Be a Mat Rempit, Win RM20,000 Cash!

Be a Mat Rempit, Win RM20,000 Cash!

Quite recently, I bumped into a bizarre news. Well, bizarre or not depends on who you are.

If you’re unaware, the Pahang state government is organizing a special “race” for Mat Rempits and the slowest Rempit will win RM20,000 cash.

mat rempit

Can you believe that?! The slowest Mat Rempit wins RM20,000?! Seriously, what’s up with the state government?

What is the winner gonna do with that sum of money? Repent and retire? NO! Of course buy a better bike and continue with his stunts lah. DUH!

mat rempit gang

But since the state government is firm with their decision, I’ve decided to be a Mat Rempit too. Can win cash from the state government you know. Who knows next time Malaysia has “1Rempit” as well.

Anyway, to get things started – this is my super orange bike. Cool?

orange motorcycle

And to prove that I’m a Mat Rempit as well, I’m gonna show you some of my cool stunts.

Warning: Kids, don’t try this at home. All stunts shown here is done by me, a professional Mat Rempit.

mat rempit pose superman

The superman stunt!

mat rempit pose ride

The lift-bike-up stunt!

mat rempit pose one leg stand

The one-leg-stand flying-Superman stunt! Woohoo!

It’s one of the hardest you know. Don’t play play.

mate rempit pose hero

The Adolf-Hitler stunt!

mat rempit pose egypt

The Egyptian-dance stunt!

Oh by the way, my girlfriend sometimes does stunts with me too!

mat rempit pose double stand

This is the “So I put my hands up, they’re playing my song. The Mat Rempits zoom away…” stunt!

Noddin’ my head like…

mat rempit singing

Movin’ my hips like…

mat rempit singing

Yeah, we sing while doing stunts. Usually get carried away with that song since we love Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA.

Then finally, the last super coolest stunt.

mat rempit pose hand stand

The one-hand-stand stunt! Impressive huh?

I’ll definitely be participating in that special race and be the slowest turtle! I so wanna win that cash!

Woohoo! I’ll be a bloody rich Mat Rempit then! Now everyone should be a Mat Rempit too – easy money!

stack of money

Thank you Pahang state government! You’re so generous and you surely know how to set your priorities right! Bravo! =D

Now, who wanna join my Rempit gang? I’m recruiting!

87 thoughts on “Be a Mat Rempit, Win RM20,000 Cash!

  1. shouldve just give me the money to pursue my study laa.. haish.

    btw, they’ll just take the money, and modified the motorcycle and continue rempit again..hahaha so bijak one.

  2. hahahaha. really? there’s gonna be such a race? i cannot wait to tell my husband about it. he’s gonna laugh till he pee and crap repeatedly!

  3. you’ve done it again, Wei Ken! I love your posts!

    especially the singing to Miley’s Party in the USA part! so funny!

    btw, a race where the slowest wins will always be folly.

  4. OMG. Seriously they wanna do that?? That’s stupid don’t u think? I mean, paying the slowest mat rempit. Urghh. But this is damn funny mann. As always. Hehe.

  5. Miahahahhaa, i wanna pee’d and cried with the pictures XDDDDD geez, thanks ken :) this made my day, from sick to ass laughing like insane. HHASHAHAHAHA

  6. thanks for the info Ken :)

    btw this is one hell of a post! funny as always..i envy u lah..always have ideas to make us laugh..

  7. how do you become the slowest eh? so every rempit just don’t move ha and everyone wins and share the 20K? and ken-pit seems to know how to rempit… hahaha :D

  8. hahaha. i thought i wanna post some serious comment about the nonsense contest but ur mat ken rempit totally turned me off. burst into laughter la!!! ur helemt also. HAHAHAHAAHHAA! nice one! LOL. recruit me! HAHAHAHAA.

  9. omg…ur stunts are brilliant..maybe u can make some spinning stunts on the
    and ur gf,miss barbie never failed to make me laughed so hard..hontoni sugoi^^

  10. Lol to Adolf Hitler stunt.. but yeah, 20k its such a waste..

    Ken, dont you worry that if you blog about sensitive issues, it may cause problems, for example lets say the gov sues your post.. or there is something in the law that protects you? because my worries of blogging is being sensitive to people.. Im not saying that you did offend people, not that i know, but just a question as a blogger..

    thx and take care.. =)

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