July Contest: Win an Apple iPod Shuffle

July Contest: Win an Apple iPod Shuffle

To many of you, July may be another month to go through – but it’s definitely a big month for me. In case you don’t know, my birthday is on the 31st of July.

celebration fireworks

And to celebrate this joyful month of July, I’m organizing a mini contest on kenwooi.com for the very first time. Been planning this since the start of the month.

Alright, contest participants would get a chance to win a brand new Apple 2GB iPod Shuffle worth RM229. Yes, I bought it with my very own money. Now poor already. =/

Anyway, here are the details:

The Contest
1) It’s held from 12am, 16th July 2010 till 11.59pm, 28th July 2010 and the winning entry will be announced on 31st July 2010 – on my birthday!
2) This contest is open to all bloggers from Malaysia only.
3) Language shall be in proper English and Malay. Not Chinese please, I can’t read!

Required Tasks
1) Write a blog entry titled “My Birthday Celebration Plan for Ken Wooi” and come with a creative way of celebrating my big day. Don’t worry, it’s just a plan – you’re not required to organize it. Just make sure it’s realistic.
2) Add this image to the blog entry. Save it and upload it.

kenwooi july contest

3) Make sure there’s a backlink to this contest entry – http://www.kenwooi.com/2010/07/win-ipod-shuffle.html
4) If you don’t have a Twitter account, do get one.
5) Once you’re done, tweet your blog link with the hashtag #planforkenwooi in it. Submissions will be collected from Twitter via the hashtag.

Update: You’re advised to mention @kenwooi on your tweet as well. In case Twitter Search missed out your #planforkenwooi hashtag.

You may tweet about the contest as many time as you want. The more you tweet about it, the happier I am. =P

Optional Tasks
1) Follow me on Twitter. It’s a way to obtain updates about the contest, interact with me and who knows – I might be featuring your contest entry on Twitter.
2) Encourage others to join as well. The more the merrier!

Terms and Conditions
1) Only 1 entry per blog is allowed.
2) Judging will be based on creativity, originality and the desire to plan a great birthday celebration.
3) Prize is non-exchangeable for cash and/or transferable to any 3rd party. It will be sent to the winner via mail, or a meet-up if deemed more convenient.
4) kenwooi.com reserves the right to amend, alter or modify the terms and conditions of this contest wholly or in part.

Extra Information/Tips
1) The birthday celebration plan can be a one-night event or a whole day. Maximum is one day – 31st July 2010. Plan your itinerary for the night/whole day.
2) Pictures and videos are allowed.
3) You can dig up some clues on what I like and dislike by reading through kenwooi.com.
4) Let your creativity flow and surprise me!

So I hope the details helps. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts ya. =)

And yeah, the prize for the most interesting and creative contest entry will win a new Apple 2GB iPod Shuffle worth RM229. Here are some pictures of it.

apple ipod shuffle

Take note that I’ve not used the iPod Shuffle at all. However, it has been unboxed – for photography purpose only.

Of course, it’s already boxed back and waiting to be sent off.

ipod shuffle front

Oh yeah, it has a special engraving as well. Only available when purchasing on Apple Online Store!

ipod shuffle back

Can you see what’s on the clip?

ipod shuffle engraving

Yeap, it’s an engraved “Specially from kenwooi.com” limited edition.

To sum up the contest – come up with a creative “My Birthday Celebration Plan for Ken Wooi” blog entry, tweet the link with @kenwooi mention and #planforkenwooi hashtag, share it to your blog readers and stand a chance to win a 2GB iPod Shuffle!

So who’s up to win the iPod Shuffle? Good luck and all the best! =)

86 thoughts on “July Contest: Win an Apple iPod Shuffle

  1. ok, i’ve a problem. like seriously, haiyaa so malu to tell la, haha. I’ve no idea how to do the required tasks number 5. SERIOUSLY ! -.-

  2. wallawei, so famous now can organise contest for ur own birthday…
    btw, my birthday is on 1st august…we should have double celebration la =p

  3. wooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~ super awesome contest u have there!!! the details of the contest is absolutely amazing!

  4. interesting and awesome contest!i am planning to join it but the problem is im not a creative person.LOL. So,i need to wait for others to start it first.hehehe

  5. Wahhh siok! Planning a b’day huh? I plan so many over the years, but mostly coz I know em ppl. I’ll try my luck if I rajin. @_@ *points at the distracting background.

  6. waaa ken birthday is on the 31st!
    special limited edition not sold anywhere else ipod shuffle up for grabs!! weeee
    interesting contest..i might try too!!

  7. alamak! sure mine will be disqualified as i blog in bahasa pasar kakaka…

    Very generous of you. Hey..i thought your bday ppl supposed to give u pressie and not the other way round

  8. wahhhh..gonna try my luck..let me get the ideas first..striptease party for bro ken (Cukup umurkah?)…can or not..ahaks..ahaks

  9. Whoa! Clever way to increase followers om Twitter eh? But I too busy (read lazy) to think and write! So much work just for an iPod which I’ll be getting free from StanChart soon? LOL! Never mind, I’m sure there will be lots of others joining! Anyway, wishing you an advanced Happy Birthday!! : D

  10. whoa.. u ve come a loooog way to be where u r.. that’s good =)

    giving out prizes now man.. must be earning lots from blogging =p hehe..


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