Ken Wooi Lacks Personality on Blog

Ken Wooi Lacks Personality on Blog

Quite recently, a personal friend of mine told me that I lack personality and attitude on my blog. What he meant by that is – sometimes, when people read a blog, they would wanna know more about that particular blogger.


Seriously, who would wanna know more about me?

But anyway, he said that when people visit my blog, all they know about me is…

iron man flying

I’m Iron Man. And that’s fake.

masturbation motivational poster

I like to masturbate. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s referred to playing with the toy Ken alright?

beautiful scarlett johansson

And I love boobs (also known as hamsap) and perhaps Scarlett Johansson as well. Now before that, who doesn’t love boobs? It’s an outrage if boobs are not loved!

So my friend told me that I should talk more about myself, reveal more of my personal stuff and share more about my life.

To be honest, I personally think that if I were to blog about myself from the beginning, I don’t think anyone would be interested with this blog. Right?


Who would be so interested to know about my whereabouts, what I do, who I’m out with or even think if I have a girlfriend or not. Furthermore, I’m not even Mr. Super Popular Blogger that people would be crazy to find out about my personal stuff.

And that’s why my friend said: “You lack personality – that personal touch – on your blog”.

personal touch

Alright, alright. This time, to please my friend (and to those who really wanna know about my personal stuff, IF there are – which I highly doubt), I am blogging about myself. Here goes…

I’m Ken Wooi and I camwhore.

camwhore fail

Okay maybe not a hardcore one because I’m terrible at it. =/

This is my house.

house drawing

All nice, simple and comfy.

This is my Lamborghini.


But I “own” it for only about 5 seconds. Okay, it’s not mine. I just randomly took a photo with it.

This is my brand new Adidas running shoes.

adidas running shoes

This one, is real! Shoes can afford, expensive car… not at the moment.

This is my pet.

sexy hippo

Her name is Sexy and I featured her on Japan Not Horniest Country? entry quite some time ago.

Okay, this one would be interesting. Introducing Barbie, my wonderful girlfriend.

barbie doll

Beautiful or not? I love her so much and she loves me too. We like to take photos together.

We went to London together, it was so fun!


Paris too, so romantic!

eiffel tower paris

And not forgetting Dublin!

dublin zoo

We like to camwhore together too!

couple camwhore fail

Err.. okay maybe not too since we are awful at it. But don’t you all love Barbie? She’s so sweet and beautiful right? But I love her the most!

Oh my, looks like my love life has been exposed! =/

Anyway, these are more photos of myself showing my cool personality and attitude!


I’m cool.

hot girls

I party with the hot girls.


I go clubbing all the time. Woohoo!


Yeah, basically I’m awesome.

So there you go, Ken Wooi now has THE personality and attitude on his blog. Happy now?

Peace out!

136 thoughts on “Ken Wooi Lacks Personality on Blog

  1. hahahhahahha!
    this is funny.. you’re totally doing this just to please your friend lorr…

    but i’m on your friend’s side.
    you know, we like to know more about the blogger sometimes.
    not all the time funny and informative posts..

  2. Not personality? Hmm..Your blog is very witty and entertaining. Always comes to your blog with :| face but leave it with this :D face.

  3. Haha u should ask your belove barbie to go for hair rebonding =p.

    anyway regarding your comment on my blog… I never thought about that b4 >.< So wasted! If not I may just get more site traffic!

  4. Interesting… but those not your true personalities right?
    Hey, anyway, thanks for supporting my blog.
    U r always the first person to comment on my blog. I wonder how u know when i posted a new entry since u r not “Following me”..
    R u a full time blogger? like blog 24 hrs
    I am really quite interested to know your true characters

  5. PEACE!!!!! ok lar who said ur blog no personality…and quite hard to define tat oso lar…i like it since the days u drew those skeleton boobs and balls hhaha

  6. Great knowing the “real” you, Ken! I used to own Ken & Barbie during my younger days & of course, the entire wardrobe & furniture etc. LOL!

  7. Ken, U dont have to take the same barbie to places, i let u have my daughter’s barbies.. u can take whichever u want.. but i know u gonna say, “I am the faithful one!” Right? hahaa..your post is really interesting..

  8. bro just be yourself la! ur blog is where it is today because it is done it your own way ma!

    Its funny and cool blog! hehe and yea its interesting too!


  9. Haha.. I’ve been reading ur blog for months and this is really funny.. haha.. can’t help commenting adi.. haha..

    ur post are always so entertaining.. and through ur previous post, i guess i can guess ur personalities through them.. haha..

  10. ROFLMAO!! Gudness! actually i am really enjoy reading ur blogs each time u have update! =D hahaha seems like u love barbie n ken aye? =P its rare to know a guy who love barbie! XD

  11. LOLL so random. maybe you can update bout your daily oh-so-fantabulous life like how Xiaxue does. Loyal readers would read, certainly!

  12. Hehe. It’s OK Ken. Don’t have to turn your blog into a diary or it’ll get boring. Your blog is quite entertaining at it is now. :-D

  13. LOL Thanks for the Birthday Wish ♥

    You’re so funny , i will be back for more

    Your blog brings a smile face to my face esp when im having a bad day !

  14. hahahaha AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND ? Did u break her neck? her head look like my Barbies that sudah patah kepala and have to sumbat balik to attach it to the neck , thats why the face look fatter hahaha

  15. Ur personality in this blog is to make people laugh and show that you’re funny. Perhaps your posts do lack of personal stuffs and etc but hey, it’s your blog….Just do what you wanna do with it….It’s your blog, not our blog…Keep it up Iron Man!!!

  16. omg.barbie? seriously bro? huhu… well so many ppl would like to know u more.. seriously. i think u r the only one u r not famous.but on top of it. u really are!

  17. HIHI! Don’t know if you can see this comment but HAHAHAH THIS POST IS really hilarious! You are really good at telling stories! :P

  18. Hi Ken,

    Honestly, I do not believe your stat and I believe you have more visitor than the stats show. Anyway I shall give a big credit for you being so creative. So funny!

  19. ok ok.. now i know why u say my boobs not boobs!!!
    hahahhaa… ok ok, i will post real big boobs for u, k?
    hahhahhaa… watch out, bro! hahahahaha……

  20. OMG~!!! What happened to you. BTW, did u try conditioning Barbie’s hair? If u dun mend it now, later when u grow old, her hair will be like Rosmah~ u know who i mean?

  21. Wahaha. ur friend is wrong.. I think this is u.. this joker kind…

    and i bet ur friend must have smacked their forehead when they saw this entry.. or smack ur forehead.. keke

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