Bukit Tinggi Japanese Village

Bukit Tinggi Japanese Village

The main attraction around Bukit Tinggi’s Colmar Tropicale is the Japanese Village, which mainly houses the Botanical Garden and the Japanese Garden.

bukit tinggi japanese village

To visit these two places, visitors have to pay RM12 per person – which is quite expensive I believe.

bukit tinggi japanese souvenir shop

Anyway, once at the Japanese Village, you’ll be greeted by a Japanese Souvenir Shop. Nothing much inside, really.

Okay, let’s start with the Botanical Garden.

bukit tinggi botanical garden

Two words to describe the place – nothing much.

japanese village restaurant

First building seen is Ryo Zan Tei, a Japanese restaurant. I didn’t enter because I wasn’t hungry and I bet it’ll be damn expensive.

botanical garden plants

Some plants.

botanical garden house

Then a viewing platform further inside – I was expecting an awesome view. You know, since it’s like 3,500 feet above sea level!

But to my dismay…

botanical garden view

More green plants.

ascending stairs

After walking around for a bit, it’s time for the Japanese Garden. I hoped that there are better things to see over there. Since it’s “Japanese”.

Alright, at the Japanese Garden, there are winding footpaths.

japanses village stairs

And more footpaths with more stairs.

descending stairs

As you walk inside, you’ll step over a bridge spanning a pond with koi fishes.

japanse village koi fish pond

And finally up to a Japanese Tea House.

japanese village tea house

The only activity here is to experience Japanese tea ceremony. But visitors are required to rent (about RM20 to RM25) and wear yukata in order to participate.

But don’t be shocked if you see some real Japanese culture!

japanese superheroes

Japanese superheroes to the rescue tea ceremony!

Anyway, surrounded by a thick tropical rain forest, the Japanese Village places much emphasis on serenity and tranquility.

japanese village view

The garden was designed with renowned Japanese architecture built by a team of skilled craftsmen from Japan.

japanese village house

Located further in the Japanese Garden is the Tatami Spa.

japanese village tatami spa

Seems like a good place to get some rest and relaxation, but unfortunately it wasn’t open when I was there. Too classy, too expensive, therefore no business?

So that’s basically everything about Bukit Tinggi’s Japanese Village. To be honest, I expected more interesting Japanese cultures.

I suggest something like these…

japanese village geisha

Accompaniment of Japanese Geishas? Definitely Japanese culture to me.

japanese game show

Some wacky Japanese game shows for better entertainment?

kamen rider

Kamen Rider? I loved watching it when I was younger.

domo kun monster

Or some famous Japanese monsters such as Domo-Kun and err… Blue-Kun?

pokemon bulbasaur

Pokemon Bulbasaur at the Botanical Garden?


sexy anime girl

Sexy Japanese anime girls to accompany visitors at the Tatami Spa? Bet it’ll have business whole day!

Anyway, my verdict on these 2 places? Honestly, boring!

Oh wait, what about… Godzilla?!

japanese godzilla

Damn awesome!

47 thoughts on “Bukit Tinggi Japanese Village

  1. FIRST!! Still blogging about Bkt Tinggi? Haha.

    Yes I’ve been to the Jap village. Ooh! RM12 entrance too expensive! Cos nothing much in there!!

    Ken Watanabe? Haha!! Dream on!!

    Now if they have some Pokemons there, I don’t mind paying the RM12!! Hahaha!!

  2. I have never been there and it really sounds bored, maybe go further up to genting highlands may be better. yeah, I like your ideas especially anime gals..hahahaha

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