My First Online Interview

My First Online Interview

A few weeks ago, fellow blogger Tiffany from emailed me and requested for an online interview for her featured blogger section.

I thought it’s really a cool idea and I agreed. So out of the 12 questions asked, here are my favourites.


1) Have you ever been recognized on the streets for your blog?

Nope. But I was spotted once at my workplace in Ipoh. I’m not a celebrity lah, no one will recognize me.

Even some of my readers don’t recognize me…

aidi safuan


Yeah, Alex! Great!

2) Any particular blogger that you look up to?

Kenny Sia – I used to admire his wittiness entries in the past, no longer anymore. But he’s still a great guy.

kenny sia

I’m sure many others look up to Kenny also right?

3) Do your parents read your blog? If so, what do they think about it?

One of them does – my mum. Well, she’s fine with it and enjoys reading my entries as well. Cool mum! =)

mum punish

Okay.. err.. most of the time!

4) Your posts almost always seem to have a ‘hamsap’ish element to them. Are you that way in real life or is it just for blogging purposes?

It’s quite subjective to determine how “hamsap” I am in real life, but the truth is – all guys are hamsap! Actually it depends on the people around me. With close friends, I’ll crap lots of nonsense. With not-so-close friends, on the other hand, they’ll see me as a serious person?

By the way, is “hamsap” in a way related to sexy pictures?

gemma atkinson sexy

But boobs are good for men! Guys can live extra 5 years by ogling at boobs. =P

5) You have been hailed as the next Kenny Sia. What are your thoughts about that?

I don’t think I’ll ever be the next Kenny Sia, even though the genre of our blogs are almost the same – humour. He is on a whole different level and to catch up with him is sorta impossible. Nevertheless, I regard that as a compliment and I appreciate it.

Furthermore, Kenny Sia has a Big Bird while I have a Small Shy Bird.

kenny sia big bird

How to be him right?

At the end of the day, I wanna be myself – as Ken Wooi, not “The next Kenny Sia”.


To read the rest of the interview questions and also Tiffany’s thoughts on – check out her Interview with Ken Wooi blog entry.

Oh yeah, I still wonder – of all the pictures, why did she pick and upload this one onto her blog.

masturbation motivational poster

Why ah? =/

66 thoughts on “My First Online Interview

  1. Haha! This is funny! I don’t want people to recognise me on the streets so it’s OK not to be famous!

    I like that last picture too! No wonder she picked that photo! LOL!

  2. That motivational poster of yours is the first thing I remember when anyone mentions your blog, so I guess it’s appropriate that she uses that in her interview post :)

  3. Question 1…I have! Can’r remember who now…but somebody did walk up to me and ask, “Are you Suituapui?” More than one occasion, I think. LOL!!! And Question 2…What? You don’t look up to me kah? Sulk! Sulk!!!

  4. you got talent dude. No wonder you have been interview….you aspiring me to blogging =). About that picture, I stil have no clue what is that suppose to mean..maybe it’s just for joke =)

  5. Ahaha, Ken! It’s because I’m cool, see. :)

    And it really is very funny. :) Thanks for the mention, it was a pleasure interviewing you. Take careee!

  6. Well, someone from across the world recognize you ;) Let me know if you’re comming to the PHillipines yah? I will take you and your friends around the city or something.

  7. “At the end of the day, I wanna be myself – as Ken Wooi, not “The next Kenny Sia”.”

    I absolutely love this statement :D, cheers for you

  8. i think kennysia visit drop cause of his ads…too many ads and getting boring to read …miss his personal posting which is great….and of course urs can compete with kennysia liow….nice blogsite!

  9. funny bro..but pls be ur self..u got a very unique personality..believe me, and one day u ll become more than that boy Kenny..Nice entry..check also my latest Haha

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