Intriguing Ipoh Cave Temples

Intriguing Ipoh Cave Temples

It’s a fact that Ipoh is famous for its limestone caves, and in this entry obviously gonna be about the Chinese temples built within the caves.


Firstly, the Kek Look Tong – my favourite.

kek look tong

It has a clean, quiet and cool environment probably because it’s inside a housing area, at Gunung Rapat to be exact. Also, it’s well-known for the garden located at the other side of the hill.

Finding the place may be a challenge, but not to worry. Just follow the signboard directions.

kek look tong entrance

At the entrance, you’ll be greeted by the mouth of the cave. Inside the cave, it’s surrounded by stalactites and stalagmite formations, providing a peaceful prayer site for Buddhist devotees and general visitation for the public.

Entrance is free and to get to the other side, you’ll have to go through the cave.

kek look tong stairs

This is the stairs leading to The Garden. Was kinda wet when I was there.

kek look tong garden

After a short walking distance, the “hidden” garden will be seen.

kek look tong view

This garden is an award winning landscape which features one of the longest reflexology footpaths in Ipoh.

kek look tong reflexology footpath

Also, a jogging path circling two lakes.

kek look tong jogging path

Basically it has one of the best scenic views in town. A must-visit if you’re dropping by Ipoh.


Next on the list is Sam Poh Tong.

sam poh tong arch

Discovered in 1912, it’s a Chinese Buddhist Temple within a natural limestone hill. Developed by the Buddhist community and it’s an international tourist attraction.

sam poh tong pathway

I come here every year for Cheng Beng – my grandparents’ ash remains are here.

sam poh tong blue building

In this apartment-like building, which is built within the cave, is where the ashes are kept. They are kept in small cubicles with containers, usually pots.

sam poh tong joss stick area

The joss sticks area. During Cheng Beng, this area is always covered with smoke and it hurts my eyes all the time!

sam poh tong burning area

Pretty self-explanatory – people burn things that are “sent” to be deceased.

Another attraction is a beautiful pavilion and a landscaped garden with a fish pool, which was also awarded the “Best Landscaped Garden”.

sam poh tong garden

Other than that, a small pathway inside the cave leads to a small garden.

sam poh tong cave

Visitors usually head to the garden when there’s no festival.

sam poh tong inner garden

This is the view of the garden at the other end of the cave. The atmosphere is usually cool and quiet.

sam poh tong shrine

One of the shrine at the garden. And not forgetting, a tortoise pond.

sam poh tong tortoise pond

The pond used to have lots of tortoises back then, but now it has reduced recently. Feeding is allowed with the vegetable purchased at the entrance.


Lastly, the final featured cave temple is Ling Sen Tong, which is the first temple along the street towards Sam Poh Tong.

ling sen tong

This temple is not as famous as the previous two but it’s definitely worth a short visit as well.

ling sen tong pray

As usual, it’s a place for devotees to pray. And besides that, there are many statues of various gods and goddesses.

ling sen tong kuan yin statue

One notable statue is the prominent Kuan Yin, which is probably the tallest one around if I’m not mistaken.

ling sen tong winged horse

A pinkish horse with wings.

ling sen tong journey to the west

You might recognize them from a Chinese classic – Journey to the West. Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie
in case you don’t know.

By the way, there’s a statue which is quite attractive. Surprisingly, this “god” statue looks very familiar.

ling sen tong kenwooi

Oh wait, not a statue – he’s the blogger from!

48 thoughts on “Intriguing Ipoh Cave Temples

  1. nice place i can say. i’m attracted with “a small pathway inside the cave leads to a small garden” statement. well it sounds like an imaginary place in a fairytale. hehe

  2. heheh..all these 3 places are so near my house. We would go walk around every sunday after breakfast if nothing to do. My hobby: Throwing 1sen coins to every offering bowl and see how many masuk. LOL~ lame rite

  3. my dad was from Batu Gajah – I’ve visited all these many times since I was young and it has improved a lot in terms of cleanliness and visitor-centric-ness of the whole thing.

  4. Went there before! And and. I like that place sooo much!
    Opposite the temple got a restaurant selling big big burger. Yum Yum! =D

  5. LOL Monkey King!!! I’m pretty amazed I could recognize him, not having been immersed in much Chinese culture.
    You’re from Ipoh? :) I haven’t really gone there before, except to eat tauge ayam sometimes heheh! :P

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