Series of Unfortunate Events in Europe

Series of Unfortunate Events in Europe

Nothing is perfect and shit happens.

That’s a true fact based on my recent trip to Europe. Let me share some of the FML (Fabulous Moment Lived) throughout the visit.

Firstly, in Leeds. I wanted to visit Harewood House on a particular day and the only way to get there is by bus.

national express bus ticket

Bought a 12.30pm ticket, reached platform at 12.29pm and bus is nowhere to be seen. Being a typical Malaysian, I assumed that the bus is late. But I was wrong, the bus already left even before 12.30pm!

One thing I’ve learned about public transportation here in UK is that they are damn punctual! FML! (Once again, it’s Fabulous Moment Lived, not Fuk My Life alright?)

Another incident happened during the visit to Disneyland Paris. After a whole day in Disneyland, we headed back to the RER station to get back to central Paris. But the RER train employees were on strike!

disneyland paris pain epice

It was Pain D’Epice (it means Epic Pain, I guess?) for my friends and I because we weren’t sure how to go back! But thankfully there’s a bus service to another train station.

paris est train retarde

I don’t know what does retardé mean, but I guess that the train to Paris Est is retarded?

Besides that, we were supposed to board an Eurostar train back to London. Despite the news about our return train was canceled, a few of us went to the Gare du Nord station to check out the situation.

eurostar disruption

Unfortunately all departures were confirmed canceled, therefore we can’t go back to London and were left stranded. Thanks to the bad weather.

Many stranded customers were there questioning the authorities.

gare du nord station paris

While I took advantage of the free Coke and little croissants given by the Eurostar workers.

eurostar free food

I guess they were trying to “tame” the rage of some customers by offering food. A not hungry man is not an angry man?

Fortunately the service resumed 2 days later, and we managed to reach London safe and sound.

eurostar ticket

All affected customers will receive monetary compensation by Eurostar, but till today I haven’t received my compensation cheque. FML! (Fabulous Moment Lived!)

Anyway, when I was back in Leeds, the weather was really cold. The whole place was like some gigantic freezer.

icy road

Just look at the walkways, all covered with smooth hardened ice! And since I didn’t have proper snow boots, I had my share of slipping and tumbling on the ice. FML!

Since the sole of my old Adidas shoes was already worn off, I decided to get a new pair of shoes.

lonsdale shoes

My brand new Londsdale shoes. Bought it for ₤20.00 (RM112.00). Kinda cheap if you consider the price pound to pound.

Next, the FML during the trip to Dublin. Woke up early in the morning, rushed to the airport and the flight was…

flight delayed dublin

…delayed! FML!

Special thanks to the bad cold weather again, but the flight operated about 45 minutes later.

ryanair plane

Took a photo of the plane before boarding. Just look at the thick fog and ice. Made me a little nervous when the plane took off you know? =/

But the flight went well and we safely landed in Dublin. Got to our booked hostel and guess what…

dublin camden place

Problems with water supply! Some main water pipes burst a few days ago I think.

So imagine this – some of us had to shower and brush teeth with bottled drinking water bought from a nearby Tesco. FML! (In case you forgot, it’s Fabulous Moment Lived)

Another one happened while I was at Liverpool.

albert dock liverpool

I took photos at Albert Dock on the 1st day. And then I took the same photos again at Albert Dock on the 4th day. Why?

Because of this! This one really FML to the max! Epic FML!

canon memory card not formatted

My memory card went crazy and the photos taken on the 1st day is gone! That’s why I repeated my steps on the 4th day, just to get back the pictures I lost. =/

The same thing happened on the 2nd day as well when I visited Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium. Really FML but luckily the pictures were recovered.

Anyway, these are more or less the major unfortunate events that happened to me during the journey. Certainly spiced up a little.

However, there’s one unfortunate (or should I say fortunate?) event that I wished it happened on the day I bid goodbye to Europe and fly back to Malaysia.

eyjafjallajokull volcano iceland

Eyjafjallajokull (how to pronouce it? Ey… Kull?) volcano, why didn’t you erupt on the day I was flying back?!

Why didn’t you? Or else I would have stayed longer in UK! ;)

59 thoughts on “Series of Unfortunate Events in Europe

  1. im sorry about the water bust in dublin…hahaha i should have know u earlier and perhaps u could stay at my place cause i did not experience any water stoppage.
    btw it is really common to get your transportation delayed or cancelled in europe :)


  2. Wah~cant believe the bus left you before the actual time of departure! Either yours or the bus driver’s watch is broken im sure lol. 2ndly bus transportation is not that punctual in uk, london maybe yes.

    Owh owh my flight was also delayed when i was going to dublin last month. Atleast ur 45 min only, mine 1hr45min. Spend 7pounds on a mushroom bread while waitig hurh.

  3. if our trains over here were delayed, do u think we got curry puff or teh tarik to cool down our hunger? :)
    aaron almost missed his train back to the airport.. if he missed that, he would miss the whole flight back to rome and missed the flight by to Malaysia.. he loves to take risk.. sigh…

  4. indeed you are very lucky ken. my friend was in one of coaches of Eurostar when it got jammed somewhere in between the journey heading back to London. :)

  5. I think your watch was slow. The buses there follow the schedule on the dot…even at the bus stops. If too early, it would wait at that bus stop for passengers…and if late, the bus driver would apologise profusely. That was 1994 – maybe now not the same anymore. Ya…I read about the Eurostar – the tunnel was flooded or something, can’t remember liao! And gosh…look at the flight delays! Same everywhere, I guess… The sign of the times!

  6. even after all that series of unfortunate events,
    at least u’ve been to the UK, but I’m still here stuck in Malaysia! heehe

    nice post bro!

  7. Hi Kenwooi,

    Are you working in Msia or still a student?

    The trip to Europe seems fun!! But your bad weather doesn’t really include the volcanic eruption right? haha..

    My friend went to Rome and was totally stranded!! All flights were cancelled! It was rather bad.

    And international conferences were canceled because the speakers couldn’t fly to Malaysia.

    I wonder if it’s the worst volcanic eruption of the decade?! hehe..

    Teddy aka BlogWanderer

  8. of so many FML, i cant accept when there is NO water!! If i m having menstrual cycle that time, how the heck i m going to flush out the bloody water..LOL!!!!

  9. Oh dear! Sounds like you had an epic time in Europe. Hopefully you and who ever you were travelling with didn’t get into any fights?

    And if it’s any help, I’m pretty sure retardé means late (or possibly delayed) because when I use to do French the teacher would make us say Je suis en retard when we entered class late.

    I’m glad I managed to leave Europe the day before all the transport was cancelled :)

  10. they’re always on strike there. especially france. and their public transport is really really punctual. unlike some country i know… XP

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