How To Play Left 4 Dead 2: Noob Style

How To Play Left 4 Dead 2: Noob Style

In case some of you don’t know, Left 4 Dead (L4D) 2 is a famous zombie-shooting game. A team of 4 survivors is required to battle through hordes of zombies and make their way to safety.

Anyway, my 14 year old brother plays L4D2 (single player) at home and this is how he plays it.

left 4 dead 2 safe house

As the game starts, the team will be in the safe room. Then he heads to the door.

left 4 dead 2 kill

Instead of opening it and venture into the “zombieland”, he remains inside and shoots zombies through gap of the door’s metal grill.

He sees one zombie, he shoots. See another one, shoots.

After killing some zombies visible from the door, he aims his teammates.

left 4 dead 2 characters dead

He shoots the living life out of his teammates, without mercy – leaving them dead on the floor, leaving his character the sole survivor.

left 4 dead 2 zombies

Then he continues to kill the other zombies that appear at the door from inside. Game ends (without actually starting).

If such apocalypse were to happen to the world, and my brother and I are still alive together, we’ll surely…

Wait a minute… OH CRAP!!! O.o

76 thoughts on “How To Play Left 4 Dead 2: Noob Style

  1. I like your brother’s attitude. Every man for himself! XD

    I suck at this game btw. I see a Hunter coming at me I run screaming the other way while my computer AI teammates take care of it. XD

  2. Wow, interesting… I play L4D and the sequel too, but I have never thought of this. But can this really work? You mean, he doesnt have to go to the other ‘safe room’ to have the round completed? Then what if smoker comes, and with the other 3 down, he won’t be able to release himself….

    Pls tell me it was crap…. Else I will want to try to answer my above questions…

    He plays it just for fun, it’s not even a proper game. ;)

  3. I prefer to run around outside the door and triggers the alarm. Then teammate gotta cover my ass while I shout “GAOOO MENG AAAAAAAHHHHHH” at any cyber cafe.

    I do. that. every. single. time.

    My teammates love me.

  4. Bhahaha~
    For sure he won’t shoot you.
    Game is just for fun. I did play like your brother too, killing my own teammates(controlled by computer of course).

  5. That’s what I sometimes do with my friends too…we will kill each other and throw fires. It’s kinda fun to see who will be the last standing. =)

  6. wahaha.. funny la ur bro!

    u play too?

    i ve played it once.. pretty interesting.. but i kept ddying and had to rely on my teammates to come n save me..

    shy betul

  7. haha
    killing teammate? sure your brother are pro gamerz lol….
    Playing this game make my heart pump faster…damn zombie always appear anywhere….=.=”

  8. WTH?.. lol.. I played that and got fed up in the end… Sometimes I really don’t like playing online because, you get people who won’t know how to play properly.. LOL…

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