How To Be Famous Blogger with Nuffnang

How To Be Famous Blogger with Nuffnang

By now I’m sure everyone knows about Nuffnang, the blog advertising community. It’s well-known as a place where people can earn some side income while blogging.

nuffnang team

Now I’ve been a registered Nuffnang user for almost 2 years but I’ve never participate much in Nuffnang activities. I only have their ad units on my blog, earn some small money and that’s all. I’m not an active Nuffnang user, more of a sleeping one.

However, I soon realize the potential of gaining a certain fame with Nuffnang. I bet many do too.

Nowadays, even celebrities in Malaysia who know shit about blogging quality become a “famous blogger” just because they blog. All thanks to Nuffnang as well.

ninie ahmad

In case you don’t know, she is Ninie Ahmad – recently featured on Nuffnang’s Project Alpha Season 2. She’s a famous celebrity yoga practitioner but is she a top blogger? Apparently, Nuffnang says yes.

Anyway, after a tiny research – I’m coming up with 10 ways to be a famous blogger with Nuffnang. This is definitely useful for bloggers who want fame, forget about getting famous Kenny Sia style or even not-so-famous Ken Wooi style.

THIS is the ULTIMATE guide to be a famous blogger in Malaysia.


1) Open a blog, register with Nuffnang and just blog whatever you want.


Just write whatever you feel like writing. Not much effort and creativity are needed. You’ll know why as you read on.

2) Once you’re associated with Nuffnang, blog everything related them.

nuffnang stats

This is‘s traffic from Nuffnang website. So little only hor?

The thing is, blog about your experience with Nuffnang, about Glitterati (Nuffnang’s Exclusive Program), about your traffic statistics from Nuffnang and anything under the sun about Nuffnang.

3) Use Innit to promote your blog entries. It’s a first step to gain some promotion before aiming for big time.

nuffnang innit

Don’t forget to ask for “Nang”s because it’ll get your submitted entries to Top 10 and more exposure and visitors can be obtained.

4) Join events and parties organized by Nuffnang.

nuffnang gatsby

In a way you’re supporting Nuffnang and you’ll definitely be supported back as well. Seize the chance to attend all the events, because you’ll be known better.

5) Join contests organized by Nuffnang.

nuffnang contests

Whenever there’s a blogging contest, take the opportunity to participate as well. If you win, you can get free movie screenings, attend in the hottest events and win stuffs!

Don’t forget to blog about it alright?

6) Get to know Nuffnang personnel.

nuffnang party

When you’re at events, I’m sure the staffs from Nuffnang will be there as well. So don’t miss the chance to mingle and gosok kasut with them. They’re are the one in-charge of Nuffnang – so the closer you are to them, the higher the chance of them acknowledging you.

7) Know more bloggers.

nuffnang bloggers

Besides knowing the Nuffnang people, getting to know other bloggers who are associated with Nuffnang will be beneficial too. You don’t have to know famous bloggers after all. The most important factor is to know more bloggers. The more the better. It’s all about networking.

Blog about them, they blog about you. Win-win situation.

8) Try to be Nuffnang Blogger of the Month.

nuffnang featured blogger

Pretty self-explanatory. And if Nuffnang selects you, you’re probably just one step away from fame. Everyone will be visiting your blog to figure out what’s so special about it but usually some will be quite disappointing.

Nuffnang will probably select you if they know you well, so don’t forget the previous points.

9) Keep on supporting Nuffnang. Tell them how much you love them.

i love nuffnang

Once you’re related to Nuffnang, just tell the whole world how much you love them – and the earnings as well. The more you confess your love to them, the more they love you too.

10) Finally be famous – all thanks to Nuffnang, and keep blogging whatever you like.

nuffnang people

You’re considered famous when Nuffnang invites you for certain events or even make you guest bloggers for Project Alpha and sharing sessions.

Even when your blog entries suck, people will still read! Readers will love you no matter what! Keep it up!


So that’s probably all. Anyone wanna add more?

Anyway, why with Nuffnang you might ask? It’s because they are the one controlling the blogosphere now. The only way to be a real famous blogger in Malaysia is to go through Nuffnang. It’s quite impossible to rely on your own effort – something which I’m currently doing.

This is a summary flow chart of the research.

become famous blogger

So if you wanna be a famous blogger with your own effort and without gosok kaki Nuffnang, you have the blog quality – good, all the best. But still, you’ll reach a certain level and go no where further because…

nuffnang rulez

Yeah, Nuffnang RULEZ! Eat that!

146 thoughts on “How To Be Famous Blogger with Nuffnang

  1. Wait, not happy the fact that my name appeared in the top 10 list and you said asking for nang then you can be top 10. By the way, I don’t ask for nang. But I do blog walking. So don’t give sweeping ideas.

  2. cooooooool…. i think i kena blacklist from nn liaoo… TT_TT….. or maybe just didn’t get lucky huhu…. some emailing error and also timing error they didnt notice…. HUHU!!!

  3. Next Featured blogger KENWOOI..hahaha..dun worry bro will back u up..will promote you gila-gila got ur own identity you should become one of the featured blogger..

  4. You blogged about them, I think your visitors will increase again. haha. but you already have lots of them! :)
    I gave up asking nangs. A very tiring process. I blog hop too, but mostly a silent one. And recently realise, why blog hop when the only thing you do is say “Hi, Good day.” but not read their post? Gave up blog hopping for no reason too. LMAO.

  5. Nice post! I like it! I am not a Nuffnang blogger. Don’t even have Nuffnang ads in my blog. Why? Don’t know. I am just not into Nuffnang : )

  6. Just only masuk Nuffnang. Getting the hang of it. But I must say, getting into Nuffnang really got me extra motivated to blog !! Hope it pays off soon :D

    Plus, Nuffnang has made me connected to all you guys ! Suddenly I have an entire list of blogs I go through daily by people I have never met ! haha (It used to be friends’ blogs only)

    But, it’s interesting cos I read stuff better bloggers (like you) write and learn from it. I enjoy this :)

  7. hello there :)

    yep, i think nuffnang really rules.
    i got a lot of visitors through innit
    also make some earnings too
    BUT there’s still a lot more to go b4 i can cashout the money.
    hahaha ;D

  8. seriously…i totally agrees with those who think NN pay for this post, well IMPOSSIBLE coz they dun even need to do so since so many famous bloggers support them…i do agree…a lot of so called famous bloggers from NN are no longer special…a lot of their blogs are not really that special also…there are many good unique bloggers out there not recognized…just coz they are not in NN..=___=

    1. yea… am the one who always looking for feature nuff’s blogger, but most of the time, it just disappointing me..

      and i think am better be the sleep nuff or else ppl will disappoint on me like i do.. haha..

  9. I don’t know much about nuffnang.. earning nuts there at the moment.. just put their ads there and that’s it.. how to travel all the way to KL to attend? well, guess it takes effort if one wants to be famous, right?
    the moral of this post is Be a Nuffnang Member, be active and you will be famous! :p

  10. sadly for me most of the events in KL but i’ll still keep blogging, meeting ppl virtually n eventually built a presence in the blogspere^^

  11. Pftt. You put me in a spot. For one I’m kinda close to NN staff in sg so yea i get to attend their events at the same time i see how NN is monopolizing the bloggersphere and they can make you and break you in a subtle way BUT the benefits are just TOO good for me to burn bridges. Yup NN hooked me and to turn away is blogging suicide.

  12. Well-said. You become an active nuffnanger and you’re already part of the business. That’s just how things work in this.

  13. I have to agree with you… Nuffnang is a LITTLE biased towards ppl who love them. I think they should give out ads or rewards based on merit instead of fame eh?

  14. Great post dude.. This is what we call u gain what u do.
    Sometime, we no need to get pay to do something that we like. If people like the company, they will do the good post about it.

    keep it up.

  15. Great! Someone already spilled out the secrets to become a true famous blogger! Hahahahaha jk..

    This is all good and true. ;)

  16. lol.. ur post on HOW TO is always interesting.. and logical.. you have the knack for it.. haha.. now i guess nuffnang is one step closer to u adi.. haha

  17. You are right that we need to get to know other bloggers. Well, get to know bloggers regardless of the company they’re attached to. If you read smashpOp you probably notice ppl of Nuffnang and Advertlets often get together – ini baru semangat muhibah!

  18. Really interesting read. I’ve only went for a few Nuffnang events two years back. Then I stopped blogging and now back again =D

  19. heya back..
    long time no visit ur blog ken..hehe..
    anyway..nice roadmap on how to become famous nuffnang bloggers..hehe

  20. But what if I wanna be famous wit paparazzi following me around? NN cannot help this one. Then I must go to Los Angeles, sleep on the streets, sing at shopping malls, act in school plays and hope someone spot me from far while I watch L.A Lakers play. Ok, wth did I just say. Anw, u got 100 over comments per entry u say u’re not famous? So humble.

  21. nuffnang definitely a good way to know more bloggers..
    if one do not wish to have anything related to ads, they can still choose to join their event and so on..
    they have a lot of freebies too~

  22. Nuffnang is cool in the event part, how many others so rajin organise such big scale events rite? but true enuf about the advertorial allocations lah… Ads on the other hand, i guess most of us got them.. only advertorial susah sikit!

  23. hahahahah!!! I like ur illustration: become famous/blogger -> nuffnang -> become blogger/famous -> become a famous blogger! *THUMBS + TOES UP*

    NUFFNANG IS COOL YO, I love their movie contests. <3

  24. hmm

    i wonder if this is a tongue in cheek post


    i am still mad at them for not selecting me for the Eclipse move passes…

    I read all 4 fucking books, and wrote a hell long of entry..

    i am starting to think, i havent gosok kasut with them like the rest of the bloggers

    ahh.. the power connections, need to have the right connections …

  25. nang actually has help the bloggers to motivate to blog more frequently….not necessary to depends on them solely….blog what you think.that is bloggers freedom compare to news paper and other media.don’t blog to please others….blog for yourself

  26. wow! thanks for this post! i’ve been blogging since 2010 and i didn’t make any huge progress so far! i wander why , but after three years i manage to scout around looking for ways to get my blog promoted. haha! thanks for the extra tips! i’m a nuffnanger for two years already! it’s time to make a move!

  27. it just me, or this entry is pun-intended? Haha.

    I do realize that Nuffnang seems to rule Malaysian blogosphere, but honestly, when I read those so-called famous blogs I got disspointed when it comes to content coz most of them are something like promoting products or nuffnang:( Like membebel bebel and all and then what??

    I am still trying to continue blogging with real content, but its damn hard to boost it. Good luck to me it is. LOL.

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