World Cup 2010 Withdrawal Syndromes

World Cup 2010 Withdrawal Syndromes

With the recent World Cup 2010 ended with Spain being crowned as the champion, the one month frenzy has finally come to an end.

To be honest, I was hoping that the Netherlands would prove Paul the Octopus wrong and win the World Cup – because of this lady…

pretty dutch female fan

Hot right?

Okay, not! One of the real reasons why I wanted a Netherlands win is because they’re so orange! It gives me a sense of joy when I see Oranje playing on the field.

netherlands football team 2010

Anyway, after the final match, I’ve seen several blog and twitter updates wondering what to do since it’s all over. And yes, it’s one of the withdrawal syndromes.

To add to that, here are a few withdrawal syndromes.


1) Waking up at odd hours because your biological clock has changed for the past whole month.

alarm clock

You wake up at 2am in the morning wondering whether there’s a match later or not.

But for those who doesn’t sleep before the late night match, they’ll be finding it hard to sleep early.

2) While watching the television, you keep switching the channels in search of a football match.

television in dark

But you might be disappointed when there isn’t any. If you insist on watching football, you’ll resort to watching replays or highlights from the recent World Cup.

3) Imagining the Vuvuzela sound after hearing the buzzing noise for almost a month!

vuvuzela fans

Also, when a fly flies pass your ears – the Vuvuzela pops into your mind almost instantly!

house fly

Lastly, you’ll search high and low for a Vuvuzela because you just miss the sound – no matter how annoying you find it in the previous month.

vuvuzela comic

Vuvuzela blow job, literally! Bbzzzz!

4) Keep thinking of Larissa Riquelme.

Wondering how it would’ve been if Paraguay won the World Cup! In case you don’t know, Larissa Riquelme vowed to strip and run through Paraguay town center naked if her national team wins the title.

larissa riquelme hot

Too bad things didn’t go her way. I’m sure the dudes are feeling really bad for Paraguay’s lost.

Here’s another Larissa Riquelme photo that should remind you of supporting Paraguay next time. Just look at Larrisa’s pair of beautiful, gorgeous and attractive…

larissa riquelme boobs

Eyes! Perverts, focus on the focused area please!

5) Getting excited when people mention England, Spain, Germany and other participating countries.

world cup talk 1

world cup talk 2

world cup talk 3

world cup talk 4

Then feel potong stim in the end when it’s not football-related.

6) Can’t decide where to eat for dinner and supper.

Over the past month, I believe that most football fans decide where to eat depending on where the football telecasts are available.

restaurant city

But since there are no more matches, you struggle to decide your dining destination.

7) Looking forward to Brazil 2014 even though it’s a huge 4 years away.

brazil world cup 2014 logo

Probably you’re excited to see some Brazilian samba chicks as well.

8) Seeing an octopus reminds you of Paul the psychic Octopus – which has accurately predicted all Germany matches and the final match as well.

When you see a random octopus, you think it’s Paul.

common octopus

But it’s not.

When you see a toy octopus, you think of Paul.

toy octopus

And when you see Ursula, the villain from The Little Mermaid.

little mermaid ursula

You think she’s Paul. Because she’s an octopus.

Then, when you’re having grilled octopus as a meal. You think of Paul as well.

grilled octopus dish

Damn, why is Paul so famous? Lucky only what.

Alright, my dog is actually a psychic too! She will definitely predict during World Cup Brazil 2014 and get it all right.

world cup psychic dog

Eh, looks like Malaysia is gonna be in World Cup 2014 – and will eventually win the Netherlands!

Nooooooooo! =(

70 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 Withdrawal Syndromes

  1. Apart from Paul The Octopuss… The highlight of the month log competition was missing to see Larissa Riquelme running around as she promised…!! and why Maradona didn’t pick his talismanic midfield – Juan Roman Riquelme, Maradona included the ageing Ariel Ortega instead?? And why Brazil lost??? Huarghhhhhhh

  2. I supported England (Gerard is my favourite Liverpool footballer) until they lost and then supported Spain (Torres comes next lol!).

  3. Ken Ken.. really draw laughter with your post!! u r much better than Kennysi-a.. anytime, i vote for u!! hey, start a blog idol.. oh 2nd tots, better not.. create more rivalry then friends.. u know la.. malaysian now follow singapore when it comes to kiasu-ness…

  4. ohhh Paul..

    like i said earlier with my friends after Paul predict for final.

    “next time I want to take cat as pet, then when it comes next world cup, I will put two sleeping couch for cat, and wrap each of it with flag. Which one that cat choose to sleep on top of that will win tomorrow. And I will name that cat JOHN”


  5. ahahahaha… i seriously lurveee the way u illustrated them ;p it does feel a bit weird when WC is over, eventhough i dont watch each and every match…


    I liked the vuvuzela drawing! that’s the only thing i won’t miss! too bad about the strip off though… and you made me realize that i need to teach my dog tricks as well.

    its hard to put him in water though… :)

  7. Yeah how I hope Holland will prove Paul wrong the other day so that it will not be as famous as it is now. Damn annoying -.- He is everywhere, even in twitter’s trending topic!

  8. awesome blog!
    it’ll be a big day if m’sia enter wc..
    n seriously evrybody keep talkin bout d octopus. but i no longer want it durin m exam. lol

    bdw, thumbs up! :D

  9. It’s funny how Larissa Riquelme made it sound like a big deal that she’ll be stripping of her kit when there’re already loads of pics of her in all states of undress on Google =P

  10. Haha! The vuvuzela comics is damn funny! LOL!!

    Hey, the toy octopus is cute!! Haha! Yeah, any octopus I see now reminds me of Paul!

    Haha! I am sure your dog is psychic! : D

    Gosh! I miss the World Cup!

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