INTI Ball 2010: The Venetian Masquerade

INTI Ball 2010: The Venetian Masquerade

So I attended another INTI Ball, organized by INTI International University’s 14th INTIMA Student Council, for the 5th time consecutively.

crowne plaza mutiara kuala lumpur

It was held at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur. Quite nearby to the Pavilion.

Take note, I’m no longer a student in INTI alright?

ballroom lobby

This is the lobby, by the way.

On the way to the ballroom, we were requested to pick a card from a box, and the info on it determines our “blind date” for the night! Cool…

blind date box

But you all know lah, I’m a very shy person. So I didn’t go look for the mysterious girl. Damn, sure wasted if she was a hot chick!

Okay enough with the mysterious girl. Let’s move on.

inti ball 2010 backdrop

The theme for this year’s INTI Ball is “The Venetian Masquerade”. Sounds so classy and sophisticated huh?

table number 18

Anyway, my table was Table 18. Nice number right? But unfortunately it was situated at the side of the hall.

table arrangement

The nice thing about the table is that everyone gets a glass of orange juice and plain water. Although orange is my favourite but I never drank even a sip that night.

inti ball tickets

My blind date card on the left and the ticket on the right.

inti ball dancing

The event started off with some dances by the committee members.

ballroom screen

Even though we were seated quite behind, we didn’t miss out any activities happening in front. Thanks to the screens.

inti ball booklet

The booklet for the night. Unfortunately each table only has 2 of it. Back then, we used to give each participant one.

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering – I went with some of my Student Council comrades from the 12th INTIMA term.


Here’s a picture of us with some of the INTI’s top management personnel.

It was fun as we get to catch up, make fun of each other, talk nonsense and share gossips, as always.


There were challenges for the Beau Monsieur and Belle Madame titles (or simply known as Prom King and Prom Queen) but it wasn’t that interesting.

After a while, dinner was served – buffet style.


The set of food looks really good. But very, very cheesy.

plate food

Just look at the thick sauces. One plate was pretty filling for me.


Then some light desserts to end the dinner session.

After that, the performance session for the night commenced.

small choir group

Firstly was the INTI All Stars – a small choir group.

band performance

After that, it was No House Rules. Their performance was the entertaining one. The vocalist, Calvin Chung, was pretty good in moving the crowd.

ladies dancing on dance floor

He got some to shake their bodies on the dance floor.

And when the band sang their singles, Kuala Lumpur Blues…

kl band

More people came out to dance.

group dancing

I didn’t dance though. Shy lah!


Then the last performance was a song sang by Miss Claudine Egbert.

Right before the closing ceremony, the dance floor was opened for anyone to dance.

open dance floor

Sorry for the blur photo, but it seems that the dance floor has become a railway station – everyone was doing the “choo-choo train” move. =/

Oh yeah, did you realize that the participants must wear a proper themed mask throughout the event?

face masks

To be honest, I didn’t get any mask for the event. I went there mask-less! I’m so rebellious right? =P

But I tried some of the masks owned by my friends.

phantom of the opera

The Phantom of the Not nice lah.

peacock mask

The peacock mask. Do I look beautiful with it?

But the most uncomfortable thing about wearing a mask is that I can’t wear my spectacles and therefore I won’t be able to see things clearly.

close up mask

Even if I do, I’ll look like a weirdo!

So I got an idea! The next time I attend such an event, I’ll certainly get my secret mask that will improve my vision without glasses.

The truth is…


iron man head

I am Iron Man.

Overall, it was a simple INTI Ball. Quick performances, smaller crowd, simple agenda and no freebies. We all went off pretty much empty-handed.

But definitely got well-dressed ladies. *cough!*

photo with iron man

Anyway, thanks to this group of people for making the night interesting.

But, now I regret for not showing up as Iron Man, or else I would have gotten myself lots of blind dates with the ladies!

74 thoughts on “INTI Ball 2010: The Venetian Masquerade

  1. eih.. last year Inti Night at Sabah here the theme also masquerade one. :) But this year was “Walk Of Fame” haha. =D
    Me no longer Inti student also attended. :)

  2. wow seemed like a lot of fun! and you guys so loyal lah, graduateed dy till come back! haha i never attended inti ball though, i’m saving the fun for my final year :)

  3. hahhaahahahah ok ok make the ironman one next time…btw not student still can join the party one ar….alumni?

  4. So nice…so posh! Would love to go to a function like this…but why were the guys dancing with the guys and the girls with the girls? Eyew……..

  5. the Iron Man mask would hv made ur head look bigger la Ken. You gotta wear the whole outfit to match it perfectly. For sure all the ladies would come to take pic with u. LOL!

  6. Haaa… The ironman mask’s reali kinda cool lor… Haaaa… And then I tot the idea abt the blond date thingy seems like quite interesting lidat lo… Lol

  7. Hey, you should have gone there as Iron Man! Aiya, wasted opportunity! LOL!

    Didn’t dance at all? Why so shy? And didn’t go find your blind date? Where’s the fun? : )

    Yikes! The peacock mask don’t suit you! And yes, without wearing glasses, you can’t even see clearly! Haha

    Eh, that last photo why nobody wearing mask except you? If I go, sure wear panda mask LOL!!

  8. it never crossed ur mind to wear the iron man mask to the ball? if u do so then u don’t have to wear the glasses over the masquerade mask … =)

  9. haha love the iron mask one! I miss social gatherings like this wherein you really have to dress.

    Were you at the nuffnang blog awards last year?

  10. 18 is my number.. LOL.. yayyy.. cool idea with the blind date thing.. and at least it started off with dances..

    most college proms these days are just about the food.. I don’t even know why is it called a prom when there’s no booze.. hmm… well.. at least you had fun.. :D

  11. Thanks to the screens?

    You must give thanks to the videographers; my brother, Rodney Yeo and myself.

    This is our first event with our newly purchase HD professional video cameras.

    Unfortunately, we were short of helpers. So, the video switcher was set to auto (5 seconds).

    I am sponsoring the next two INTI students’ events.
    O’Night 2010 (7 July 2010) and INTIBall 2010 “Star Struck” 2010″ (8 July 2010).

    Yeah, I can’t wear any mask too because of my glasses.

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