The Unexpected Birthday Presents

The Unexpected Birthday Presents

Exactly 2 days ago, I got a cake.

blueberry cheese cake

A blueberry cheese cake to be exact. I love cheese cakes!

Anyway, I promised to announce the winner of’s July Contest.

kenwooi ipod shuffle contest

But before that, I would like to highlight some of the cool stuff planned by some of the participants.

birthday invitation card

Rabia Sensei made a sweet invitation card to my birthday, but she got the age totally wrong! 40 years old? Where got so old? o.O

birthday party poster

Waye Young edited a birthday party poster. Looks interesting, the babes are cool but… why got fox on my head wan? =/

kenwooi birthday gift

Wssoo, on the other hand, made me a D-I-Y card, with a little 3D effect. Nice effort!

Another plan worth mentioning is Amy Lim’s “7 things and each 31 minutes” birthday plan. Interesting idea.

pink rose

Thanks for the flower, but it’s pink! =P

Anyway, before I announce the most interesting and creative birthday celebration plan, I would like to take this time to express my appreciation to those who’ve participated. Actually, I expected more participants I’m glad 10 people joined.

nasi lemak

Most plan consists of feeding me with food – Wai Shang said I should eat more because I look thin. But actually I’m quite fat you know.

So after looking through and judging the submitted plans with some of my friends and family members, we’ve unanimously decided the best overall plan goes to…


Waye Young’s Birthday Celebration Plan!

alarm clock ken

Upon evaluation, it’s well-planned and well-integrated with the experiences and pictures from my blog entries.

So yeah, congrats to the winner. Will be contacting you soon! And to the rest, thank you for taking the time to plan. =)

Anyway, besides getting a Barbie Doll as my birthday present this year…

barbie doll

I received another two unexpected birthday presents.

white pillow

A new pillow – making me sleep more comfortably at night.

And the next one is totally unexpected!

pierre balmain underwear

A pack of underwears! o.O

Thank you very much but why I don’t get cool presents like iPhone 3GS, Play Station 3, Xbox 260, or even Starcraft 2? It would have been super awesome right?

But never mind lah.

pierre balmain paris

At least the back of the underwear box has a sexy macho man with 6-pack abs and tight cute underwear.

Eh wait, I’m not gay alright.

It’s because I can align it to my body and call myself…

schwarzenegger impostor

I’m Kenold Schw.. war.. wer.. err.. zenee.. argh! Damn, I don’t know how to spell the name!

I WILL BE BACK! Stay tuned!

60 thoughts on “The Unexpected Birthday Presents

  1. is good to know that you got so many friends to plan for your birthday~and nice presents you got~haha~~especially the underwear~~i hope it really suits you~not too big~lolz~

  2. Alah Kenwooi, come on…no 2nd, 3rd, 4th……10th prize ker? Hehehe… You didn’t tell us your age maa.. So, judging by the look and the physical appearance, so I guess, 40 years old lah.. =D
    Anyway, congrate to Waye Young! (If you don’t want the prize, you can give it to me) lalala~
    p/s: cool b’day present. =D

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