Caught in The Middle Part IV at PJ Laugh Fest

Caught in The Middle Part IV at PJ Laugh Fest

If you’ve been following my Twitter, you would have known that I won myself invitations to Caught in The Middle Part IV at PJ Laugh Fest.

caught in the middle

In case you’re wondering what’s that, it’s a comedy act. Jaya One is the venue.

How did I get the invites? Well, I submitted a joke (the Sending Postcards conversation to be exact) on Nuffnang’s blog entry and surprisingly, I got it.

pj live arts theatre studio

Since I was invited, I went all the way to KL to watch it. Oh yeah, this was my first time attending an event collaborated with Nuffnang.

So, I was kinda excited to meet some bloggers, but when I reached the ticket-collection counter – I didn’t recognized most of the people, except for Nuffnang’s Public Relation Xin Xian aka Fresh.

caught in the middle tickets

Besides that, Blabberina from CacaMarba Me approached me earlier while I was at Wendy’s. Nice meeting her!


Anyway, these were half of the audience (bloggers I assume) sitting in front. Honestly, I didn’t recognized almost everyone, so… I guess they didn’t recognize me too? I thought I could have personally met more bloggers. =/

Another Nuffnang personnel I met was David Wong.

nuffnang david wang

He was sitting beside me during the show.

During the interval, I managed to catch up with Adrian (from real life, no more on-line. A cool magician.

adrian leong magician

Well, the whole comedy show was pretty lengthy. It started at 8.40pm and ended 11pm-plus, with 20 minutes interval in between. Totaling up to 2 hours-plus.

If I’m not wrong, comedy shows should be short and sweet – presenting the best hilarious points and end it with a BANG! Right?

so funny can die

But perhaps it’s a different thing. So, are they sure that it’s “So Funny Can Die Wan!”? I don’t think so.

Oh yeah, I bumped into Aidi from aidi-safuan. I greeted him first and this was the conversation between us.

aidi 1 hello

aidi 2 yes yes

aidi 3 you know who i am

aidi 4 err

aidi 5 waiting

aidi 6 alex

What?! ALEX???

Everybody, I think I’m now Alex Wooi, no more Ken Wooi ya. =P

52 thoughts on “Caught in The Middle Part IV at PJ Laugh Fest

  1. Haha!! Thanks. It was nice meeting you too Ken.
    By the way, just found out, about 10 bloggers that I’ve been communicating on the blogs, were there! LoL

  2. I would go around and introduce myself and meet people…and people will introduce me to people…and in the end I would get to know most of everybody there.

  3. HI Alex!!! lol..
    maybe u should submit your blog to nuffnang, lagi hilarious anytime! yo… sit too long also no shiok, huh… but the best part is meeting up bloggers… at least u know a few, if i were to go, i think i end up being Mrs. Lonely!

  4. haha…this is the 1st time you join Nuffnang event…
    Too bad i didn’t join the event…I’m too lousy at telling and you’re kinda good! ;)

  5. whoaa.. lucky u got this invitation.. alex wooi.. ;p

    i want it too.. but i never try.. lalala ;p

    next time perhaps!.. huhu

  6. if u ask me.. i am a looser especially in remembering peoples name.. hohohho now i know who is kenwooi.. before this i just knew kenwooi tha banana :)

  7. Hello Alex! I am not very active in blogosphere as well as Nuffnang events unless the events will take place in KL lol else we could have met :) We shall wait then lol!

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