French-Themed Colmar Tropicale

French-Themed Colmar Tropicale

If you’ve been following my Twitter, you would have known that I was at Bukit Tinggi just recently. Colmar Tropicale to be exact.

colmar tropicale bukit tinggi

It’s a resort located 2,700 feet above sea level and is modeled after the actual Colmar Village in Alsace, France.

colmar tropicale

One of the features at the Colmar Square is the cuckoo clock tower, which was designed after Riquewihr Tower in Alsace.

colmar tropicale clock tower

A good view of the Colmar Square can be seen from the viewing tower.

colmar tropicale viewing tower

From the top, you’ll probably have the best view of the whole Colmar Square. Quite a view up there.

colmar tropicale french village day view

There are daily performances that take place at the Colmar Square, both during the day and night.

colmar tropicale performance

Anyway, to get to other Bukit Tinggi attractions, you’ll need to drive or simply take the shuttle bus for free.

bukit tinggi shuttle bus front view

But… this is a lorry. Right?

Wait till you see the side view of it.

bukit tinggi shuttle bus side view

Yeah, it’s an open-air shuttle ride. A “shuttle lorry” should be more appropriate right?

With the shuttle lorry bus, you can get to other places such as the Japanese Village, the Botanical Garden, the Rabbit Park and the Horse Trails.

colmar tropicale night view

With the day view of Colmar Tropicale offering quite a beautiful scenery, the night view isn’t as attractive.

From the top of the viewing tower, here’s the night view of the Colmar Square from the same spot.

colmar tropicale french village night view

Looks a little dull to me – maybe because there wasn’t any special festival happening.

colmar tropicale restaurant

Anyway, there are a few restaurants serving French and international specialties, such as La Cigogne, Le Blason, La Flamme, La Boulangerie, Le Poulet Tori, L’Orient and Le Vin.

There are pastries from La Boulangerie – a French Bakery.

colmar tropicale la boulangerie

The selection of pastries is quite limited, with a minimum of RM5 per piece.

colmar tropicale bakery

Anyway, there isn’t much to be done here at Colmar Tropicale besides taking photos and enjoying the scenery.

Unless you’re interested in kiddies rides…

colmar tropicale kiddies ride

More kiddo-game stations…

colmar tropicale game station

Game stations give kids an opportunity to win some toys, soft toys in particular.

colmar tropicale soft toys

This game station has huge bears and seahorses, all waiting to be won.

To be honest, all these kiddo stuff are kinda boring to me – but this soft toy attracted me. I wanted it so much.

seahorse soft toy

Yes, it’s this pinkish seahorse that somehow look like a unicorn.

seahorse toy

Look at that fluffy seahorse!

fluffy seahorse


65 thoughts on “French-Themed Colmar Tropicale

  1. So fluffy!!! Ahahah.

    Coincidence that Kenny sia’s latest post had smth about fluff too! But then again, thanks to despicable me’, everyone’s saying that. :)

  2. Been there before. Nothing much. THere were Magic Show when I was there. Didn’t see the kiddy rides.

    Alamak! The way you are holding the seahorse looks like you were..ahem ahem…the soft toy lah…ish ish ish….somore more with the expression hahahaha

  3. Seems like a pretty dull place. Maybe more for kids. So they should have like a sex shop ‘for kids’ haha xD Now that’s good business, dont u think?

  4. i was there!! in 2007 i think. it was beautiful and yeah, you have the feeling as if you’re in France. though the place area was smaller than i had thought. and food was damn expensive.

    1. Nothing much to do at night. Unless you want to see the night view, which is not really mesmerizing. Actually one night will do, no more than that. =)

  5. Yikes! That last photo! Makes you look like a pervert or worse, a psycho! LOL!!

    I think you only need to go Bkt TInggi once in your life and that’s it! Nothing much there that interest me!

  6. Have only heard about this place quite recently. Saw a pic of it posted on facebook and I really thought it was somewhere in Europe. Would love to go there some day.

  7. They still have the Chinese troupe performing? Performing from CNY to Christmas ke???
    Nice pictures, friend! Been there, done that except the fluffy seahorse! Ahhhhhhhhh!

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