Reasons Why England Didn’t Win World Cup 2010

Reasons Why England Didn’t Win World Cup 2010

So our all-time favourite England has been knocked out from the South Africa World Cup 2010 by Germany.

england stress ball

Just by looking at my Twitter feed, obtaining live results and news regarding the most anticipated match is convenient – since I believe that most of Malaysians are a fan of the England team.

Alright, besides all the normal technical reasons on why England can’t win the World Cup on sports websites, I’ve did my mini research on other possible reasons why England crashed out.


1) The England manager, Fabio Capello, is an Italian.

england manager fabio capello

It’s possible that Capello felt disheartened that his home-country, Italy, has exited the World Cup in the group stages itself. Therefore, he has lost the touch in guiding England to glory.

In fact, the top 3 England coaching staffs are Italians!

england coaching staff

So they might also felt bad after guiding Italy’s rival, England, through the group stages.

2) The reward of winning the World Cup is not as lucrative as the England players’ salary at club-level.

england world cup 2010 team photo

According to, each English player would receive a bonus of €475,000 (₤391,000) if they bring back the prestigious World Cup to England.

But England’s top striker, Wanye Rooney for example, was offered a new £150,000-a-week contract by Manchester United before he sets off for the World Cup. As a result, Rooney can earn back the bonus in about 3 weeks!

england wayne rooney

Besides Rooney, I believe the other top players in England can earn back the lost bonus easily.

england frank lampard

Honestly, they’re good in endorsing product, increasing their value and income through advertorial assignments and making money with football.

3) The English players are too close, lovely and intimate with each other. Hence, not manly enough for football combat.

england frank lampard john terry

This is an image of John Terry and Frank Lampard during a practice session. It looks kinda… awkward to me. =/

england john terry david james

John Terry and David James in another awkward position during a recent match in the World Cup.

4) David Beckham wasn’t playing for England.

It was rather unfortunate that Beckham was injured and wasn’t able to play.

england david beckham

While some fans may be sad that his expertise wasn’t utilized by England, many other fans (especially the female community, and some male as well) are sad that Mr. Handsome didn’t play.

Handsome always win right?

5) The goal line at Germany’s goal wasn’t drawn properly.

Frank Lampard of England managed to get the ball pass the goal line but unfortunately the linesman didn’t allow the goal. Or… the linesman was alert and saw where the ball went, but…

england goal disallowed

The ball didn’t cross the line = no goal!

Basically, FIFA’s stubbornness to embrace technology is damaging the game!

germany goalkeeper manuel neuer

But German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer believed Germany will eventually win the match even if he didn’t fool the referee.

Oh well… Better luck next time England.

90 thoughts on “Reasons Why England Didn’t Win World Cup 2010

  1. Wah!! Merryn so fast!!! I’m 2nd only!! : (

    haha! These are good reasons!! Or excuses. LOL!

    Ha! Luckily Mr Handsome didn’t play if not England still lost and he would partly be blamed for it too!

  2. i wonder why they dont wait for the replay before making decision. I mean , what is the purpose of the cameras then other than checking this kind of goal or not problems.

    as usual. u got me there in point no3. LOL

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! cant stop laughing la wehh ! where did u get the idea?? hahahaha

    i think eng fans can kill the ref & the linesman too haha

  4. ehhh u think Beckham injury was fake and this is a manipulated match? u know lar ball gamble maaa =..= hahahhaa i watched too many conspiracy movies liao

  5. Kinda agree with your point as professionals they get paid handsomely and would not “risk” hurting themselves with broken ankle or arm to go all out which may jeopardize their rice bowl so better play safe and steady. Country or rice bowl$$$ its your choice. Great thoughts Kenwooi.

  6. HAHA nice post. very funny, especially the part bout the goal-line not being drawn properly. And yeah david beckham still looks good. But in all honesty i was supporting Germany that night, although I did feel a bit sad for England, cuz I still like them. Well ultimately, it’s GO SPAIN!!! =)

  7. Hahaha ~ Well said … well said . But i’m still unhappy with the 2nd Goal for England which turned out to be a no goal for them . I think it was this that affected their playing for the 2nd half of the game =(

  8. I needed England to win.. wonder if my examiners will be too emotional to mark my exam scripts now.. hmmm……. this year is the worst for England!!

  9. I watched that game too although i ain’t a football lover. But Germany really played so well. Better luck next time then for England :p

  10. The terry and lampard picture was coincidentally taken at a certain angle which make it seem like the two of them are adjoined. But actually if you noticed their feet, they’re very much apart lol.

    Btw, since the England FA hired Fabio Capello as the manager for the national side, Capello brought along his own team to help him, just like any other boss who brings in people he can trust and can get along with to do a particular job. It’s got nothing to do with feeling bad for Italy etc IMO.

    As for the salaries, I don’t think it’s fair to say they don’t mind losing due to low bonuses on offer compared to their club salaries. Playing for your country is not about money, it’s about the pride, honour, and the chance to represent your country at the world stage. Eg: Messi and Tevez earn much more at their respective clubs, but why are they still giving their all and risk being injured? To fight for their country and make their country proud of course! Same goes for Kaka, Villa and every other footballer.

    England lost to a better team and bad referee-ing. Simple as that.

  11. Well… the England players are overpaid and over-rated… Even their wives and girlfriends are sooo glamorous… England will never ever win the World Cup for a long long time… Sorry folks hehehe.. Vuva Brasill

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