Comments on Booby Cleavage Photos

Comments on Booby Cleavage Photos

Every now and then, certain girls upload photos of themselves onto the Internet. But the more noticeable and attention-grabbing photos are definitely the “cleavage show” type.

Take a look at these pictures.

chinese girls boobs cleavage

At one glance, I bet the guys will stare at a certain body part. Definitely not the face – but obviously the boobs, or cleavage if you prefer.

The other parts get blurred off from the view, focusing on the “happy valley”. Something like this…

chinese girls cleavage

Guys, if you deny this – you’re definitely lying or – you’re gay!

So I’m curious. Why upload photos which expose the boobs? Is it intentional, or just love-the-photo-so-much so must upload?

asian cleavage

Either way, I find it pretty amusing when such pictures are uploaded onto Facebook or blogs.

Here’s an example scenario on Facebook when a “cleavage show” photo is uploaded, with guest appearance – Scarlett Johansson!

scarlett johansson sexy

Scarlett uploads a sexy photo as her Facebook profile picture. After a while, some dude commented on it and here’s how the conversation usually go…

Ken: Wahhh… Nice sexy pic! Kawaii! ^^ *like*
Scarlett: Thx u! But no lah.. the pic not nice I think.. just okay2 oni ^^

Usually Ken will see the face first. Just to check whether he knows the girl or not.

scarlett johansson face

Anyway, if Scarlett thinks the photo isn’t nice, why upload in the first place – and say it’s not nice? Indirectly to get more compliments right?

Ken: Nice leh.. Super chio sexy also!!
Scarlett: You make me so happy! ^^ Thx u! Why say I sexy leh?

Then, Ken’s attention changes to the boobs! Everything else is totally blurred! Take note that boob-staring might go on for quite some moment.

scarlett johansson boobs

But after 10 minutes ogling at the boobs, Ken says otherwise…

Ken: Sori late reply, bz with work ah! ^^ Actually is your face got sexy pose and super chio lor.. ^^V
Scarlett: Thx uuuu! V^^V

Yeah right, Scarlett somehow got super excited that Ken said she’s beautiful. But it’s not the face that is beautiful.

scarlett johansson cleavage

But the truth is – Ken was definitely admiring Scarlett’s boobs and complimenting the pretty face to cover up his pervert intentions.

scarlett johansson pose

And Scarlett… possibly acting dumb.

So girls, do you upload cleavage-exposing picture to attract attention from the guys? I wanna know!

P/S: Any use of real names is coincidental and purely unintentional. The real “Ken” is a good boy.

73 thoughts on “Comments on Booby Cleavage Photos

  1. I am a guy. Can I answer your question? lol.

    I downloaded a Discovery Channel series from torrents site, it’s called “discovering sex” or something like that. In the series, they explain why men are attracted to females’ boobs and ass. Here are the essence lah-

    1) Boobs – bigger boobs can produce more milk to feed the baby. We, as men, wanted to keep our offspring alive.. so we unconsciously focus on these parts.

    2) Ass – bigger ass means you have higher chance to carry the baby safely, larger chances to deliver a healthy baby.

    You have to watch that documentary man… it’s a bit boring, but it answers a lot of “why men are ham sap” question. I see you always kena bother by cleavage photos hahahahha. Definitely must download.

    – Bing

    1. I like how bing replied here and I think it is true according to biology. I read this before and understand the explanation. The basic idea is, for human survival.

      of course, there are other psychological and social reasons too.. =)

  2. I guess some girls are just real proud of their assets there they want to show it off.. another reason can b due to certain clothes which intention is to show off the cleavage.. or a 3rd reason can b cz they fl insecure with their face n uses their cleavage to draw compliments. Lol

  3. booby trap? :p

    errr…duno know how to comment even though am from the female species. So far I dont have the chance to upload such photos as am like airport and thin as a lidi :p

  4. orang melayu cakap nak dapat PUBLISITI MURAHAN..
    this is one way to raise it..even women who do not have pretty face suddenly can become hot if they show their cleavage!

  5. LOL…kenwooi, BOOBS are natural wonders…hahahaha that’s why some girls are proud to have THAT wonders…and men are loyal ‘spectators’…heheheh

  6. hahaha… I believe I share the same concern as you. I don’t get why, after all, those ladies you feature have pretty face already…

    I’m a girl and I don’t get it at all either. And I am definitely no ‘airport landing’ type either. (one who says so probably is blind)

    But then again, maybe at heart I’m too much of a brat :p

  7. All the booby girls already got good looks at their face. But what if you’re given a booby photo of a plain girl, will you give the same response?

    It’s all the evolutionary biology, we’re part of it.

  8. A lot of the time, I know as girls, we don’t actually notice the boobs when the photo is uploaded. We think our face looks good, upload.

    Generally, attention is only drawn to it when one of our girlfriends point it out or some guy gets a lil brazen.

  9. Well I’m a girl, and I don’t post such pictures because of 2 reasons. I really have nothing much to show, and I’m shy. LOL. And I personally agree with your post, it is quite hypocritical for them to post such pictures, but yet say it’s not sexy, or act like they don’t understand what’s so sexy about it. It could be that they’re insecure bout themselves. So they resort to things like that, to get noticed.

  10. I’m a straight girl and I tend to check out girl’s boobs too. I mean how to not look when these girls are showing their overflowing boobs right? I have my fair share of ppl staring at my boobs but i am never the one to show them to the world. In fact, I am the kind who put a tape so that no one can see my boobs as I lean over. Lol

    ANYWAYS, most girls I see who showcase their boobs are usually saggy one (like the ones u shared) =/ not nice. I like perky boobs; no bra also TOING! =D

  11. haha.. it is prevalent in our today world where ‘if u ve got it, flaunt it’ mantra is played all over hollywood movies and its celebrities which are many people’s idol..

    i, however, am more reserved and a tad conservative.. so, nah, i don’t upload pics to show my cleavage.. then again, since i don’t exactly have much to flaunt.. what’s there to show? =p

    but the thing is.. does it really matter to guys? cleavage? the size?

  12. your blog is very nice ! :)

    love your post even though i am a girl! >( lol

    but i dont post booby pictures. haha.. my faceprofile already does the attraction :)

  13. HAHAHAHA..this is very the true. But NO, i don’t post pictures showing cleavage. Not confident whether the boobs are ‘photogenic’ enough. haha. Must go buy more and more tissues to tuck it in there then can post the ‘grabbing-guys-attention-to-look-at-my-cleavage’ photos in FB. Lol. :)

    Here’s my friends opinion when I ask him why:

  14. LOL~ this is funny!! I think mostly cause they too proud of it, so have to show off abit.

    Once me and a male friend[Dav] was chatting random topic, and he popped out this.

    Dav: You know why mostly girls always show their BOOBs on web.

    Me: maybe proud and feel like sharing too everyone lo! ahahaaa

    Dav: Stupid!! They are too horny.

    I was like =_=” speechless~

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