Those Old Chinese Faces on Products

Those Old Chinese Faces on Products

Recently I just realized something – some products, especially Chinese ones, have a face as its logo/trademark/whatever you call it.

black and white face

So I wondered – why the black and white face?

mo far kor

Even the yummy Mo Far Kor has a face on its case. To be honest, the faces look like those dead people on the obituary section.

saw hong choon oil

The manufacturers must be thinking: “Ah gong, since you’re dead, I’m gonna use your face on my products. You will be always remembered!”.

How thoughtful, but I find it quite awkward and weird.

windy oil

I was told that one of the reasons of including the face is that the customers will remember and recognize the item easily. Customers address the Windy Oil as “Ah poh yao” which means “Grandma oil”.

Seems convenient right? They even came up with a “younger” version of the medicated oil.

ban leng medicated oil

They call this boy the grandma Windy’s grandson – looking blue-ish and dead.

siangpure oil

And Siangpure Oil’s face looking as strict as Singapore.

Anyway, usually middle-aged people and old timer buy and use the same brand because they trust the products. But what about the youngsters?

Therefore, I’ve came up with my own modifications of these items. Definitely can remember easily.

hulk oil

Saw Hong Choon skin ointment (I wonder why the name in the first place) should be replaced with the Hulk’s face. Since it’s for fungal infections, the Hulk (which is green) is totally suitable.

spiderman oil

Besides that, people will remember Spiderman better than that old strict uncle. Spidey is much cooler too!

ip man oil

With so much hype about Ip Man, I think his face should replace the old grandma face. Renaming it to “Ip Man Oil” will be so much appropriate too.

I think Donnie Yen will use the medicated oil after every fighting scene.

bruce lee medicated oil

And instead of the bubbly fat kid as the grandson – he should be replaced with Bruce Lee, since Bruce is Ip Man’s student. Hee-yah!

Oh yeah, besides all these products, there’s also the famous hair shampoo Bawang.

bawang hair care

The uncle in the logo is so not suitable for the product – why is an almost bald uncle used to represent the hair care shampoo?

And also, why the name “Bawang”? Onion? What is the relevance? I have no clue…

Therefore, I propose a modification!

bawooi hair care

Change to my face (coz got more hair than that man) and rename it to Bawooi (which I have no idea why)!

Seconder please!

90 thoughts on “Those Old Chinese Faces on Products


    spiderman oil? lol he won’t stick to walls after using it would he?

    the bawang/bawooi shampoo… i can only see “mengurangkan rambut den…” in negeri sembilan that means “reduces my hair”!

  2. Yeah some of them are effective, but nowadays have many fake oilment. can put my dog’s face for the oil, heard dog’s saliva is good disinfection liquid.

  3. Totally speechless but I can’t stop laughing.
    Only with putting their faces on it you can be sure that you are buying the real thingy not the fake one. Haha..

  4. Haha old habits die hard since ‘old’ people cannot change their habits to recognise new faces better to stick to the black & white pix else the old folks thought company ‘chap lap’ already. If all follow your new branding certainly run into trouble selling.. Love your creativity they are great job man..cheeers.

  5. founder ma.. hahahhaa.. must remember them by, chinese are chinese, very filial one.. now i wonder why ang mo never put their face there on every cosmetic or drug they invented.. :)

    btw, one glimpse on that one looks like William Hung la… guess which one..

  6. Creative idea! It might work and sales would be much better (I guess) since younger generation would be attracted to the items.

  7. got to make the right pose for the labels bro. side angle a bit, look a little up as if you saw a pair of underwear flying in front of you. then you’ll get the perfect pose + slight frown.

  8. few years back, there was this square-box face powder with an amoi face on it which my mom always bought…why don’t you put ur own face on it…that will be very funny…hahaha

  9. wahahhaa.. where do uget all these corny ideas from man.. =p

    and it’s true about the hairline receding uncle used as the front logo.. never really realised about pictures in front of products til u mentioned it..

  10. yalol yalo~~~ old folks are always like tat ler..they will buy those ointment with the “dead” pics on it!
    btw, love those amendment u have done!!

  11. Hey kenwooi. (: thanks for the visit to my blog–I’ve been following yours for a while so to have you even click the link to my page is awefrigginsome. (:

  12. Wow…i miss the “Mui Fa Kor” packaging so much :P Hihihi…but hor, my colleagues told me…”BAWANG” Shampoo is really good, shall give it a try one day~

  13. ur such a creative person mannn… i tot bawang is a chinese word? isn’t it? but still sound funny. Imagine like ur are using a product from onion – bawang merah – pedih mata oooo…

  14. Oh man! This is so funny. Well, in actual fact I am a big fan of Yuyee Oil. Smells soooooooo good and some..uhmmm…wind would be release soon after you rub it on your tummy. :)

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