Goodbye Pudu Jail, Hello Kilmainham Gaol

Goodbye Pudu Jail, Hello Kilmainham Gaol

A few days ago, the walls of Pudu Jail, one of the historic landmarks in Malaysia, was demolished in order to accommodate the widening of the busy road that fronts it.

At a young 115 years old, the jail has finally given way to future developments.

Now I’ve never been into the Pudu Jail, but it kinda relates to a jail I’ve visited when I was in Dublin – The Kilmainham Gaol.

dublin kilmainham gaol

For your information, “Gaol” is actually pronounced as “Jail”.

Kilmainham Gaol is known for being one of the biggest unoccupied jails in Ireland.

dublin kilmainham gaol ticket

Before we were brought on a guided tour, we were directed to the museum first.

dublin kilmainham gaol museum

Various documents, tools and objects were kept properly in the gallery, providing us better insight on what has happened throughout the centuries.

dublin kilmainham gaol poster

They even have creatively made posters back then. Take the right road.

Besides that, names of former prisoners were shown on a television screen together with their offenses.

dublin kilmainham gaol crime

dublin kilmainham gaol offense

Yeah, in possession of stolen bread and hen. What petty crimes but according to the tour guide, the people of Dublin were too poor, that they purposely commit the simplest crime just to get jailed – and get free food.

After a while, the tour around the prison started.

dublin kilmainham gaol walls

The jail’s operations started in 1796 when it opened until 1924 when it closed. That’s more than 200 years old and the structure is still well-preserved.

dublin kilmainham gaol inner walls

This is probably the place where most of the prisoners are executed – hidden behind the walls and away from any public attention.

However, some famous prisoners were executed publicly – on the balcony located in front of the main entrance.

dublin kilmainham gaol balcony

The main purpose of such publicity is to strike fear into the people and to enforce the rule where rebellions were strictly prohibited.

After that, we were brought into the vicinity to see how the prisoners lived.

dublin kilmainham gaol cell door

This is one of the rusty metal cell doors.

dublin kilmainham gaol walkway

Being inside the building gives the visitors a dramatic and realistic insight into what it was like to have been confined and punished.

dublin kilmainham gaol prison

It also offers a detailed insight into some of the most profound, disturbing and inspirational occasions of Irish history.

dublin kilmainham gaol main

Besides the cell rooms located along the pathways, there are more in this area.

dublin kilmainham gaol tour guide

Oh by the way, this man was our tour guide. He was really informative and he also provided us with various news regarding the Kilmainham Goal as well as the Irish history.

dublin kilmainham gaol center

This area still look good because it was taken care well by the people who wants to keep and preserve the uniqueness and value of this heritage site. Now it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Dublin.

dublin kilmainham gaol tunnel

There are tunnels and all sorts of hidden routes along the way but we weren’t shown around, for obvious reasons.

dublin kilmainham gaol switches

The old switches meet the new ones.

Anyway, I can’t imagine myself living in such a place. Just look at how a particular prison cell is like.

dublin kilmainham gaol cell room

The condition of the cell and its furniture is totally unbearable! How to sleep lah? =/

dublin kilmainham gaol rooms

There are many cells located within this round-shaped prison area. Any sound made from any inmates can be heard clearly from all corners of the vicinity.

And as I was walking around, looking through the tiny hole on every door – I saw this dude!

dublin kilmainham gaol inmate

Why is this young man still locked up in the prison cell? How come so familiar wan?

After a few seconds of being puzzled, I soon found out his crime.

dublin kilmainham gaol guilt

Oh dear, so I guess the rumour is true – Being handsome is a crime!

58 thoughts on “Goodbye Pudu Jail, Hello Kilmainham Gaol

  1. ooppss..from your post that I only got to knw that Pudu Jail is going to be demolished!! adui..what a waste..never been to there lo..always sees it from the monorail..anyway, funny that u said being handsome is always a crime..muahaha..thats really pity!!

  2. Urgh. I still dont understand and be able to accept the decision to demolish Pudu Jail! =(

    It so nostalgic and historical! I always wish Pudu Jail will be renovated and turn into museum / tourist attraction place whatsoever. Not demolish!

    P/s: Only one week. Aiyoo. Not too handsome lah tu. IF VERY HANDSOME. Should get at least one month. Hehe. JK. :D

  3. lol for the last picture.. but it’s really sad that pudu jail is gone.. it’s part of history.. could have just preserved it and allow prison tours..

  4. hah! Always witty as ever. I really thought you were gonna slam the government for demolishing Pudu Jail. BTW, this Kilmainhan Gaol looks exactly like the movie set for The Green Mile.

  5. haha. jailed for being handsome? nice one.

    BTW, i really wish the gov turn Pudu Jail into something like Kilmainham Goal instead of demolishing it. what a waste of art/history.

  6. It was just a political will problem. If M’sian gov wanted to preserve the jail and turn it into a tourist attraction, they would have done it already by now.

    Folks in Melbourne, try visiting Old Melbourne Gaol!

  7. My parents don’t allowed me to visit Pudu Jail when I was young. When I grown up, I didn’t visit even once because I’m scared of ghosts. I know it sounds so lame. =[ It’s regrettable. I should go before the demolition.

  8. Ireland!! amazing photos. oh yeah actually theres a image “comment here” above of my post. I m quite stressed with the html code lately cause Im not pretty good with it :P

    thanks for droppin’ by XDD

  9. it’s so sad that some people said that there is no need to announce pudu jail as historical landmark coz theres nothing to be proud of.

    so, they are proud la kita pernah dijajah oleh portugis dulu? i really dont understand la.

    being handsome is a very serious crime! 1 week only the sentence meh?

    1. brad, i agree with u….’we’ just proud of the Stadhuys, a famosa etc. even prouder when both were announced as ‘tapak warisan dunia’ (if im not mistaken)…. n 4 how many years the ‘fact’ of invasion were put into our history subject. we are sooo pollutedd!!

  10. I’ve always wanted to have a look in jail, i bet it will be fun but a tad creepy :3 LOL they actually punish people for just stealing a hen or bread HAHAH and yes being handsome is a crime. Love the last part, so funny!

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