Manchester United New Shirt Sponsorship

Manchester United New Shirt Sponsorship

As you might or might not know, I’m a fan of Manchester United.

manchester united old trafford

Been following its preseason updates and it seems that there’s a new shirt sponsorship with Aon Corp, one of the world’s leading risk advisor and human capital consultants.

When you think the AIG logo on the United shirt doesn’t look good, wait till you see the one with Aon’s logo.

manchester united aon home shirt

I think most Malaysians went A-O-N, which means “Alamak Oh No!”.

Anyway, this entry is about Manchester United’s list of shirt sponsors since the 1980s, and also one particular sponsor in the future.

Firstly, Sharp Electronics became the club’s first shirt sponsor at the beginning of the 1982-83 season and lasted until the end of the 1999-2000 season.

manchester united sharp jersey

Looks good since it’s the first time. Manchester United has grown and became sharper throughout the years as well.

After that Vodafone, a British mobile network operator, became the next sponsor for the next 6 years till 2006.

manchester united vodafone jersey

Even though mobile networking doesn’t relate much with football, but the logo looks cool enough for Manchester United.

And at the start of the 2006–07 season, American insurance corporation AIG agreed a sponsorship deal.

manchester united aig jersey

To be honest, my initial perception is that the shirt doesn’t look nice. The initial “AIG” looks awkward to me.

But as the season kicked off, I guess everyone got used to the AIG logo. Especially the white-coloured away kit.

manchester united wayne rooney

Wayne Rooney looks good in it.

But it’s even better and way way way more attractive on this lady.

manchester united cute girl

When is Manchester United going to set up a female football team? Anytime soon? Would really love to see them play.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, another American company Aon became the club’s latest sponsor in what media reports is worth more than $130 million.

manchester united aon jersey

Big amount but still – Alamak Oh No! Doesn’t really looks nice to me. But we’ll get used to it eventually. =)

By the way, if you’ve read an earlier entry on my recent visit to Old Trafford, you would have known that is a sponsor of Manchester United too right?

Not a shirt sponsor though.

kenwooi at manchester

To be exact, just a minor banner sponsor in Old Trafford.

Therefore, hopefully in years to come, will be Manchester United’s principal shirt sponsor. And this would be the shirt design – probably the best of all.

manchester united kenwooi jersey

The Manchester United shirt is an iconic image in the world of sport, and will definitely be honoured to appear on it. That time, millions of people worldwide will begin to know yet another leading blog –

It will be a historic occasion, every one of’s global employees (only 1 at the moment) will receive a free Manchester United team shirt.

manchester united united home jersey

This should be the new kit. Who’s gonna buy?

Support a bit lah please…

67 thoughts on “Manchester United New Shirt Sponsorship

  1. i like vodafone sponsor shirt and previous AIG wit black strip the most! Haha..but i still afford to get anyone of the shirt tho. Fake one can lah..haha!
    More looking forward to the away shirt for Aon. XD

  2. if i’m MU fan,i’ll buy one..seriously..i think the ‘K’ has a better look than ‘AON’ or ‘AIG’..but unfortunately i’m not..sorry..hahahaha

  3. i fancy the vodafone one since i started watching EPL :)
    but then that was history… now i would love to go for K for Kenwooi the new sponsor! XD

  4. I like to see AON as “All Oso Nice!!”

    Nice line-up which I’ve got all (in long sleeves) except for the first one which is in short sleeves. Looking forward to acquiring the latest AON jersey. As for the K jersey, will have to wait and see. Oops!

    So, Nani is your man?!

  5. if i buy this home, guarantee my dad is not gonna let me step into the house. -_- If is Liverpool, I’m soooooo gonna buy it! >.<

  6. i just want to ask,,is there enough stock for man u kits sponsored by kenwooi?? i have many customer asking bout that..hahhahahha

    p/s…i wonder if u can be a real sponsor of Man U..^_^

  7. Ken…I think K means “Kelakar”…ROFL…huhu or other words….but if you wanna sponsor it why not…but please don’t put the big K on it…maybe you can put “KW”

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