My Grandma and Her Super Skill

My Grandma and Her Super Skill

This is a story about my grandmother. Well, not exactly a story – more of a fact but it’s quite an interesting one.

You see, my grandmother lives with us once in a while. Whenever I’m home, she’ll unleash her most favourite skill of all time – NAGGING!

cool grandma

This is not my grandma though.

Anyway, whatever we do at home, she’ll nag voice out her opinion (a nicer term) and it continues until we ignore her. Here are some of the situations I’ve encountered.

When looking into the fridge to find some food.


When eating.


When drinking.


When showering.


When watching the television.

watching tv

When playing the computer.

playing computer

She complains that we spend too much time on the computer screen. In my defense, she spends time on the television screen what.

At least my hands and fingers are being exercised.

Next, when reading a book.

reading book

When playing my guitar.

playing guitar

She thinks it’s noisy.

When still sleeping in the morning.


So yeah, don’t you just love my grandma? She’s such a skillful nagger adviser (another nicer term).

But honestly, she really likes to voice out her opinion at almost everything we do at home. My parents are also included sometimes.

The thing is, my grandma always say: “I get up the earliest in the morning and everyone still sleeping!”. Probably she dislikes those who sleep a lot.

Even our dog is not spared!

dog sleeping


113 thoughts on “My Grandma and Her Super Skill

  1. kesianlah the dog. nasib baik my grandma never nag at any of her grandchildren. only her son (my dad) get nagged at. haha

  2. OMG!!! I just can’t stop laughing. Maybe all she wants is you talking with her instead of her nagging all the way.
    popet popet popet popet popet popet popet
    damn funny la..

  3. They are the Queen of Popet :)

    I lived with my grandma since 12 and imagine those ‘popet’ I had for 5 years until I went to study in KL lol!

    Miss those times, to be honest. If you think about it, one day, if no one nags at you, it seems you are dead to them :)

  4. hahaha.. ken, you love your grandma right eventhough she always popet popet popet everytime?

    i think your gradma love you so much, so she always popet popet so you will become a good guy.,. hehehehehehhehe….

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA omg, my granny is just the same as yours, only that she has toned down now and passed down the skill to my mother. oh gosh, i wish i was born deaf now. LOL. ok ok, i take it back, i dont want to be deaf, but SERIOUSLY. the nagging has got to stop. greetings from a new reader of your blog ! :D

  6. i laughed looking at the first photo, i was like “this is his granmda???” and saw the caption.. anyways, she loves you lah, tats y she nags..

  7. My mom once scolded a cow too o.O” but it’s only way they know how to communicate with us. try spending time with her/ surprise her with something. Go taichi with her? exercise ma~. Usually stuns them for a while^^

  8. LOL!!!!!!! Hey wat is popet??? XD My grandma wont popet, she loves to smile and talk alot alot alot…… all u have to do is reply her with “MMM urm ermmm, ohhhhh, waaaaaaa” She will be satisfied :)

  9. Well, elderly people need attention. So spend some of yr precious time chatting with her. After all, she is a great help to yr family.

  10. But when she is gone.. u will miss her popet popet popet.. hehe. seriously. my friend said that about his grandma and she just passed away last week. he misses her popet already…

    so, treasure her and shower her with love whilst u can ya. =)

  11. the word popet popet wanna make me laugh out loud.. wonder i popet popet a lot at home or not…psstt…aaron got say i popet or not? btw, what is popet..why use popet.. sounds like lai si.. ishhh…

  12. the older generations are always more naggy, but it’s because they care and also that’s the only way they know how to show concern.

  13. pity grandma stay with me too..but she is a very cool grandma, never nag us and very supporting as well..and most of all, she tengok football matches and eat pizza with us..LOL….and she is 81..HAHAHAHAH

  14. OMG, hilarious weiiii !!! haha xD Oh well, old people are like that de la ! They LOVE “voicing opinions” especially to “guai guai” grandsons ! ;P

  15. haha. but at times, when i saw senior citizen at park, i feel wanna talk to them.. cause,I feel they want someone to talk (popet) to. and, they ll hv a lot of things to teach u.. :P

  16. lol!! my granny got her skill to… her super duper skill that everyone will fainted if they can’t stand it.. but i got immuned!lol

  17. so cool, i miss my grandma nagginG~~~
    nagging is really for ur own good! go exercise lah~~hahah

    heyya need your help a bit. If you have time, just read my latest post!~if you need help back, dun hesitate to ask me(^^)~~~I will try my best to help too~~~ thanks 1st^^

  18. Ken,
    Ei brother, where do you find the time to put all that caption and talking cloud. Cannot tahan one..Damn funny man.hahaha.POpet..popet..cute too..

  19. then we can call her Granny Popet…. but u’ll b missing her when one day w/out her popet….

    as 4 myself, no need to wait 4 the granny as my mum already the bessttt on it!!

  20. LOL, its a common thing for grandma to keep on nagging lile that. But you have made the post very very funny. :D thank u for making my day

  21. my grandma always telling us the same story over and over again.. I can tell what will be her next sentences… duhh!! but, my ears are all yours grandma.. I’m here partly because of you.. haha…

  22. Hahahaha…POPET POPET POPET…luckily my grandma now is seldom in “POPET-ING”…But i really miss her “POPET-ING” sometimes and herr “KEPOH-CHIness…” :P

  23. it’s good that she’s around and is able to nag at you. When she’s not around in future, you’ll miss everything about her and that includes her nagging. I miss mine </3

  24. I think all grandma are like that. Actually they want us to do something similar like their routines when they at our age…
    but time changes
    now on everything is front of us…we dont have to go anywhere more to get it…
    but to get a good health and fitness we still has to go outside…
    dont we?

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