!
    very open minded ppl they r eyh..hehe

    btw i thought it was to stay @ the left side of the escalator,
    u can see only some Malaysians practice that @ KL Sentral..

  4. #2 – beautiful scenery, great shot there.
    #3 – I always thought zigzag lines mean sharp corners. No?
    #7 – Autopay toilet – are you kidding? I’d rather pay thirty sen to the grumpy old lady than to fork out RM1.65!
    #13 – great idea
    #14 – you can return goods at Carrefour. Did someone mention Giant too?
    #15 – I can only think of them being used by women who have gone thru mastectomy (breast removal operation due to cancer).

    Great sharing there, Ken. Thanks.

  5. Yerr, you have such little faith in Malaysia.

    I’m sure if there were signs for escalators, people would follow. There just isn’t.

    Aha, omg, I’d soo rather pay 20sen than 1 buck to use the toilet.. Seriously la weih. O.O

    Ahah, comfort is important & cleanlines is next to godliness but.. I mean you use the toilet to remove waste anyways.

    You a guy. Lagi don’t have to sit. Ahahha, so dirty wouldn’t matter so much would it?

  6. I stand on the right, I swear! :O

    Fake boobies. I want. :D Lol.

    Nice scenery by the way. :) Been awhile since I travelled. I miss England! Rawr. the weather- not so. ><

  7. The transport is not free in London though … LOL at the fake boobs. Yeah I guess I take the bus arrival time for granted here, but you notice how nifty it is when you go in another country without regular public transport service.

  8. hi kenwooi..i’ve been there for 10 days only and agree with no. #2, #6, #7, #8, #9, #13

    Im so impress when everybody could folo the instruction to stand on the right and i keep on with the attitude here :-)

  9. eh eh interesting stuff. just one thing. malaysia oso got sign la for d elevator “berdiri di sebelah kiri” . just people don’t give a damn oni. well we know alot people also don’t like to read signs lah. like don’t pass the speed limit.. don’t walk on grass.. no smoking.. etc.

    WATUDU.. we are malaysia. :)

  10. Actually in KL LRT, there are signs to ask people to stand on left as well. Anyway, thank you for your post as it reminded me of my students’ years in UK, especially Point No. 10 and Point No. 12 where I was always asked to show ID before entering a pub!

  11. the escalator signage is actually pretty useful. because u get ignorant people here that ignore all the ‘excuse mes’ and ‘HELLO MOVE OVER!’. lol

  12. free transportation services? cool!

    i really hope that…i can go oversea. currently…i can only go OVER the South China SEA (laut china selatan) for study…(^_^)

  13. Wow! Very interesting post. They are so organized in their surroundings. Bus schedules timing and so on. That’s very good, and the fake boobs gave me a good laugh.

  14. hmm.. zig zag sign according to wiki = Motorists should not overtake, wait or park in the vicinity

    I really wish they will make it compulsory for Malaysians to pick up the dog waste here.. HMMMM

    I bet the street musicians are much better than those Malaysian – ‘blind’- roadside musician with a keyboard. LOL

  15. 7) Auto-pay toilet= Totally tedious if u have to rummage for the exact change in the wallet while u die-die need to go to the toilet. Conclusion: still prefer grumpy auntie. And lol at the fake boobs.

    Great post =)

  16. For d Zig zag line is illusion tactic that will slow down d car before reaching d traffic light.

    While it’s not really nice to have autopay =P what if u’re rushing? (***Jump over d gate? LOL!)

    For yo information, I’ve been study in KL for quite sometime n i notice that there’s such system during peak hour u havta stand aside. Try observe tat =)

    Nice post =)

  17. Ooo… I simply love the English countryside.

    That’s a great innovation on the bus arrival board. But if they put it up in Malaysia, can we trust the timing or not? Our trains cannot even be punctual, let alone the buses.

  18. Aww I ♥ to read all your post and esp. on England..
    awww..wish to go there some day..and I;m taking Keele’s Degree collaboration in Malaysia..[don’t think have the chance to end my course there:((]
    and reading your blog,makes me to have reasons to slack on blogging[ yours is so awesome,mine is pretty boring]
    I ♥ you..ermm..your blog ,very muchm .LOL

  19. erm..i used to enjoy ur blog a lot until all u blog is ur UK trip which was ages ago………………..

  20. owh.. LEFT 4 DEAD.. i was a noobie in that game.. and my friends kept laughing at me… cause within all the players, am the only girl.. lolx

  21. Oh! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing these!

    As for the escalators, I think in Malaysia, you’ll have to stand on the left and people who want to walk fast go on the right side, correct? Of course, I don’t see anyone practising this and each time I want to walk fast up or down the escalators, I have to keep saying “Excuse me”!!

  22. lol exagerrated much :P but some I agree lor. I’m studying in Bath right now, and yeah we see some of that. London is still the place to be! You didnt include the football, barfights and the ridiculous british puns :P

  23. zigzag lines = no paring. often found outside schools and on either side of a pedestrian crossing so the cars don’t block the view of people trying to cross the road without being mowed down an oncoming vehicle :)

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