Play Safe, Use A Condom!

Play Safe, Use A Condom!

I have a postcard. Gotten it when I was in Dublin quite some time ago.

blue postcard

With so many recent tragic news about newborn babies being thrown away, this entry is dedicated to all the fathers and future pre-mature fathers.

Everyone, meet Dick – definitely from an uncensored version postcard.

funny postcard

He’s clever because he uses a condom. Now, using a condom is usually to avoid Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) but it’s also to prevent any “damages” when one salah pancut.

So yeah, play safe. Use a condom!

postcard clever dick

Be clever, just like Dick.

80 thoughts on “Play Safe, Use A Condom!

  1. They give free condoms here in local uni too. :D Especially if you participate in one of those ‘Sexual Awareness’ conferences. Lol.

    And. if ‘Dick’ were smart, he won’t need a condom. :D LOL.

  2. tell dicks don’t play so much! :D

    i’d like to comment on your laptop actually. it’s so clean. mine is sooo not! i’m ashamed. (-_____-“)

  3. OMG. I can’t believe I’m saying this.

    But Dick sure looks cute (on the postcard. I mean, the Dick on the postcard. The Dick that’s on the postcard looks cute. ARGH, forget it. >.<)

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