KTM Further Improves Ladies Coach Service

KTM Further Improves Ladies Coach Service

KUALA LUMPUR: KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) further improves its first women-only coach for the commuter train service today.

ladies train coach

It has been good so far since the service started, and KTM received numerous of positive feedback from lady users.

indian lady newspaper

However, we don’t understand how could some hands be interested in her. Hmm…

Anyway, more reports have been received regarding sexual harassment – between ladies in the Ladies Coach this time. Therefore, KTM has initiated the action of adding a new special coach – specially for the ladies who are attracted to ladies, and it’s called “Lesbian Ladies’ Coach”.

lesbian train coach

KTM Bhd acting commuter services general manager Hider Yusoff said since they were able to segregate men and women, it’s also alright to differentiate true women and lesbian women.

By doing so, it will further decrease the sexual harassment cases, he continued.

ktm pink train coach

Even though the special ladies coaches are already in pink (to signify that it’s a female thing), some ignorant men continue to enter the ladies coach, and therefore another problem occurs.

In order to curb such matter, a better plan was proposed. Instead of extending advertisement contract with Bank Islam, KTM has landed a new contract with a Japanese fictional character – HELLO KITTY.

hello kitty pink train

The motive of revamping its exterior design is to impose a more significant statement that pink coaches are strictly for ladies, as Hello Kitty is well-related to feminism.

Besides that, KTM Bhd acting online publicity manager Ken Wooi also mentioned that KTM has launched another ladies-related coach as well. Since there are many transgenders and she-male visiting Kuala Lumpur, the decision was made to open up another special coach – Tranny Ladies’ Coach!

transgender train coach

Ken Wooi believes that it’s important to ensure worry-free train travel for these special women as well. They are still considered ladies although they used to be a male in the past.

Hence, KTMB has made its way to the Malaysian Book of Records by being the first public transport provider to give special privileges to transgenders.

transgender in train

The first trial run between Hat Yai Thailand and Kuala Lumpur was successful and the transgendered travelers were happy and thankful that KTM is thoughtful enough to accommodate such service.

transgender newspaper

One of the transgender traveler, Kanyagim from Thailand, said she (or he?) is very pleased to stop receiving weird stares whenever she (he?) uses the KTM. Good job KTM, she stated.

As what true Malaysians always say – Malaysia Boleh! 1Malaysia FTW!

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102 thoughts on “KTM Further Improves Ladies Coach Service

  1. If any journalist post this entry onto newspaper, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble… whole country’s agua going to hunt you. Hahaha.

    “Dodge naughty hands”… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I doubt that too.

  2. Seriously, you got me pranked! I thought it was real until you start giving the usual ‘nonsense’ stuff which are super duper funny and make me laugh…….HELLOKITTY COACH! Hahaha :D

  3. For RM 50 extra, men can enter this Women’s coach to socialise & get some numbers!!! Awsm business proposition!!!

  4. BHAHAHA.Ok ok.I dont want to be mean and laugh like maniac here cuz this is a positive improvements ,heh. Ehh is this really happening? :o Sorry ,its been awhile I use KTM :P

    ..Not? Damn . -_-“

  5. Is this really true? I’ve never seen any of these KTM coaches before! LOL, but it’ll be seriously funny if they really have ‘Hello Kitty’ coaches!

  6. Zhaaaa dou~
    KTM should improve their train speed and noise pollution leh..
    BTW, the hello kitty idea very good. Can help beautify our train!

  7. So which coach are you going to use? Oh? You’re one of those in the 2nd last pic? Can’t recognise you with your make up on! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. macha yan tak chow yan hm yan tak chow waaaahhhhhhhh. (translation from Canto ~ can stand the itch by all means if not then scratchhhhh) So FTW is terbalik what about KTM also jadi MTK. haha ~;) tQ.

  9. funny as the post is, maybe it would be good…

    the ladies won’t have to push and be pushed around by the guys when they want to enter…and it would be good for pregnant mothers because there’s no pregnant men obviously…and it should be good for elderly ladies with shopping bags who won’t have to stand up while young inconsiderate men remain seated ignoring them…

    that is, if our young professional ladies are considerate enough to give up their seats…at least something is being done rather than people just complaining and whining…


  10. our great politicians came up with such “super ideas” again…wtf!… imagine husband and wife with lets say 5 kids travelling together… and the kids are both boys and girls… now they have to on separate ways… what a nonsense… and I am wondering about the naughty hands and that woman up there too… LOL….

  11. really got coach for transgenders and lesbian? hm.. long time didn’t take KTM dd.. because they’re always LATE! anyway, this is a very nice post.. keep it up!

  12. hahahahahahhahahaha…..dun b like tat lar good move maaa then u know where to see the leng loi next time hahaahaha

  13. “However, we don’t understand how could some hands be interested in her.”
    ROLMAO! xD

    That’s cool facility! Malaysia Boleh!
    Anyway, I would like to take a ride on HK train! That’s way too cute!

    Coach for Lesbian and ah guar? But I don’t think they will admit themselves?
    nice blog!

  14. Loving your tongue-in-cheek style of addressing issues! Although ladies coach is not really such a big issue but you pointed out subtlety the issues that might arise, why stop at ladies only? Why not lesbians? Or even better trannys?

    Lol. Next who knows, racial coaches??

    Maybe not such a good idea after all.

  15. lol.. yeah.. I don’t think it’s a good idea either.. :( it’s better to increase the frequency of the train than to distinguish different coach for different gender..

  16. wow…. I can’t believe KTM would go to such extent. CUte in a way but truly necessary? But still, an eye-opener :)

  17. This is funny, at first I thought it was real, but after looking at face-pasted/photoshop-ed photo, I began to doubt bout it. Haha!

  18. I visited your blog several times as silent reader. But this time I cannot help but to comment on your post.

    Hahaha.. this is damned funny man! Full of sarcasm. I thought it was real at first.. ;p

  19. WTF…. is this even for real..

    if it is I can only shake my head in consternation as it is a step back for women and sexual rights in the country… lesbian women and “true” women indeed…

  20. This is too good my man…just what i thought wen they 1st announced the introduction of ladies coach..trust me,eventually straight ladies are gonna get bored of the ladies coach and hop back to the normal coaches…the remaining ladies in the middle coach will either be lesbos or trannys :P

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