Funny Things You Do on Facebook

Funny Things You Do on Facebook

Facebook, as we all know, is such a massive trend today. Almost everyone is registered with this social networking website.

Once just a noun, Facebook has become a verb these day – with many of us saying “I’m Facebooking”.


After being on Facebook for more than 2 years, I’ve noticed certain things which are amusing when it comes to interacting with people. Here are some things that you do on Facebook, which can also be considered as amusing or weird.


1) What’s on your mind?

Seeing this question once you log into Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean you should share what’s on your mind every single second.

facebook status updates

Seriously, that can be annoying!

2) Restaurant City, Farmville and games that takes up your time.

Many Facebook users are addicted to games. You may be proud of your level and amount of coins in the game, but it doesn’t make your real life better.

facebook farmville

Start a real restaurant or a real farm once you’ve acknowledged important information about the business. Only if it’s applicable lah.

3) +1 Add as Friend.

You have friends in real life, and you want them to be your friends on Facebook too. When a friend doesn’t Facebook, you demand them to start one so that you can be friends on Facebook.

facebook friend request

facebook friend request

facebook friend request

facebook friend request

facebook friend request

What’s the significance of needing real friends to be a “Friend” on Facebook? Does it make the friendship even better?

facebook friend request

Maybe for some, I guess.

4) +1 Add as I-Don’t-Know-You-But-Wanna-Add-You-For-Fun Friend.

This is pretty normal. But why do you add a stranger, who you don’t even know, onto your Facebook?

facebook friends

At the time I’m writing this, I have 55 friend requests pending. Mostly strangers, and bloggers as well.

Oh yeah, when a guy’s friend request has been approve by a stranger lady, they’ll usually type some funny message.

facebook message

ThANkS fOR rEAdING kEnWoOI.cOM! HaVE A nICe dAy! TAke cARe!!!

5) Pretty girls alert.

One thing some guys (not me okay) do on Facebook is to check out hot, pretty, sexy and whatever-you-name-it chicks.

Oh wait, in fact I do love checking out this particular chick.

facebook chicken little

Yes, Chicken Little! Not!

Anyway, let’s continue. While some guys stayed at “checking out” level, some take it to the next level – by adding those chicks as friends and send some kinky message as well.

ugly man facebook

These guys are either Mr. Brave Macho or just plain desperate. You judge it.

Oh wait, I get such messages as well. Here’s one of them.

scarlett johansson facebook

Woots! Scarlett Johansson!

6) Please vote for me! “Like” the contest page and “Like” my photos!

I know you really wanna win this virtual model contest on Facebook and you need as many votes as possible to achieve that.

facebook contest vote

But wouldn’t that be a little too annoying when you keep sharing your photo link, mentioning friends’ name so that they’ll notice and sending them private messages?

7) Like!

Instead of giving comments, you simply “Like” the things shared on Facebook. You see a status, you like it. You see a video and you like it, you like it. You see a nice photo and you like it, you like it as well.

Same goes to pages on Facebook. I realize many users are liking pages that doesn’t match them.

facebook too sexy

Liking “I’m too sexy” page doesn’t mean you’ll be sexier. If you do, perhaps you’re in total denial.

Another funny thing about this “Like” feature is that when you ask questions on your status. You get “Like”s instead of answers.

facebook question

What you do mean by liking my question? So am I handsome or not? I’ll never know. =/

8) Go to Application.

Applications can be fun, but can be pathetic as well. That includes various unnecessary apps and the perfect example is quizzes.

facebook how hot are you

Don’t be deceived when you try a “How Hot are you?” quiz and the result is “Damn Hot!”. Don’t be a fool, just look at the mirror – or on your webcam.

facebook chinese app

I used to noticed many pathetic quizzes on Facebook back then, but it has toned down. Or was it because I’ve blocked almost every quizzes that appeared on my wall? Maybe.

9) Log in Facebook get money!

There has been rumours lately that you get paid by logging into Facebook. I’m definitely sure that it’s a total fraud.

facebook money

If it’s true I would have been richer day by day because I log in to my Facebook almost everyday!

10) Tag this Photo.

One of the features that amazes me when I first started Facebook is definitely the photo tagging feature. It’s cool because you can tag and inform your friends about a particular photo.

facebook sell items

But somehow it has been misused. Some users start to upload unrelated photos and tag everyone just because you want them to see the photo. Some even use that to sell products.

And some other weird photos like…

facebook photo tag

What the… MONKEY!? Got 3 “Like”s somemore???

That’s not funny!

92 thoughts on “Funny Things You Do on Facebook

    1.’re so true…
      ppl on fb surely very weird especially yg addict ngan farmville semua tuh..hate to say this but i’m part of it too(tpi aku x pernah main farmville yea)..nowadays,when we meet new friends, they will no longer ask for ur hp no…but they will ask about ur fb..
      that baboon thing really buat aku rofl..poor u

  1. dude.. lol this is the great post i read this week..hahahahaha funny… i love the photo..maybe i’m gonna use it temporarily as my profile photo can ahhh?

  2. true what you wrote about FB. I dont like it when strangers suddenly add me without any intro message. Some just add so that they can increase the number of their “friends” online.

    As for number 9..i did get $$ from FB last Christmas. It was the Wishlist Application. Received USD8 from it in my paypal.

  3. i’ve been thinking of closing down my FB lately..but i guess i’ll still need it to catch up my some of my friends studying in other countries

  4. I have been on FB for six years already… back then FB was much simpler… but the main thing that was unique to FB that friendster and myspace didn’t have was the photo tagging feature. I remember when it first came out… one minute there was no ‘tag this photo’ link at the bottom… suddenly when I click ‘next’ there was that link… so I clicked on it and realized I can tag people’s faces! it was exciting ;)

    that was, um… five years ago I think.

    I have many pending friend requests too. mine’s at 131. too lazy to deny, plus I once denied a request, turned out he’s an actual friend I haven’t heard from for almost 15 years. so now I don’t deny in case it’s an old friend. but because of that, 131 pending requests undenied…

  5. Godness!!
    You really take ur time n thoroughly “analyzed” FB.LOL
    And the best part…ITS ALL HARDCORE TRUTH!
    “Shame” on you..

    Note : Do NOT ‘like’ my comment

  6. Hahahahahahah!
    I love this post.
    It’s crazy dude!
    I have experienced this things when I had so many friend requests from perverts. And I just hate it when my best friend tag me in videos that I don’t like.But becoz she’s my bestie, I dun have the guts to say “Plz dun ever tag me in your stupid videos again”

  7. facebook have a bad and good reasson..sometimes ppl get addict with fb games and even not go to class or late go to class or work because of that game..

  8. OMG Ken.. you pretty much summarize everything

    Requests from friends (both known & unknown) is one thing.. relative’s ones is another headache I’m currently having at the moment.. Maybe I’ll do a quick entry about it later LOL

  9. but by far, FB is much much better than MySpace. ;p

    i dont add stragers on FB. but i would like to add u. isit ok. eh wait? are we considered strangers? i mean, i read ur blog like a lot, and u are not a strange person to me. :P

  10. hehehe..nice facts bout fact….i’m facebooking also now..huarghhh…kadang2 da bosan guna fb….wanna go to sleep already..nyte2 ken

  11. Oh so true, but u forgot 1 thing. I’ve added some ppl from my high school that I didn’t meet for years on facebook kekekek which is a gewd thing XD

    And LOL on the last photo.

  12. There was a time when it was popular to go and like these groups with really really really long names. Like the count to 10000 group. Super annoying =.=

  13. Adding info, I also delete my FB comment if there’s people who comment not related to the topic and make me angry, making stupid joke and wrote comment in mode to downgrade people. Some friends tagged me to the school photo, and there’s a friend tagged me for selling her kuih raya…wooo…

  14. Foe me, facebook is the place to stay connected with people that i know but do not necessarily have the time to meet up. that’s my rationalization of using facebook. if it is not for my hectic life, facebook would be long gone!

  15. Interesting post. Wondering what this Farmville game’s about. A lot of people seems to be playing the game & sending me farm gifts. I’m stuck on Wheel of Fortune lately, wish I can wish some real money tho’

  16. hahas. everyone gets annoyed by facebook but continued using it rite? it just depends on how u wanna utilise it properly after all x) have fun facebooking LOL

  17. i dont use FB much, but will still go once a week to see who is pending.. one day if blogging doesnt take much time, i will go farmville.. heard it is very addictive..

  18. WORD! hahaha..
    I do accept friend requests from strangers but will delete it after IF they are going to post something…bad you know…

    lol.. me too.. Blocked every application cause I found it annoying. GOD.

  19. gosh, i really loathe those who writes LiKe tHiS, LiKe HeLLo?u gOt sO mAnY fReE tYmE aH tYpE LiKe thiS soMe mOrE? and people who add other people up and didnt bother to make friends(msg,chat or whatever) BUT keeping track that people’s life by stalking the wall,pictures etc. OMG get a life,right?! oh and my biggest turn-off would be those who “like” their own status, like,WTF?

  20. some people love to ‘like’ everything.. it’s funny sometimes.. n u can find almost everything on facebook.. FB should charge for every group/page creates on the site.. cos there are too many ridiculous page/group created just for whatever reason they have..

    btw; handsome or not, u r a star kenwooi.. :D

  21. I think facebook can be good tool to everyone but when come to mis-use it, it can become very stupid tool…

    What you said at here are true, very true indeed. Sometime, people can be dun wanna to be your friend becoz u dun have facebook~

  22. dude! tis is like 1 of the funniest blog post i’ve read bout! Haha~ funny yet interesting! the fact r sooooooo true you just gotto nod ur head smiling while reading tis. cool 1~ *like* haha. ^^

  23. when i 1st time create fb account, i addict to farmville..tak boleh tidur ooo pikirkan tanaman..hahhaha..but now, langsung tak sentuh..pandang pun tak..dah malas..

  24. facebook is awesome if you know how to manipulate it. there’s one awesome malaysian chinese made over 1k/month only by facebook fan page marketing, no blog, no list, no google. i forgot his name.

  25. what? I find that last picture funny… don’t you?? lols…
    btw, I missed your contest. got hooked up on something. didn’t get the chance to even update my blog until today… oh well. tough luck for me. anyway, Happy Birthday Kenwooi!

  26. I even find out…nowadays people like to play with the relationship status…is it so significant? Married in real life but put complicated in Facebook? wft

  27. Another weird thing is, one of my friend just got into a relationship. He changed his relationship status, the next thing was getting 50++ Likes for it! It’s a mad mad mad world.

    I know some people just simply click “Like” on stuff unrelated to them (I mean ppl’s photos). Whether the owner of the photo like it or not, I’ve heard that some are uncomfortable when unrelated ppl “Like” their stuff.

    The world is relative! There’s no absolute set of rules.

  28. wow! its so true…the things that annoyed me the most would be the picture tagging by someone promoting their product…urgghhh….

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