Mother’s Day Dinner at Spaghetti Sweet Tea Cafe

Mother’s Day Dinner at Spaghetti Sweet Tea Cafe

Mother’s Day was over the last weekend and instead of getting gifts for her, we brought her to a dinner.

spaghetti sweet tea cafe

8 of us dined in Spaghetti Sweet Tea Cafe (SSTC), an Italian eatery at Ipoh Garden.

It was my first time being there and it was just a simple dinner. Nothing fancy at all.

sstc wall decoration

The interior design of the cafe is pretty classy and the decorations look interesting – I’ve never seen cooking pans hanging on the wall before. They have signatures on it, probably some endorsement signatures.

Okay, atmosphere – good! But once I look into their food menu.

sstc food menu

Wah! So expensive wan… o.O

But since the table was already booked, we can’t just decide to eat somewhere else and walk off right? =/

So we took our time looking through the menu, and here are the food we ordered (and ate).

sundried tomato salad turkey ham

Started the meal by sharing a bowl of Sundried Tomato Salad with Turkey Ham – RM27. The bowl was kinda huge and luckily we didn’t order one for each.

mushroom soup

Another appetizer, Mushroom Soup – RM10. The mushroom taste is common but the texture is different from the ones we usually have in fast food restaurants (example, Pizza Hut).

Then, on to the main courses.

chicken chef choice grill

Spaghetti with Chicken Grill, the chef’s choice – RM25.

chicken parmesan tomato

Spaghetti Chicken with Parmesan Tomato – RM30. I had this, just okay lah. It tastes good but doesn’t make me go “Wah, sibeh ho chiak! Wa ai ko ji pua!“.

Okay, Hokkien lesson from It means “Wow, very delicious! I want another plate!”.

dory fish mozzarella white

Spaghetti Dory Fish with Mozzarella White sauce – RM35.

lemon spaghetti

Lemon Spaghetti – RM30. No chicken or fish, just plain spaghetti with lemon. Kinda over-priced huh?

spaghetti chicken tomato

Spaghetti Chicken with Tomato sauce – RM25.

spaghetti chicken white

Spaghetti Chicken with with White sauce – RM25 too.

spaghetti dory fish tomato

Spaghetti Dory Fish with Tomato sauce – RM30.

Okay, I bet everyone is already bored of all the repeating spaghetti photos. I can’t help it since they are dishes from a Spaghetti eatery right? =)

After that, for a quick dessert – we ended the night with a slice of Tiramisu cake. Guess how much is it?

sstc tiramisu cake

It costs RM18.

Yes, really. Just for this small piece of cake. But it does taste delicious.

Anyway, it was a good night I suppose, but it was “ruined” after we asked for the bill.

expensive bill

Wah! I guess Mother’s Day should be also called Money’s Day as well. =/

102 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Dinner at Spaghetti Sweet Tea Cafe

  1. Nahhh.. you paid RM300, at least still got change. Hahaha. I learn new things from you again today “sibeh ho chiak! Wa ai ko ji pua!”.

    Eh, how you add the watermark on your photos? and do you edit them before uploading? the photo seems yellowish..

    1. Watermark done via Photoshop. And the photos are yellowish because of the environment’s yellowish-lighting. I didn’t edit on purpose to make them look like that. =)

  2. Omg the lemon spaghetti… I look at it oso i feel sad :P

    I bet i can do a better mozarella white sauce spaghetti with less than rm5 xP

  3. Nice cooking pans. Haha~

    Probably the expensive price is because of the Italian legacy in serving spaghetti, the pride , the original taste of spaghetti , or if it facts based I would say the ingredients used[the shop import ingredient from other country,use high quality flour,etc]

  4. ehh but very bona fide looking leh all the dishes so a bit expensive oso never mind lar, money is found to spend one not to see one hahahahahahaha say it in cantonese pls

  5. Thanks for the information, Ken.. I will pass on this one! hahahhaa… so expensive!!! Is it near the pappa rich? Have you ever been to David’s Diner in Greentown? That one not bad leh… for RM29.90, u can have a very sumptuous dinner..

  6. Happy Mothers Day

    Love to eat, spaghetti? I don’t eat too much. Price? For me? Expensive. Just for one day and one time only :P
    Sometimes expensive don’t mean is good or delicious too eat. This also refer to cheap food.

    Anyway nice info for the menu.

  7. I’ll make you the Lemon Spaghetti and you pay me RM30 in return how about that. ROFL! Presentation looks good though. Oh well, it’s Mother’s Day. Better spend enough or get the cold shoulder for years. ROFL

  8. Hey bro, The Spaghetti Chicken with Parmesan Tomato looks good, good looks doesn’t always taste good, right? RM 30 for the Lemon Spaghetti is seriously over priced, the lemons must be from Madagascar or something to be so clostly. I guess better just stick to Chili’s right?

  9. walawweeeyyyy… so expensive! glup! but the food sure look so mouth-watery one… hihi… i only bought flowers n a small gift for mother’s day, hehe…

  10. Seeing the price, I don’t think I can afford it now to belanja my mom dinner for Mother’s Day. Later in the future, when I’m working I’ll definitely bring her somewhere nice. Hahaha.

    But I must say that you are one nice son, Ken :)
    Keep it up ok?

  11. Wow you wanna another plate the food must be ho ho chak. Guess nice ambience, yummy food, great company, lovely special Mother’s day should overshadow the not so nice bill$. But on the overall for 8 pax it is still OK as long as happy will do. ~;) tQ.

  12. Wah Ipoh restaurants are starting to charge like KL restaurants man! Money sucker :P Somemore the lemon spaghetti really looked plain! If I were you, I would have complained to the manager.. RM30 for plain spaghetti??

  13. Wow, so high priced, even by KL standards.
    For being such a high-ended eatery, they should at least take the trouble to have spelt “mozzarella” and “parmesan” correctly! wakaka

    Thanks for the info. Shall give this place a miss. Neways, always prefered to go for the delectabel chinese food served by Ipoh eateries. ;)

  14. i went there once before when it was still in greentown before it moved to ipoh gdn. i think the food’s really overpriced lor nothing really special also and it’s not like they’re using some exquisite ingredients of something. went there once only and that was it! no 2nd time. maria’s cafe’s set lunch’s seafood spaghetti only costs rm14 (and not forgetting it comes with a really nice desert and tea! ) boo sstc. and no i’m not paid to advertise for maria’s. :P

  15. Spaghetti Dory Fish with Mozzarella White sauce – RM35..ermmm..i love this one…but expensive maa…’s day..i like that..but its only once in a year for appreciating our mother while they still with us …mahal pun x pea..kann

  16. hahaha…if u celebrate with ur mom….no matter wats the damage of the bill…it is worth for every rm! hehehe nice dinner pics/….enjoy viewing it

  17. a slice of cake costs RM18..the most expnsv i had was ~RM15.90 lolx and tat was after conversion frm S$!

    btw, da lemon-spag was indeed “overpriced” for me

  18. Seriously… they don’t have anything other than spaghetti for main course? If I were to go with family or friends, I’ll make sure my members don’t oppose by going, “One char kuey teow, please”. Anyway, nice pics and I’m a spaghetti lover. But I don’t think I get the chance to patronize this cafe – my pocket doesn’t permit me so :(

  19. Wow! Really overpriced! And it’s not even in KL!! They have the nerve to charge such high prices!

    Actually what’s so expensive about a plate of spaghetti? We can make our own for less than RM5. Imagine the high profit margin the restaurant is making! Gosh!!

    OMG!! Plain lemon spaghetti for RM30! You must be kidding me! I wouldn’t have ordered this!!

    I think the lemon spaghetti you can nmake your own at less than RM3!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day! Happy day to your mother but not so happy to those of you who are paying. Haha!!

  20. Wah.. so expensive, i don’t want to go there..
    u go so many place around ipoh..
    Plz do more, dining place.. i luv to c ur pic

  21. walao!!

    u must be damn rich!! so exp leh.. really fine dining, but didnt expect Ipoh got such nice place to eat.

    I thot mostly in KL..

  22. I been there once and I like their Tiramisu and Lemon Spaghetti :P

    The boss initially wanted to run their restaurant in KL. They operate SSTC in Ipoh because they see Ipoh has lesser Italian restaurant compared to KL. Thus they see a good chance running them in Ipoh thus Ipoh-lang no need go down to KL for Italian fine dining.

    That’s what I know. ^^

  23. well, i think people shouldnt go to this restaurant la…seems classy and all but the spelling of the names of the cheese is wrong…so weird and ridiculous!!!

  24. aiyo, dont tell my kids mother day is money day… When they grow up then they dot want celebrate Mama day with me hehe… Anywhere, the food look great to me

  25. This is ridiculously expensive…and i guess the food doesn’t taste as good as it’s priced (well…i might be wrong) But anyway as long as mummy’s happy it’s fine

  26. A dinner at Italia Mia over at Sunway also will cost as much, if not more. But personally, I like Italia Mia more than SSTC, though the lady serving us at SSTC was very friendly. Some creations of theirs are really out of the box, the spaghetti pizza for one.
    But did not work wonders, sadly.

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