Paul the Octopus Makes More Predictions

Paul the Octopus Makes More Predictions

One of the World Cup 2010 withdrawal syndromes is definitely about Paul, the psychic octopus. In case you don’t know, he got all Germany matches, and also the final match between Netherlands and Spain, right.

Honestly, I started noticing Paul after the recent prediction of Germany VS England match was correct.

paul the octopus germany vs england

I kept myself updated with Paul’s predictions throughout the remaining matches then. Not because I bet, it’s just that I find it interesting.

Now, ever since World Cup 2010 has ended days ago, I’ve already put Paul in the past. Couldn’t be bothered anymore – but it returned after I saw this amusing Revive advertisement.

revive advertisement paul

It’s on the New Straits Times newspaper (22 July) and the first reaction when I saw it was “WHAT?!”. Seriously, this advertisement is either loved by Revive fans or just plain noob. Can’t they be more creative and original?

Anyway, I’ve done some little research and managed to discover that even though Paul has retired from football predictions, he’s now picking on some other favourite competitions.

Here are some photos of certain predictions I found.

Yahoo VS Google

yahoo vs google

Paul picked the obvious winner, Google!

Sony Ericsson VS Nokia

sony ericsson vs nokia

Manchester United VS Chelsea

manchester united vs chelsea

Oh this is still on football, but not World Cup matches lah. Instead, it’s two of the English Premier League’s top clubs. Great, looks like Manchester United is gonna win the title next season! Woohoo!

Media Prima VS Astro

media prima vs astro

I agree with Paul even though I don’t have Astro at thome.

Short break: If you’re a reader, you might realize that this entry is somehow sooOoo similar to Kenny Sia’s style. But wait, you think only can produce such style ah? Think again.

Alright, back to the topic – Twilight’s Jacob VS Edward

twilight jacob vs edward

This is kinda gay, since Paul is a dude. =/

Microsoft VS Apple

microsoft vs apple

Apple hardcore fans must be loving Paul after seeing this prediction.

Big boobs VS Small boobs

big boobs vs small boobs

Amazing! Way to go Paul, you’re a true Octoman!

Hotlink VS Digi

hotlink vs digi

Oh no, I’m using Hotlink. But Paul is inclined to the colour yellow right?

Now, onto the blogosphere in Malaysia – Advertlets VS Nuffnang

advertlets vs nuffnang

Obviously Paul knows the better blog advertising company. I believe that Nuffnang is the winner in this situation.

Anyway, after all these discoveries, I was pretty amazed with what Paul has to offer. I feel like getting an octopus for myself and try my own luck.

Oh before that, as I was gonna stop searching for Paul-related predictions, I bumped into this final one…


kenwooi vs kennysia

Paul, you’re definitely the best! 8-tentacles up!

92 thoughts on “Paul the Octopus Makes More Predictions

  1. dinner promotion on “fried” octopus… :P

    btw predictions are just like some kind of “match fixing” style… no wonder when Paul chooses the winning team, the loser team get influenced with it and lose the match… haha!

    Kenwooi’s the winner! :D

  2. Your entry always makes me laugh. And creative as always. I love that damn octopus, he predicted Spain won! and won it they did. Viva espana. Oppss.. hahhaa..

  3. Nice one! I really needed a good laugh and your post did just the trick! I especially love the last prediction, too funny and yeah, a yellow K looks nicer anyway! Keep up the VERY good work! :-)

  4. hello there. May I borrow your octopus to predict whether I should take the job…TQ.

    Nice post..and its really nice that you are good in technology


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