The Final Day of July!

The Final Day of July!

Hello! It’s my birthday today, the 31st of July! Birthday wishes, anyone? =)

birthday cake

Alright, I know everyone (okay not everyone, probably just 10 to be exact) is anxious to find out the winner of’s July Contest.

Hey, it was really interesting to know that some are interested in planning a birthday for me, or was just to win the Apple 2GB iPod Shuffle? =P

kenwooi ipod shuffle contest

Either reason, the result is not gonna be out today. It’ll be announced on the next entry okay? =)

Right now, I’ll take this opportunity to thank the participants and share their birthday plan as well. It’s listed according to submission order. So feel free to check out their plans.

@waishang90’s Birthday Celebration Plan
@dameow’s Birthday Celebration Plan
@imansumis’ Birthday Celebration Plan
@VinTsenGan’s Birthday Celebration Plan
@rabiatul’s Birthday Celebration Plan
@WayeYoung’s Birthday Celebration Plan
@Firoen’s Birthday Celebration Plan
@wssoo’s Birthday Celebration Plan
@ch3rry711’s Birthday Celebration Plan
@limamyyensu’s Birthday Celebration Plan

Truth be told, I’ve already picked the winner but I’ll give a chance for you all to decide on which birthday plan is the most deserving one. Who knows I might change my mind?

Anyway, about my day – while the other kids get PSP, iPhone and other super-cool-gadgets from their family and relatives, I usually get just a cake, and other not-so-awesome presents.

However this year, my first birthday present is quite a surprise.

birthday present

It’s squarish, what could it be? So I unwrapped it.

barbie doll box

A pink box?!

And it has this “Pretty Girl” phrase at the back of it.

pretty girl

Uhh… okay… Turned the box around, I see…


barbie doll in box

A new Barbie Doll! o.O

Err… Does it mean she’s my new girlfriend now? So cool…

barbie doll

She looks so much more beautiful than the girlfriend I’m having now.

Oh yeah, in case you don’t know, here’s how my soon-to-be-ex Barbie girlfriend looks like…

real barbie doll

You know, many readers asked me to send her to an expensive hair dresser to get her hair done! But I guess I don’t have to waste that money on her anymore!


old barbie doll

Goodbye old girlfriend! Thank you for being with me all these while, but I had to let you go – for I have found a new one! Shit I sound so bad.

So yeah, it’s my birthday! Anyone else wanna give me a present? =)

birthday boy

Happy Birthday to myself!

P/S: I’m just 10 years old! Look, only one candle!

109 thoughts on “The Final Day of July!

    1. What I mean is, Happy Birthday. Didn’t realise I was the first one -__-

      EH, no one buy Starcraft 2 for you meh? I just bought the game it was freaking awesome. I think I’ll stop blogging for two months hahahaha

      -Ah Bing

      1. Aww, Starcraft 2 was released last week. I want one!

        Anyways, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, Ken! I didn’t get a chance to join the contest =( Oh well, may your birthday wishes come true.

  1. Happy birthday duh!
    No present for you but I made your extended version about the Facebook, guess that can be a present? =P

  2. Happy Birthday. :)
    I personally thinks that your ex looks prettier than ur current one. haha.. but the hair is… *speechless*
    Hahaha x)

  3. Guess this will be the first time I’m leaving a comment around your blog.


  4. happy birthday to you.. :) wa.. got new gf then throw the old one?.. should throw first then get a new one mah.. lol..

    anyways… happy ’10th’ birthday.. hahah..

  5. woa, happy birthday!! :D
    but you’re so mean.. :( why dump that Barbie one just because you have another doll? (ps you can have threesome instead ;P)

  6. 1st of all…
    thanks coz visit my blog n drop ur comment on my entry

    2nd is I want to ask you about something..
    are u July boy? what time are u?
    I’m 26 July

    3rd is I’m so jealous with u becoz this year I dont get any present from anyone…

    however,thanks again coz spend ur time to visit my blog

    happy blogging yeah


    owh,happy belated bday to you


    You are…. 10 years old now (but surprising that you already got an old girlfriend) lol.. Congratulation!!

    Sorry for being late for an hour plus. Anyway, wishing you to have a blessed, wonderful and inspiring year a head. May your wishes come true =)

  8. hahahahaha u har memang ..Happy Birthday !

    and may you and your new Girlfriend live happily ever after ! remember to brush her hair and change her baju ya

    Most important of all DONT BREAK HER NECK hahaha

    have a good one , sorry for my late wishes

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