Quick Visit to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

Quick Visit to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

When I was in London, I managed to visit the famous Emirates Stadium – which is Arsenal’s stadium.

arsenal emirates stadium

Unfortunately, my friends and I were late and it was already closed.

Nevertheless, we spent some time outside the stadium, looked at its outer architecture and took photos as well.

emirates stadium

It’s huge and grand, to be exact. Totally reflects one of the top football teams in England.

emirates stadium layout

One of the signboards with the geographical layout of the stadium on both inside and outside.

arsenal players

There’s an illustration of probably the best players ever in Arsenal – coz I don’t see any of the latest players’ name up there. Maybe one day Cesc F├ábregas’ name will be there.

arsenal vs chelsea

My friend Yeong Boon couldn’t resist taking a photo at Arsenal’s stadium with a gift bag from Chelsea he got from visiting Stamford Bridge earlier.

Luckily no eggs were thrown at us. =P

arsenal players board

Then there’s a long board with players from the past generations till the recent one. Really cool idea.

emirates stadium cannon display

There are two cannons located in front of the stadium. They’re certainly iconic symbols for Arsenal. Just look at their crest.

arsenal logo crest

Got cannon wei… don’t play play! Can boom you die, you know!

emirates stadium cannon

Here’s an up-close photo of these magnificent cannons.

And next up…

my large cannon

A photo of me and my huge cannon! Awesome right? ;)

P/S: In case you don’t know, I’m a Manchester United fan. =)

55 thoughts on “Quick Visit to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

  1. oh damn im so envy u!!

    im a gooners, and its every gooners dream to be here and have the feels of gooners territory!

  2. Kenwooi.. i jealous tau sebab u now bukan di Malaysia..Yelah.. bukan senang kita mahu berada di perantauan(di negara orang lain)

    Ada duit semua boleh.Semua tempat kita boleh pergi…

    Btw, nice man

  3. Hey, Ken.. any chance you guys went to Highbury, too? just asking.. the emirates stadium is really cool but don’t think Cesc Fabregas will be among the greats over there. he and barca are fighting for a contract release from arsenal :P

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