Bukit Tinggi Horse Trails and Rabbit Park

Bukit Tinggi Horse Trails and Rabbit Park

Now some of you might already be bored with my Bukit Tinggi entries, but I promise this will be the last one alright?

berjaya hills bukit tinggi

So, besides the boring Japanese Village, two other not-so-attractive attractions in Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi are the Horse Trails and the Rabbit Park.

Let’s start with the Horse Trails.

bukit tinggi horse trails

Obviously, it’s place where horses are kept. The entrance fee is RM2 per person.

horse farm

You get to see horses.

brown horse

Horse riding activity is available, but with a fee. It can be as cheap as RM25 for a 10 minutes ride, and up to RM650 for a picnic ride during peak-hours.

Pricey huh?

So if can’t afford that or you think it’s not worth the money, you can spend time with the horses.

horse mane

And tie braids on their mane. Still boring.

Next, the Rabbit Park.

bukit tinggi rabbit park

Obviously, again, it’s where the rabbits are kept. Entrance fee is RM3 per person.

After paying the entrance fee, you’ll be greeted by a huge wall with drawings of cute happy rabbits.

rabbit drawing

Make you look forward to seeing those cute happy rabbits right?

So you head over to the open rabbit area.

rabbit area

But you see…

bukit tinggi rabbits

Non-smiling rabbits.

black and white rabbits

Rabbits know no racism. Can human be like that as well?

couple rabbit

Couple rabbits.

emo rabbit

While the rest are free to roam, this unfortunate rabbit is caged.

lonely rabbit

Lonely rabbit.

touching a rabbit

Touch also it doesn’t move. It feels fluffy!

sleeping rabbit

Conclusion – the rabbits are lazy bunnies. They won’t move, unless they get chased by little kids.

Basically it’s totally a place for kids to see and chase cute rabbits. I, as a grown boy, don’t feel excited at all.

It would have been great if these bunnies are around…

playboy white bunnies

Hot sexy Playboy Bunnies! Too bad it’s just an imagination.

So the place was really boring. While waiting for the shuttle bus, I had to entertain myself with a mini playground within the Rabbit Park.

playground see saw

Rabbit Park is boring! The see-saw is so much fun!

playground slide

Rabbit Park is boring! The slide is so much exciting!


evil bunny

Rabbit Park is…


42 thoughts on “Bukit Tinggi Horse Trails and Rabbit Park

  1. HAHA i used to have fun there when I was a kid! then a rabbit peed on me and i hate that place now haha.

    love the final picture though, classic =D

  2. Helo ken :)
    whoa…RM25 for 10 minutes riding on a horse !? i bet the owner’s really rich (haha). I like to see “couple” rabbits. They are so loving. Ohhmy, your last image so Scary…

    Ohh ya, thanks for visiting my blog earlier ! your comments boost up my confidence (as i rarely receive comments) :D

    Thanks again, ken !

  3. Hi kenwooi,

    Thanks for commenting on my post. U r most welcome. Of course I will support your blog..Support mine too ok :)

    By the way, how come ur so funny? What u eat anyway? hahaha!

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