How To Be Famous Female Blogger

How To Be Famous Female Blogger

Since I’ve wrote about being famous like Kenny Sia (which is a guy) and also being not-so-famous like Ken Wooi (which is also a guy), I guess it’s quite unfair towards the ladies.

Therefore, I’ve come up 10 simple tips on how to be a famous female blogger. Only for the ladies but if you guys wanna try out, by all means, try it. =)


1) Show off cleavage and upper boobs.

This is the most important of all. Ladies, I’m not being a pervert here, but your asset on your chest can be a huge attraction for your blog. I believe that if you have the oomph, flaunt it proudly and sexily.

Here’s a very good example. (I know where your eyes will be focusing at)

sexy girl

She’s X-Tin from Singapore [162 hamsup people clicked on Day 1, 64 on Day 2] and her blog is filled with… erm… her own pictures okay?

Now stop staring at her and continue with the next point!

2) Camwhore (also known as self-photography).

The simplest way to obtain photos for your blog is by taking photos of yourself. If you have a pretty/cute/beautiful/sexy/whatever face, just take a photo of it.

xiaxue photo

I bet everyone knows her – Xia Xue, the Queen of Blogosphere!

Also, if you can, take photos from awkward angles. It shows that your body is flexible and it might attract men’s attention.

tey cindy photo pose

This is how Tey Cindy does it!

Oh yeah, taking photos of your body parts can work too.

cheesie feet

And this is how Cheesie does it! By showing her legs during a bubble bath.

3) Go out on fun outings.

When having outings for shopping, photo shooting or clubbing (especially), do take photos of yourself having fun! With those photos, you can come up with a new entry.

tey cindy

If a guy were to attempt such method, I guess only gays will read it. =/

Also, if you’re out with your girl-friends/BBF/bitches, don’t forget to take photos with them too. Extra points will be given if you have pretty friends in your group!

asian girls clubbing

4) Be a bimbo.

Being a bimbo might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s proven that by being one – you’ll attract more attention.

cheesie shots

Think yourself as a princess, look highly on yourself and be proud of who you are. That’s self-esteem at its best!

5) Love the colour pink.

xiaxue website

Xia Xue loves pink.

cheeserland website

Cheeserland loves pink as well. Need I explain more?

6) Learn to Photoshop your face.

Even though you’re already pretty enough, it’s totally fine to Photoshop your faces on each and every photo before uploading to the Internet.

cheesie photoshop demo

This is how Cheesie preforms her Photoshop skills. According to her – “Job done: Sleepy eyes lift, grey-blue contact lens, Jolin’s nose, Shu Uemura’s falsies, Pink nail art, hair extension etc etc etc can’t remember.”

Cool eh? So what are you waiting for? Start learning Photoshop now.

7) Engage in blog wars with other female bloggers.

xia xue vs dawn yang

It’s pretty self-explanatory if you’ve been on the blogosphere for quite some time.

Oh yeah, you know they war with each other until it appeared on the local newspaper!

newspaper cutting

In way, they became more famous. Just sue, sue and sue!


Anyway, the mentioned 7 points above shall be practiced and cultivated FIRST before proceeding to the next 3 points. So once you get more than thousands of hits a day, you can continue with the following points.

8) Make friend with famous male bloggers.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier in How To Be Famous Blogger Like Kenny Sia, being good friends with the opposite gender can be beneficial.

kenny sia and cheesie

He will be somehow attracted to you and will eventually blog about you. Hence, more traffic! Woohoo!

9) Blog about anything you like.

So when you’re already famous, just blog anything you want. Blog about your daily routine, how cute your puppy is, or even what you ate for the whole day.

But remember, do include random photos of yourself as well.

sexy pose attempt

Nice right?

But to be honest, I wonder how did Cindy do it.


Headache ensued after I attempt that pose. Minor neck and back pain too. Maybe my body not flexible at all. =/

Then the legs as well.

legs toilet bowl

Toilet bowl? Yeah, toilet bowl and bathtub same same lah. Sorry ah, forgot to shave!

10) Provide beauty tips.

Besides that, once you’re an idol to everyone – you can start blogging about your own beauty tips. Like how to style your hair.

cool hairstyle

Cool or not?

Then, how to paint your nails.

fashion color fingers

Oh my finger so pretty! You should follow it!

And how to paint your toenails.

fashion feet

Rainbow colours! Me likey! You should follow it too!

So do you like my beauty + styling tips? I’m more than happy to write more on that! =P


Anyway, no bad intentions towards the female bloggers mentioned in this entry. They are certainly one of the top female bloggers around and it’s always nice to be inspired by them.

Take note: This is not you-must-blog-like-them blogging tips! Being yourself is the best. =)

220 thoughts on “How To Be Famous Female Blogger

  1. Well.. Dawn Yang and Xia Xue are among my favourites… but after looking at the pictures.. i guess now x-tin, cheesy and tey cindy are in my lists already!!! hahaha

  2. haha, wtd dude..

    believe me, the tips not only for female bloggers, its for male too!!

    you just did that! nice backward-body-chest pose there!

  3. This is kind of sexist, haha, but I have to admit it – this was a fun read! I had a good laugh, so thanks.

    *PS: Your toenails freaked me out. LOL :p

    u make me laugh too much with your parody episode mang

    u r funny as hell
    not me hellioz
    but yeah, as hell…

    gyahahahahahahaahhahaahahah again~

  5. hahahahaahahahhahaahahha……..ehhh the pic with u looking back one i think it will be a hit if u expose ur dick AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA……..sure u will be as famous as kennysia oredi, maybe even better hahahaahha

  6. Wahahahahahahaha…. I can’t stop laughing while readhing thru this whole post!!! And you power lor, can think of take puc of your feet at the toilet bowl!! Abit turn-off lei… LOLXXXX!!! But nonetheless, it’s so so interesting!! Cool!!! =) ok, nw im gonna try out the tips while blogging…… =P

  7. wei Ken, your toilet didnt break ah??? so big heavy legs stumping on it.. gosh!! u get famous in your own way then.. hahhaaha… by the way, this post is so refreshing.. i gonna learn a tip or 2 here.. first, must go yoga lessons!! how to pos-see like the young girls, twitching the body here and there.. and 2ndly go for botox.. and if that is not enough, must go for silicon operation to get those bigger!!! hahahhaa….

  8. Lol! Ur toe nails damn funny eh! Perhaps next time when you want to try the awkward angle again, put some pillows beneath ur body might help a lot. =P

  9. The fad will these women have low self esteem, thus why they do it… unless they have a cause for their the Obnoxious Mom CCL and the fighting Bitches…

    Likewise, money from the ad markets is forget getting dollars.. just write about what you like..and be specific to the theme.



  10. adoiii..kenwooi, u r such funny lah :D enjoy reading ur entry speshly colouring ur toenails..hahahah

    gelak guling-guling aku kat sini taw!

  11. omg YOU! lol… soooo not sexy your pic! lol.. i think i’m gonna have nightmares tonite… hahahhaha…

    Can’t help laffing here..

  12. What? Not pretty also these girls. Too much make-up, fake double eyelids and eyelashes and too much Adobe Photocream. Yup, guys who read these blogs are definitely idiots.

  13. Kenwooi, so disgusting lah u… toilet bowl and hairy legs? OMG. Watching it make me want to throw up lah.. and again, what with the coloured finger nails and toes? the title should be change to ‘Beauty’ Tips and Trick By Kenwooi

  14. Wohooo! I don’t really read those queen blogs but now I’m interested. They do expose their stuff huh? hehe. Funny one Ken. As always.

  15. great read… with ur tips i guess i’d have a long way to go to being a famous blogger oh well… & erm i hope the toenail painting is not a regular thing u do? u seem to be quite good at it hoho

  16. Firstly, I must comment that’s its another hilarious job well done again. But leh, I absolutely LOVE pink and I presume MOST girls are like that too. So that does not separate us from the rest of the girls.

    Lastly, your pictures just grossed me out BIG TIME! especially the feet in toilet LOL

  17. Ken wooi u miss one tips……………must include these..**

    If u cant be so famous,then try to blog other how they become so famous and try to make urself ugly compare to others*………….this is my suggestion.Another way to get attention and fame ……..^^

  18. You’re really going a long way, Ken. :-) I’m amazed. It’s good to have this a fun read on a busy Wednesday, taking a break from all the workloads for awhile. Thanks for sharing though, especially the time to paint your nails for us.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  19. lol.. the cleavage thing works.. LOL.. but I don’t see any point to show it online.. haha.. and I can’t love pink.. HATE pink.. lol..

    anyway.. good post for me before I go for my exam.. LOL..

  20. 1) Oh I’ll have headache doing photoshop.
    2) Makeup will take me forever.
    3) I can’t be forever showing my body parts without the face.
    4) Shy to show asset, keke.
    5) Blog wars wasting time only. And many vulgar words =]
    6) Painting the nails with different color? Keke time consuming.

    Lols then I can’t be a famous ones lo! Keke.
    By the way, had so much fun reading it. =)

  21. you are popular enough even im first time visit your blog. 100++ comment on a single entry.. can defeat kenny sia d.

    But u got your points here, seconded it. =)

  22. and here I was wondering why my blog only gets a lukewarm reception.. I’m 0/10 on your tips.. hehe

    Write what you believe and believe what you write ;)

  23. female bloggers are more likely to get famous la. Gorgeous + good writing, then will become as famous as xiaxue, dawn yang and cheesie alr.

    I do agree with kelvin. either male or female blogger, if they want to famous fast, post their nude pics. haha. Confirm fast 1.

  24. LOL! crazy la wehhh…

    eh but true la about the flexible part.. else how did ninie ahmad become one of the season 2 project alpha blogger rite? :D

  25. Both your blog and Kenny Sia’s are full of humour. Now I know how you get so much traffic! You might want to consider adding Google Adsense to earn more.


  26. hahaaaaah.. very good tipsssss!! will try, you should alway check my blog in case, i already apply this.. hahahaha :))

    OMG, in love wif you more and more darl!

  27. BWAHAHAHA ! Well, more like selling the bodies than blogging :X
    Oh btw, I loveeee your toenails colours! I paint mine rainbow colours too. During xmas. BWAHAHA! :P but couldn’t find the pastel types :P:P

  28. lol, nice one kenwooi! Too bad i don’t have boobs…don’t know much about make up…and don’t have a pretty face(juz kidding) and,yes, i do like ur photos…how u paint ur nails,and the toilei bowl, Good One!

  29. Hi Ken, chanced upon your blog and .. had a good laugh! NOT all female bloggers are like that. Haha ok i admit i am guilty of #1, #2 & #5 but i agreed most important, is to be yourself. Stay real and you will find real friendships, real relationships. Interesting article! :)

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