How To Win Apple iPad with High 5 Bread

How To Win Apple iPad with High 5 Bread

Ever since the new iPad gadget from Apple has been released, quite a number of companies took the chance to gain more sales by organizing contests and offering iPads as prizes.

One of the participating companies is High 5, the bread company.

high 5 bread win ipad

High 5 giving out Apple’s iPads, don’t play play you know. Really tempting huh?

How to participate then? Simple, just buy High5 bread and eat. I bet all participants will be trying their luck to win an iPad.

contest form

Here’s the back of the contest form, with 3 questions to be answered.

contest name

Question 1: What is the name if the High 5 contest? The answer is obviously shown on the front of the form.

The next 2 questions are…

high 5 contest

Question 2: Which brand of bread do you usually buy? Question 3: Do you like the taste of High 5 bread?

It’s obviously very easy to answer if you wanna give it a shot, even those who don’t eat High 5 will tick “High 5” and “Yes” for these 2 questions.

But I prefer Gardenia bread. So, can I be honest?

contest questions

Like this can win or not? Honesty is the best policy right?

Oh wait, honest people usually lose out to fakers right? Shit, no chance already. =/

Anyway, since Apple’s iPad is such a successful hit, it wouldn’t be surprised if sanitary pad companies come out with new packets using this famous gadget’s name.

ipad sanitary pad

Cool, Smooth and Only More Expensive!

Ladies would definitely go *High5* for this right?

44 thoughts on “How To Win Apple iPad with High 5 Bread

  1. LOL…you reminded me of this contest. Bought High 5 Bread the other day. Forgot all about this contest.

    It’s possible that some company will come out with I-Sanitary Pad :p

  2. Oi Ken kawan! Long time I never visit your site, how are you? Looks like you’re busy wih contest, Nice! But seriously, I like the last iPad picture! hahah funny man. Don’t mind I share the pic on my facebook?


  3. It will be even more funnier if Apple decides to put up their own contest. ” buy an ipad an win a high 5 bread”


    Im blogging on my ipad nowadays. It is a cool device to have. Even chicks came and approach me in mcd when im using it. It is a magical device after all!

  4. I don’t like High 5 bread. So no way I am going to join this contest! Haha!

    If you ticked you don’t like High 5, your entry will be automatically disqualified. And this is a fact : )

    So that’s it? Just answer 3 questions? No slogan? Nothing? I hate contests without slogans. Cos it means winning it depends on luck and lucky draw. And I don’t usually have such luck! OK, forget about this contest! : )

    If the sanitary pad companies come out with such a packaging, they will surely be sued by Apple. LOL!

    I love the iPad. I just hate the name : )

  5. ken…i’ve join too… i bought hi5 roti and my mom was like..”what??! Hi5?” “What happen with gardenia”.
    me”errr…i want the ipad”…

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