The Failed Maxis Biggest Fan

The Failed Maxis Biggest Fan

During the recent World Cup 2010 period, Maxis organized a contest called the Biggest Fan contest.

maxis biggest fan contest

10 lucky winners will be able to meet Messi at Barcelona or Lampard in London. Participants can either submit photos or videos claiming why they deserve the Biggest Fan title and get to meet Messi or Lampard.

Since the prize is so lucrative, I decided to give it a shot. A video would be so much interactive but since I suck at it, I submitted a photo instead.

draft drawing

So I drafted my idea and started working on it.

Anyway, I prefer to meet Lampard but I picked Messi instead because I’ve never been to Barcelona – so I wanna take this chance to get to Barcelona for the first time!

canon 1000d

I don’t own a tripod so I used text books as my customized “tripod”. Not really stable – explains why each image wasn’t at the exact same frame. =/

pose 1

I started off with this pose. Munching on some potato chips. I used it as my base photo where the other cropped photos are combined with it.

pose 2

For this pose, I wanted to photoshop a Vuvuzela with it. But realized that the arm’s position wasn’t right after the photo-shoot, and I was lazy to retake the pose.

So I left it like that, the organizers must be wondering what’s the dude in black doing.

pose 3

For every pose, I gotta change my shirt (and shorts if the pose reveals the legs) and quickly get into position.

pose 4

I practically went around the sofa for each pose – some quite exaggerating, some pretty plain.

And after hours of cropping, editing, adjusting and cleaning up, the end product is out.

all poses in one

Title: The Maxis Biggest Fan: The Biggest Quantity!

Yeah I know very common, but I thought it would be one of the best submissions in the Photo category. Honestly, I believe it has a little more effort and creativity compared to the other photos.

behind the scenes

Here is how the combination of other poses look like with a plain white background instead of the base photo.

Anyway, I didn’t check out the video entries but at the Photo category, many of the photo submission entries are almost like this…

manchester united old trafford stadium

Even though I could have followed the rest, I did something different. So I submitted and patiently waited for the results to be announced.

And by now, the result is already out…

maxis biggest fan winners

Unfortunately, my name is no where on the list.

I failed again. Oh well… Better luck next time.

Perhaps I could have done a better photo. A photo which is more exaggerating and spontaneous. Something like this…

biggest balls

Title: The Maxis Biggest Fan: The Biggest Balls!

39 thoughts on “The Failed Maxis Biggest Fan

  1. Erm, maybe because the actual photo that you have submitted doesn’t have anything related to “football”? :)

    The last photo should be sent for submission. It gives a meaning which relates to football :P

  2. you do know that they secretly made a lucky draw for these kind of contests right? or else, how do they choose the winner? look carefully at each thousands of photos?
    better luck next time.

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