Why China Won Malaysia in Thomas Cup 2010

Why China Won Malaysia in Thomas Cup 2010

As what we witnessed a few days ago, China knocked Malaysia out from the Thomas Cup 2010 with a 3-0 victory.

Hence, I have done a tiny research on why Malaysia didn’t win China in the recent Thomas Cup 2010.

1) Malaysia depends greatly on Datuk Lee Chong Wei and doubles Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong to grab the vital first 2 points. And they hope to capture one point from the remaining 3 rounds.

badminton newspaper

Not exactly a good winning strategy right?

2) Malaysia’s badminton team has no Indian player and therefore the spirit of “1Malaysia” is not cultivated.

malaysia badminton team

No Indian = Only Malay and Chinese = 1Malaysia not complete = 1Malaysia fail. In conclusion, the team needs an Indian macha to boost things up!

3) According to Victor Tan from Your.World.Pixelated, China team won somehow due to the recent release of influential Ip Man 2.

ip man 2 lin dan

Yes, Ip Man is a Hong Kong movie. But since HK didn’t appear in this year’s tournament, I assume that the “power” has been secretly transferred to China and that’s why they performed Wing Chun badminton-cum-martial arts.

4) Malaysia has already implemented 1Hospital, 1Vision, 1RotiCanai and 1Utama, but it seems that 1Badminton has not been created.

Therefore Dato’ Sri Najib Razak should think about this idea – 1Badminton.

1malaysia 1badminton

Since it’s a believe that the 1-concept is working well for Malaysia, I suggest that 1Badminton will make things better for the national badminton team. 1Badminton FTW!

5) While most Malaysians support Chong Wei to nick the 1st point for Malaysia, some Malaysian ladies (unfortunately) support Lin Dan discreetly. Why?

Let’s analyze – Lee Chong Wei VS Lin Dan: Handsome-ness.

chong wei vs lin dan

According to a non-existent poll on kenwooi.com, it seems that the girls dig Lin Dan more. Handsome always wins? (imagines girls screaming “YES!”)

No wonder I also always don’t win lah. =/

Anyway, although Malaysia didn’t manage to win the title this year, I believe that the team has done their best. Congratulations, and thank you for the effort. =)

139 thoughts on “Why China Won Malaysia in Thomas Cup 2010

  1. dey did their best. they were the best compared to us. lolx. they can play. imagine any lala boy standing there getting beatn in less than 30mins. er…

    yea, Lin Dan’s good looking but we’re looking at skills here to be throned. lolx.

  2. Whoa! Very nice analysis on Malaysia defeat..maybe next time Malaysian badminton player should have tough body as LinDan also, not so skinny as LCW..

    Maybe physical limitance also one of the reason, but thats my opinion. How about others?

  3. HAHA..this is funny! And the handsome part, I think ITS SO TRUE *guilty face* especially since LinDan took off his shirt after he won the game. I bet all girls went ‘woo’ if not openly, in their heart. haha

  4. well, i just heard one of the minister said that a badminton academy will be launch just because we lost the semis.. heck, like that i think we shall have thousands of football academy already..

    apa la diorang fikir..
    anyway.. i still support our badminton team..

    the 1992 team that is.. ;p

  5. OMG. I’m LOL at the IP Man and the handsomeness point. I dont think Lin Dan is good looking tho.

    I think Chong Wei cannot win bcoz he’s already Dato = Datuk = Old.

  6. Ip Man silently taught them badminton tricks one. That’s the secret. BWF should ban any usage of martial arts in the court :)

  7. yeah absolutely agree about the handsome part
    when i watch all england
    when lin dan pass through the audience

    all ladies (errk, include man also) scream like crazy – lin dannnn… lin dannnn… lin dan….

  8. DATO lost because of the pressure from the whole Malaysian, all of the Malaysian (even myself) are all hoping he can grab the first point for Msia, u cant imagine how big the pressure will be.. if he can withstand it then the pressure will become advantage, if cant, u already saw his performance.. Lin Dan experienced that also 2 years ago (Thomas Cup in China) and he lost to DATO~ the same go with Koo/Lee..

  9. haha.. yes,LinD is definitely MORE handsome than LCW.. no doubt abt that..bt that cn be a winning factor? har?? no la..haha..u ah!
    and yea..malaysia actly did very well!

  10. Hey what a nice Kenny Sia style post!

    Good job Lee Chong Wei – too bad he didn’t get it this time… the ‘host advantage’ didn’t work on him.

  11. HAHA cool description…. btw, Malaysia really depends too much on the first single and the first double… We don’t have new talented players now… It’s like the sea became quiet after tsunami… After this batch retires, Malaysia will not be a badminton giant anymore if no potential players take over this task…

  12. Malaysia used to have Indian player. But after time pass there are less indian interest to play badminton hence no badminton talent from the indian.

  13. I like the last part, handsomeness factor ;) I’ve seen other girl bloggers telling that they wish AND know lin dan will win. So I guess its true

  14. Agreed with the point above. Malaysia should look for handsome badminton players. More gals supporter chances win increase because that player will be more energetic but make sure the players not a gay… :p

  15. no need 1malaysia la. u see which team got so many race de? china have chinese and japan have japanese only. they also can win. we need more world no. 1

  16. hahahhah so funny!

    and 2nd,malaysia more focus on world ranking instead of really horning the skills:P

    yalorx,my mum just now read newspaper.she saw LINDAN face
    she told me:”lin dan quite handsmoe hor”


  18. Haha. Oh well, I’m quite sure of this handsomeness issue. U see, although all the ladies might say ‘go LCW!’ but deep in their heads they want Lin Dan to win.. it becomes pool of prayers. LOLZZZ

  19. man!! this is what i should read after malaysia lost to china last week! if i have read this i wouldnt have been so depressed. well not really.
    nice work with the comical approach on why we lost to China. was kinda expecting some technical stuff. well, the first one is true alright. haha

  20. hhahah.. kalah then kalah lor no big deal, dun b sore loser mar..

    u kno about LinDan dancing shirtless? a lot of ppl criticising about that.. haha. .duno for wat?! just becoz he won, so msian buey song? find such mundane stuff to criticise?!

    talk about sore loser!! haha

  21. yeap! u r totally right! i guess msia is still way too far to have the athlete like the others. guess what wud happen if LCW o hafiz is retired, n i hardly see the indian players too :(

  22. Lol.. this kenwooi..
    I like the last reason you put here. However, I still stick to MaLaysian player no matter.. em.. how handsome others player will be.

  23. i thought i did.
    even i shouted for LCW, but my heart still yearned for LD.
    and i even supported him in finals when he met taufik.
    and don’t forget the 6-packed abs he has and the break dance routine[still,it’s inappropriate to do that right in front your opponent]

  24. 1Badminton.. kick my ass… haha… but seriously, Malaysian team really kantoi the other day la Kenwooi.. just like going to exam unprepared.. btw, I don’t heart Lin Dan.. a bit arrogant la..

  25. hello, dont simply give this kinda nonsense reasons la….it just tarnishes ur blog’s reputation man….

  26. i totally agreed with joegrimjow when he said u r one of funny blogger.. yes u r dude!! haha..

    this is ur 1st post that i’ve read and i eager to scroll down to read other.. keep in touch..

    hei! hei! follow kenwooi ramai-ramai.. haha.. (^.^)v

  27. Eventhough Datuk loss to Lin Dan , but i respect him more than Lin Dan , just looked at him, Lee Chong Wei can talk to most of World Badminton players using Bahasa with Taufik, Mandarin with Lin Dan , English with Pete Gade etc. Just look at him when he received prize,he talked to most of them. he is more intelectual than the rest of them including Lin dan. he s better man. True 1 Malaysian

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