Addicts Dealing with Internet Problems

Addicts Dealing with Internet Problems

Over the weekend, my home Internet was down.

sorry no internet

Crap, so I won’t be able to update my blog, check on my crappy Facebook and read latest news.

Anyway, it got me thinking – what Internet addicts (not me alright) would do if their home’s beloved Internet is not working? Certainly sounds interesting.

angry at computer

So if you’re a hardcore Internet user, here are probably the actions you take when the Internet is down!


1) Once the Internet is down, you’ll stare at the screen for a while.

internet down

Look at the router, look back at the screen again. Hit F5 (refresh in case you don’t know) repeatedly and start cursing the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

2) Try knocking on the router in case it will working again.

internet router

But obviously it doesn’t.

3) Next step, call the customer service support.

man on laptop

Line busy, or simply no answer. Typical Malaysia customer service.

4) Continue calling and finally the call manage to go through.

You demand for explanations. But when explanations are given, you don’t accept them.

angry driver

You know you deserve better service since you’re paying for it.

5) After that, you start ranting and complaining about the ISP.

streamyx sucks

Thinking of changing Internet provider because the current one sucks!

6) Try to steal neighbours’ wifi connection.

funny wifi names

But unfortunately it’s all password-protected and you don’t know how to discover the password.

7) Access the 3G Internet with you dumbphone (opposite of smartphone) and surf happily!

But quickly stopped…

angry on phone

…after you realize that the charges are bloody expensive.

8) Head to the Cyber Cafe and don’t mind spending since it’s much cheaper than the dumbphone charges.

cyber cafe

But the Internet connection speed is crawling like snail because everyone there is using up the bandwidth playing DOTA and other Internet-connected games.

9) Resort to your friend’s place because you know the Internet speed there is awesome.

hostel bedroom

But your friend kicks you out because you’re fully occupying the computer as though it’s yours.

10) Finally, bring your laptop to a coffee shop or a place where free wifi connection is available.

free starbucks wifi

Yes Starbuks! With coffee, cozy environment and free Internet – it’s heaven right?


Anyway, I didn’t do all those mentioned. Okay, maybe just trying to access my neighbour’s wifi but that’s all.

To replace my Internet time, I played Monopoly Deal card game instead. Really fun!

monopoly deal card game

Scribbled notes for my blog entries that I thought of writing.

scribbled notes

Pardon my messy handwriting. Told ya I was scribbling.

Played Tropico 2.

tropico 2 gameplay

Finally mastered this computer game which I’ve bought and neglected almost 5 years ago.

And played with my Macbook Photo Booth!

macbook photo booth

The blogger boy was obviously displeased with the Internet problem – explains the moody face!

59 thoughts on “Addicts Dealing with Internet Problems

  1. For me, being internet-less is an enjoyment. Take a camera and head out to take random photos, or call friends to ka ka cau cau, come out yam cha or something. Often get more contents for blog entries.

    Or rather, I purposely keep myself offline so I can finish my articles for other projects, or edit photo.. you know la, MSN TWitter Facebook those sites keep distracting one.

    You didn’t talk much about yourself… what will you do if you’re internet less? ;)

  2. I know I would have gone crazy without internet access. Fortunately my neighbors have wifi that are not password-protected. But it’s slow cause they’re pretty far away.

  3. so far, the only time i’ve been internet-less when i went travelling non stop. got all tired didn’t even think of checking my fb, blog.
    but if i were in ur shoes…i would just use e neighbour’s since he gladly let us know his password LOL
    i love my next door neighbour heheh =P

  4. cant live without internet…

    u know what i’ve done in my relative’s because they dont have wifi modem?

    just sit like psycho at the very corner of their house which could reach to free accessed internet. haha…

  5. haha, i usually attempt step 1-7 everytime internet is down.. T_T though of course, never succeed in stealing neighbor’s wifi.
    if you have Digi you can surf Facebook on mobile for free! (I usually do this whenever I’m out of internet :P)

  6. Sometimes I did using my smartphone as a modem. The rate capped at RM5 per day. Should be no problem. Some more the connection is stable even though not that fast. Average ping is around 100ms for local websites.

  7. The other day when mine was down due to the change of plan too, we also tried filtering for wifi from neighbour, i even plucked up some guts to ask one, but she told me her streamyx cut off liow! But of course, i mentioned Andy wanted to use la, not me.. hahaha… too bad.. then leaving us no choice, we subscribed to jaring, 20rm per month cos there is a jaring connection just opposite..
    in conclusion..yes, it is a nightmare for me if there is no connection for even a day! sigh…

  8. hahaha i do all of the above, except using the dumbphone and going to a friend’s place.. i usually just head to mcd’s or starbucks =D

    and, nice job with the network names! ;)

  9. lol
    i’m not an internet addict laa coz i manage to live a few weeks without internet
    anyway, usually when no internet i go watch all movies and series
    got so much but never have the time to watch it

  10. I was offline for about 10 days. Router kaput! so only one pc can be used at a time… Pasha conquered most of the time. LOL! Now I am back with a new ISP…

  11. Okay this is one funny post! Well actually most of the think that stated here I have experience it myself Lolz..yes
    Streamyx sux big time!…I wonder if UniFi is better than the big brother

  12. LoL.. I laughed the most at number 9. It’s REALLY TRUE. I often do that – to save my electricity bills from going up the hill. My ‘perfect victim’ is my best friend and my cousin – with excuses like “OMG! there’s something wrong with my pc/laptop and I need to use/surf the internet urgently. It’s the matter of life and death!” Haha.. Of course mah coz I’m addicted to the Internet-My second life. :D

  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! This happened to me in May till June tis year. My house connection got problem and had to wait for ONE MONTH, do you want to know what is the problem? the cable outside my house damaged but they fixed it quicky less than one day but i had to wait for the FULL ONE MONTH!!! WTH!! =_=! Its sux coz internet is my LIFE.. Not for games or social networking.. mostly for news, online article, gadget news, etc.. I need to read them everyday and every time because its my hobby :)

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