15 Things You Learn from Left 4 Dead

15 Things You Learn from Left 4 Dead

I’ve been playing the Left 4 Dead series since it was first released. Really enjoyed the game-play and I bet there are many L4D gamers out there.

left 4 dead wallpaper

Anyway, in case this apocalypse really happen to the world, these are some things gamers (that includes noob L4D gamers) will learn from this game. Here are 15.


1) There will be weapons and guns lying out of nowhere.

left 4 dead weapons guns

While you move around trying to survive, chances are you will stumble upon guns. Eventually it’ll be used to shoot the bloody zombies.

2) Supplies of ammunition are available, always.

left 4 dead ammo

Once again, don’t be surprised if you see bullets lying down on the floor. Just pick them up, reload your gun and continue shooting the bloody zombies.

3) There are safe rooms where no zombies can never enter.

left 4 dead safe house

That’s the only place you can avoid the zombies as they can’t enter the room, surprisingly. Also, guns and bullets will be available. Don’t worry.

4) Health packs are everywhere.

left 4 dead health packs

In an event of you getting injured, fret not. Health packs will surely be around somewhere, if you look carefully. Probably the doctors predicted such apocalypse is bound to happen.

5) Health pills are everywhere as well.

left 4 dead pills

Just like the health packs, if you look carefully you’ll find them.

6) Hand gun’s bullet will never finish.

left 4 dead hand gun

No matter how many times you shoot with your hand gun, the bullets will never finish. It must have been god-sent.

7) If you smoke, you’ll turn into a Smoker.

left 4 dead smoker pull

You’ll be all smoky and probably it applies to people with long tongue as well.

8) If you’re an athlete, you’ll be a Hunter.

left 4 dead hunter gay

Err.. it applies to gays with good running ability too, I guess.

9) If you’re an obese person, you’ll be the fatty Boomer.

left 4 dead  male

This is the male version.

left 4 dead boomer female

And this is the female version of Boomer. Gross huh?

10) If you like to spit, you’ll be a Spitter.

left 4 dead spitter

Once you’re a zombie Spitter, you spit out mutated stomach acid instead of normal human saliva.

11) If you like to charge and bang people, you’ll become a Charger.

left 4 dead charger

However, one of your hands might turn larger than the other one. I don’t know why.

12) If you like to ride a horse, or even human, being the Jockey is suitable for you.

left 4 dead jockey

You’ll jump onto the survivors, ride them like a horse and direct them to your infected friends.

13) If you’re an emo girl, chances are high that you’ll be a Witch.

left 4 dead witch emo

Witches cry all the time and when they’re startled, they will turn ferocious and starts attacking.

left 4 dead emo

See, emo-ness before and after. Almost the same lah. Extra shiny eyes.

14) If you’re a body-builder, you’ll end up as a Tank.

left 4 dead tank pose

So muscular and poser.

15) Even though the ladies are infected, they still look attractive in a way.

left 4 dead zombie pose

Look at this zombie lady trying to seduce me but I eventually shot her damn head! Ugly face, but body.. hmm.. still sexy eh? =P

But the most attractive one is still the emo witch.

left 4 dead witch beautiful

Wah, super sexy pose before she dies. So chio!


So that’s all the things we can possibly learn by playing Left 4 Dead. Some of you might say that it’s bullshit because the game is just for fun, but in my defense – this is blog entry is just for fun too okay?

Anyway, long live Left 4 Dead! =)

P/S: Cheats were used to obtain these screen shots. In real life, do not come too close to the zombies. Shoot them before they come near you!

67 thoughts on “15 Things You Learn from Left 4 Dead

  1. In an event of you getting injured, fret not.

    ‘Fret’ supposed to be spelled ‘fear’ right?

    Haha~ the last screenshot..where did you aim?

  2. Ugh, Boomers look gross. My favorite would be the Spitter, I mean, look at the neck of that thing! Awesomeness.

    I have a question, what if you’re an obese smoker who got emo hairdo and likes to spit as well as to ride a horse? What would you turn into if you get affected? Probably the scariest, most badass looking zombie among all these zombies, huh?

  3. Yeah, agree. Really nice game. The teamwork element is awsm. Should have a meetup of your blog visitors and we L4D.. I sure onz one :)

  4. yo..how gory! but very exciting and thrilling.. do u think auntie claire here can “tahan” the excitement or not? i love watching zombies show and sometimes i dream of how to escape from them.. :p

  5. Those are from L4D2 XP oye! you didn’t explain about the kewl characters man XD

    use shotgun to kill witch XD kekekekek and if they come near before you can shoot em shove em away bah XD

  6. hmm.. its been so long i never appear myself on blog haha … anyway Nice post of this games HAHAHA …. yea i love the last SS … the Witch ~~ so rocks !! =D

  7. very nice graphic ler…now i hardly play computer games already….maybe i would play back sim city or championship manager….keekeke

  8. Wow…Kenwooi, this game seems very violant-lah. Look at the pictures, i already felt scared.

    Emo witch memang sexy when she dies…i agreed :P

  9. Hey Ken~
    I dont play L4D but i loved watching people play it. At times when i feel really stressful, i would ask my bf to play it before i go to bed. It’s really an enjoyment for me to see the characters and also the zombies running towards the survivors.

    It has been quite long since i watched my bf play this game. This weekend gotta persuade him to play for me to watch again =)

  10. I like this game also because i get the chance to play as zombine unlike other FPS game where it always play as human. Sometime using different methods to kill opponents is more fun rather than always using guns. haha nice game

  11. lol… yeah.. it’s a very nice game.. :) l4d2 was much better.. the boomer is my favourite… can just shoot his tummy.. he can hide but he cant hide his tummy from me.. LOL.. hate jockey the most.. hunter is fun when you go round and round and round with him.. lol.. smoker is irritating when he ‘slurps’ you from the back. :(

  12. how come you will feel that she stil sexy if you think her face looks ugly?is really disgusting ok~~cant believe you are playing this game~lol~

  13. uhhh, actually zombies can enter the safe room unless if u close the door. =) i mean at the end of the scenario whereby u found another safe room somewhere lol

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