You Know World Cup 2010 Is Here When…

You Know World Cup 2010 Is Here When…

1) Someone mentions “South Africa” and instead of thinking about the native men over there…

south african people

…running away with hammers and sticks.

And instead of thinking about the native women in Africa…

south african women

…posing for a photo with emo faces. Probably because their men are running away with hammers and sticks.

It reminds you of…

cristiano ronaldo celebrate

Cristiano Ronaldo running – without the hammer and stick of course.

And also…

sexy brazillian football fan

Female football fans supporting – without emo face but with a sexy boobs appearance obviously! (I know where you’re looking at!)

2) Mamak outlets have food named after the participating countries.

mamak roti canai menu

Whatever country in the World Cup, you’ll see it right on the World Cup special-edition menu!

mamak roti canai brazil

Translation: Dude, why Roti Canai Brazil expensive like crazy?

mamak roti canai price

Translation: Because Brazil kick ball like crazy! 5 times champion! Crazy record, crazy price!

Yeah right crazy record – more of a crazy rip-off!

3) World Cup related companies give out stress balls.

tiger world cup stress ball

Just like this one from Tiger, a famous beer company. Maybe you can squeeze it while watching the matches – to release tension.

So in case you hate a particular country – this one is Germany for example – you can crush them with your very own hand!

crush germany

Die you Germans! *no offense ya*

4) Electronic companies selling new HD TV for better World Cup watching experience.

new HD TV

super HD TV

Yeah right WTFBBQ-HD-FTW-TV. Marketing strategy at its best.

HD TV benefits

cristiano ronaldo pimple

Seriously? =/

5) Everyone wears football jerseys of World Cup countries.

nike world cup 2010 jerseys

They say it’s the passion for football. And also to promote the country they support.

But for me, I think I’ll wear the jersey of Malaysia’s football team.

malaysia football team jersey

I, as a true Malaysian, support Malaysia in becoming one of the participating countries in the near future! Vision 2020 FTW!

1Bola Sepak. 1Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh!

84 thoughts on “You Know World Cup 2010 Is Here When…

  1. Ken ..ken.. never fails to put smiles on our faces.. :p
    Pimple also can be seen.. hahhhaha.. pay 10K over for the HD TV, can see blackheads too!
    btw, check out your email pls :p

  2. hahahah, the malaysian team jersi…funny!!!! i mean it’s so yellow…

    roti canai brazil…the price super gila one. i wonder how it taste? (if it ever exist)

    the should help roti christiano ronaldo as wel.., i’ sure definately visit mamak everyday one… just to have it…

  3. Great bola fever post..btw why the last pix..(dau tup tup ngan sup sup keen toll $$$$ hm hew chap? – Cantonese) direct word for word ~ head down down, eyes wet wet, see $$$ dunno how to pick up…haha tQ

  4. World Cup fever = illegal betting. The office was abuzz with colleagues setting betting limit and printing insane amount of matches schedule at the dept colour printer!

  5. Hey… I’ve been following ur blog for a while now and u’ve been okay, but mate, don’t be one of those ignorant dickheads(don’t mind my language) who think people in africa are in your own words ” native men over there……running away with hammers and sticks” …. For God’s sake, u r malaysian, typically native to a country ur ancestors migrated to and I am sure u would have been seen as native running around with noodles and paper crafted godzilla toys screaming the time has come … (Ki nako) … And don’t even think about malaysia in a world cup, it would take so long, ur grandkids would wish u were there to see them try. Tribal crisis happens everywhere, I mean u malaysians have had ur recent share of church burnings.. Yea.. But when it happens in africa, we r native… But then again… U r one of those media driven closed minded ignorant pricks… Dude, forget what u see on TV and go see for urself, I mean, they’re hosting the freaking WORLD CUP and that’s still not enough to clear ur doubts, u should check the countries that they beat in the bid for the hosting.. U’ld wish urs was in the league !!! So mate, get of ur ignorant chinese noodle sniffing ass and go for the. WORLD CUP in south AFRICA… It would change ur life!!!

    Did I mention “NO FOCKING OFFENSE”

    And I’m not south african… I’m. AFRICAN.

    1. Hey ardhebheryour, didn’t mean to offend anyone here. I know it’s regarding your country but let’s not take this so seriously alright?

      And regarding Malaysia in the World Cup, it’s total sarcasm! Malaysians would understand that. =)

    2. WTH! y’know what? I hate people like you, stop ruining people’s lives and spamming stupid comments. He didn’t even mean to offend anything! GROW UP GETTA LIFE FUCKER. Life is too short to take things seriously!

    3. yea..I understand the feeling of the Africans..and he’s right..shouldn’t make fun of things like this..I was in South Africa for 3 months last year and I really understand how he feels and when looking at South Africa hosting the World Cup..I felt happy for’s not about taking it seriously or not…we just don’t make fun of Africans whom most of them are living a very hard life…and the other friend below..chill..he’s not spamming..and yup..try visit any African country and you will understand what he’s trying to say.. be understanding la..and biasala..Malaysia masuk World Cup? dream on la..wait till they can win the Asian Cup first..haha

  6. funny..even the mamak can think creative by sell the roti canai with name in it..anyway i will support malaysia..although malaysia cannot participate world cup now..but i believe that one day,we will.. =)

  7. malaysia 2020 FTW!!

    have u heard of “roti canai *STD” ? haha. saw one in shah alam. hillarious. it’s RM1.50 if i’m not mistaken.

    *sexually transmitted disease

  8. again, you never failed to entertain.
    this time, with world cup as the main topic.
    i may be not so into this football thing, but i can feel the heat’s coming up!!

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