A Night-Stay at Hotel Nikko

A Night-Stay at Hotel Nikko

If you’re following my Twitter all along, you would’ve known that I was in Kuala Lumpur last week. Well, firstly to attend Shell Recruitment Day (SRD) and then INTI Ball 2010 at Crowne Plaza.

The thing is, Shell was generous to provide me a one night-stay at this 5-star luxury hotel located at Jalan Ampang, which is just steps away from Petronas Twin Towers, one of the world’s tallest buildings.

hotel nikko kuala lumpur

Hotel Nikko!

hotel nikko room card

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much at first, but once I opened my room door.

hotel nikko room

I kinda went “Wowwww!” in my mind. Just look at the room! So spacious, and just for me – alone!

hotel nikko king size bed

The bed is so huge, can fit like 4 people. Or 2 really fat people?

Anyway, if I’m not wrong, this is actually a Deluxe Room with King Size Bed. The bed doesn’t look like a King Size to me, more of an Army Size.

hotel nikko work table

There’s a work area with Internet connection provided. Must be for those rich business man to sit down and count money.

Oh, the Macbook isn’t provided ya. That’s mine actually. =)

hotel nikko television

A television provided as well. But I didn’t turn it on at all.

hotel nikko long chair

At one corner, there’s a long chair. Probably for those rich CEOs to sit down and think of money.

hotel nikko view

Here’s another view of the room. Really spacious right?

And when a SRD candidate dude (me) is all alone in the room, with not much entertainment – what can he possibly do to have fun?

hotel nikko busy

Sitting on the bed, so soft and comfortable. With no out around to disturb him. The only thing he could think of is none other than…

Okay hold on, before you dirty-minded peeps start to get wild…

hotel nikko shell saban case study

It’s just reading the Shell Saban case study for tomorrow’s assessment!

What were you thinking? Tsk… tsk… Naughty, naughty!

By the way, in case you were wondering whether I was successful during my SRD or not – the answer is no, I wasn’t successful. =(

hotel nikko light control

Anyway, this is the light controller + dimmer + alarm clock beside the bed. I set the alarm at 5am the next morning but it wasn’t of much help since I woke up earlier than that.

Next, the toilet.

hotel nikko toilet mirror

Just look at that super large mirror! Totally perfect for the ladies to camwhore right?

hotel nikko bath tub

The bath tub.

hotel nikko shower cubicle

And another cubicle to shower.

But why got 2 places to shower wan? Maybe for those rich entrepreneurs to shower at the bath tub and his wife/girlfriend showering at the cubicle?

hotel nikko weighing machine

A weighing machine is available as well. Totally cool for the ladies, and some men too.

hotel nikko toilet bowl

This toilet bowl has a unique feature which I’ve never encountered before. Definitely because I’m not rich enough to afford such a hotel room.

hotel nikko toilet bowl function

For your information, there are 2 triggers at the side of the seat. When you turn the trigger, something automatically moves out and starts spraying water out!

hotel nikko toilet bowl spray

One is definitely for the asshole, while the other one is for.. err.. the front part lah.

So cool eh. It makes sure you’re totally clean after doing your business.

hotel nikko nais toilet bowl

No wonder it’s called “Nais”!

hotel nikko safety box

Besides that, there’s a safety box in the room. Certainly for the rich managers to store their money.

hotel nikko fridge

They have beverages in the refrigerator as well but I didn’t take any. For sure can’t afford the extra charges.

And since it was time for dinner and I was pretty hungry, I checked on the menu because I was kinda lazy to walk out.

hotel nikko food menu

But after looking at the menu… really expensive lah! Can’t imagine what that RM270 Live Lobster would be like. =/

Well, that’s all for now about Hotel Nikko. An expensive place to stay (the room actually costs RM552 a night!) but fortunately I didn’t have to pay for it.

hotel nikko sleeping

So yeah, that’s me “sleeping” on the bed – with so much more space!

61 thoughts on “A Night-Stay at Hotel Nikko

  1. I’m FIRST!!!

    Yes I was following you on Twitter haha! Wow! The bed so huge – what a waste just for one person! LOL!

    No Mac book? Awww….that’s a dissappointment! LOL!

    Wah! Nice hotel! I like the bathroom! Shower cubicle and high tech toilet! Haha! And definitely the bed : )

  2. wow you’re one lucky guy having to stay in such a nice hotel for free! imagine your life AFTER working with Shell. more nice hotels babbeh!

  3. I really thought that macbook is provided when i saw that picture. Lol.. Btw that symbols at the triggers of the toilet bowl are funny lah.. Hahaha

  4. Wow! Real high class that hotel… That’s the one across the road from Ampang Park, right? Walking distance to KLCC… You’re working for SHELL? Oooooo….big money!!! All the best to you… Where will you be based? Sarawak? :)

  5. yea.. SHELL provides best service… even for the trainee.. my friend only go for internship, SHELL provide him accdm – hotel room which is like apartment ! @.@ something called suite ? haha

  6. I get to stay there last year..it was bloody expensive but well it’s sponsored..but some things from there are ridiculously expensive…in comparison to hotels from developed country..

  7. Nikko is alright, but not a place I’d like to spend a night.. Crowne Plaza would have been a better choice :)

    Greetings from Amsterdam

  8. There’s two places to shower because in Japan, you shower before entering the bath tub to soak and relax yourself. The reason for showering before entering the bath tub is because everyone in the family is going to be soaking in the same water. ><

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