Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

The new Fish King Pizza has been such a fishy topic nowadays. And to explore how fishy it is, I’ve decided to dive into the deep blue sea.

Okay not the sea, Pizza Hut actually.

fish king pizza fisherman

Once at the outlet, I was greeted by this “fisherman” right outside. Without wasting anymore time, I headed in and ordered a Fish King family set!

fish king pizza advert

While waiting for the food to arrive, I couldn’t stop staring at the brochure on the table. Was eager to satisfy my taste-buds. *saliva dripping*

And after a while, the Fish King Pizza was finally served!

pizza hut fish king pizza

Now, let’s be mesmerized by the Alaskan Pollock (which is specially-imported) Fish Fingers on the pizza!

dish king pizza upclose

Just look the beautiful fishy Alaskan fish fingers.

fish king pizza fish finger

You wanna just give it a bite, don’t you?

By the way, it’s said that the fish fingers are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. *drools*

delicious fish king pizza

One more picture before I start getting dirty with the food!

So, in-conjunction with Pizza Hut’s Fish King Pizza, I’ve improvised and created my own set meal and it’s called – Kenwooi Fish King Set Meal!

pizza hut set meal

By using the other available food in Pizza Hut, I’ve come up with my own individual dishes by combining slices of Fish King Pizza with…

fish king pizza garlic bread

With Garlic Bread Stick! The new name for this dish is – Fish Garlic Combo Pizza! “Taste fish like never before!”

fish king pizza bbq chicken

With BBQ Chicken! The new name for this unique dish is – Fish BBQ Chic Combo Pizza! “Be sure to not eat the bone!”

fish king pizza mushroom soup

With Mushroom soup! The name for this new dish is – Fish Mushroom Combo Pizza! “The mushiest fish pizza served!”

And last but not least…

fish king pizza pepsi

With Pepsi! The name is therefore called – Fish Pepsi Combo Pizza! “The best soft drink-cum-fish ever!”

And now, Ken Wooi will officiate the release of this new set by posing with the dishes!

kenwooi fish king meal

Care to try any of the dishes? Head on to Pizza Hut now!

Or for delivery, call 1-300-88-2525 and request for “Kenwooi Fish King Set Meal”. As easy as that, wait no longer!

drinking pepsi

Tasting my Fish Pepsi Combo Pizza since I was pretty thirsty. Know what, it tastes wonderfully fishy!

It really feels like you’re in a frenzy with lots of Alaskan Pollock Fish fingers surrounding you!

alaskan pollock fish fingers

Oh fishy fingers!

Or for those serious Alaskan Pollock fish lovers, your imagination could be even better…

swimming alaskan pollock fish

Being in the deep blue sea with plenty of living Alaskan Pollock fishes swimming with you!

Oh yeah, since this is all about fish, the non-sponsors requested me to do a fish-face too. Err… okay?

fish face

Like a fish or not? Or retard? =/

Anyway, it was a fun and delicious moment while eating the Fish King Pizza. The Alaskan Pollock Fish Fingers are seriously tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yum yum!

Oh yeah, anyone would like to taste another upcoming creation by Ken Wooi?

crab pepsi drink

Presenting the Crab Meat Pepsi Combo Drink!

Crabby on the inside and cooling on the outside! =)

P/S: This is a contest entry written for RM10,000 Cash Up for Grabs from Pizza Hut!! by Nuffnang.

76 thoughts on “Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

  1. Mesmerized by the drink. I wonder how many visits to the toilet after your set of so-called combo? HAHA!

  2. look, that fish face does look fishy…although i woundnt want to try that new drink of urs…reminds me of the good old time back in chemistry lab when my friends and I used to mix all the leftover chemicals at the end of every experiments..

  3. he3.. funny funny….
    mula mula i rasa tak lawak..
    pas baca habis.. i senyum sorang2 he3..

    good luck in da contest..
    i want to join.. but no money lar rite now to go to the pizza.

  4. aiyooo..lepas minum pepsi tu berapa kali u pegi toilet? hahaha
    gud luck with the contest..very funny entry as always.. :)

  5. see the fish fingers had become fish stumps not like the pic one — long and thick….= = tipu one hahahahaa……ehh..ur drink hor a bit….yucksssssss hahahaha

  6. Wohoooo! The pepsi with fish. Pizza hut is sure gonna get angry with u now coz you made their dishes look so ewwww. How to win leh?? Hehe

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